Thursday, August 22, 2019

Supermen and taboos

Blind Item #13 - Xeni Hardin Blind (CDaN) (he means Jardin, not Hardin):
"In the late 2000s I dated a very famous scientist who was part of John Brockman‘s coterie who said things about “the island”, which I now understand was Jeffrey Epstein‘s island. He went. It adds up now. Science and technology professionals, did you hear whispers? Tell me."

There's an interesting undertow - perhaps ultimately deriving out of a serious misreading of Nietzsche - that the usual moral standards don't apply to the 'supermen', and in fact breaching the strongest taboos is a reinforcement of their superior status. Epstein was at least pretending to be fascinated with eugenics (or course, all supremacists are taken in one way or another with eugenics).

Tweet (Xeni):
"He was obsessed with seeding the human race with his DNA through breeding with girls. This isn’t conjecture, it’s known. Did some of these Jeff-struck male scientists know? Worse, were any involved? What were Jeffrey Epstein’s other 2 big science interests? He had 3, I’m told."
Joi Ito is another name that comes up in the Epstein context: tweet (Xeni):
"Got 8 increasingly creepy unsolicited emails from this “friend of Joi Ito” last night, who’d been harassing me on here previously. I never engaged once. A technology bro who presents himself as associated with MIT. “It looks like you blocked me. That makes me sad.”"
"Professors Cut Ties With MIT Media Lab In Protest Of Links To Jeffrey Epstein" (Sandler).
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