Thursday, August 08, 2019

What about whataboutism?

Here's Marshall laboring mightily to distinguish the neo-Nazi/Daily Stormer/Trump shooter from the lefty/antifa/Warren shooter:  "Both Sides, Say Many People" (behind his paywall, and you definitely don't want to encourage this vile nonsense by paying for it!).  It was the manifesto, goyim!  The antifa guy didn't have one!  I'm sure this important difference matters a lot to the victims.

The almost simultaneous antifa shooter should have ruined the Clintonista narrative, but didn't.  They carry on, regardless.  When your ((('donors'))) insist that you, as a political party, never offer concrete material benefits to voters, and all you still have to offer is failing identity politics and name calling, the name calling becomes even more shrill and illogical.
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