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"Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israeli Intel" (Webb).  Insider confirmation of what Epstein and Maxwell were doing, and for whom, and a consideration of the general credibility of Ben-Menashe (very good).

Tweets by Hassan Hassan, who unfortunately works for the concentration camp guard, on censorship of journalists in the Middle East (the usual culprits:  Gulf despots and George Washington University!).

"Solomon Hits Back With Receipts After MSM Denies DNC-Ukraine Collusion Attempt In 2016" (Durden).  Chalupa!

"My Whistleblower Complaint on the Alleged Russian Hack by Larry Johnson":
"The public has been sold a fabricated story that does not pass the common sense smell test--i.e., that an allegedly competent cyber security company discovered on May 6, 2016 that the Russians were in the DNC network but Crowdstrike did not act to remove the Russians until 35 days later (i.e., June 10, 2016). Crowdstrike's behavior defies common sense--who waits more than a month to shutdown a network that you claim was penetrated by a foreign power? You find a robber in your home and you wait a month to call the police or chase the criminal out? No serious, competent cyber security expert would countenance such misconduct.
There is forensic evidence that rebuts the Crowdstrike story of a Russian hack. The meta-data in the emails posted on Wikileaks provides clear evidence that the emails were not taken from the DNC via a spearphising attack. If the Russians had actually "entered" the network, as claimed by Crowdstrike, by using a bogus email to bait an unsuspecting user to click on a link or reply then the emails from the DNC server, the metadata in the messages posted at Wikileaks would not be in FAT format.  It is essential to recall that Crowdstrike claimed this hack was done using malware christened as "Fancy Bear" and "Cozy Bear." But the meta data tells a different story.
The metadata in the DNC emails at Wikileaks are in FAT format. This means that those messages were downloaded onto a physical device, such as a thumb drive.
An examination of the Wikileaks DNC files shows that the emails posted on 22 July 2016 were created on 23 and 25 May. Currently, there are other DNC emails posted at Wikileaks that have a last modified date stamp of 26 August. The fact that the metadata in all of these messages are in a FAT system format means that the data was transfered to a storage device, such as a thumb drive, before being sent to Wikileaks.
The truth lies in the “last modified” time stamps contained in the metadata on each DNC email posted on Wikileaks. Every single one of these time stamps end in even numbers. If you are not familiar with the FAT file system, you need to understand that when a date is stored under this system the data rounds the time to the nearest even numbered second.
Bill Binney has examined all 35,813 DNC email files stored on Wikileaks and found that all files "last modified" time stamps ended in an even number—2, 4, 6, 8 or 0. There are 10,520 emails with the last modified date of 23 May 2016. There are 11,936 emails with the last modified date of 25 May 2016. If a system other than FAT had been used, there would have been an equal probability of the time stamp ending with an odd number. But that is not the case with the data stored on the Wikileaks site. All end with an even number.
If the DNC emails had been stolen via a spearhphising attack, then the last modified time stamp would show odd numbers as well as even numbers. But that is not the case. There is no evidence apart from assertions by Robert Mueller and the Intelligence Community that Russian operatives spearphised their way into the DNC network. Let me repeat that--there is not one shred of evidence provided by either Robert Mueller or the U.S. Intelligence Community to support their claim that Russia was behind the DNC hack.
If the DNC network actually was penetrated by a spearphising attack, i.e., an internet based hack of the DNC computer network, then the National Security Agency would have that evidence. The technical systems to accomplish this task have been in place since 2002. The NSA had an opportunity to make it clear that there was irrefutable proof of Russian meddling, particularly with regard to the DNC hack, when it signed on to the January 2017 “Intelligence Community Assessment,” regarding Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. They made no such claim.
Thanks to Edward Snowden we know that the NSA has been collecting the full content of U.S. domestic e-mail, without a warrant since 2002. The communications collected include the full content and associated metadata of phone calls, e-mail, text messages, and web queries performed by almost all United States citizens. (Metadata consists of information about other data. For e-mail, it would include information such as the name of the sender and recipient; the date and time it was sent; and the internet service provider used to send the message.)
These records are collected inside the United States, as well as at overseas locations. The data is then stored in data centers located at Fort Meade, Maryland; Bluffdale, Utah; and at other sites in the United States. Since 2001, NSA collection has expanded to collect everything on the fiber Communications inside the US. This is achieved within the “Upstream” NSA Program. This program includes subprograms for each communications company assisting them. For example, Fairview is the name for the AT&T Program, Stormbrew is the name for the Verizon program, etc.
The Snowden documents make it clear how this collection is occurring. For example, one of the documents taken by Edward Snowden is labeled "Fairview at a Glance." Fairview is the NSA program responsible for the upstream collection of data from the AT&T telecommunications system. This slide shows the locations where the NSA has tapped into the AT&T system to collect data from the system. As the slide indicates, the vast majority of the data collected is domestic communications. Conversations with foreigners are represented by the green dots, which mark international fiber optic cables coming in from offshore. The slide shows that the NSA is collecting both "content" and "metadata" as part of the Fairview program.
Another document revealed by Edward Snowden is labeled "US-983 Stormbrew." It is a photograph of the tap points for the NSA's Stormbrew program. Stormbrew is the program responsible for the upstream collection of data from the Verizon telecommunications  network. As indicated by the photo, collection from Verizon is also occurring within the United States.
A document from the Snowden collection, labeled "Blarney Access," shows the tap points for the NSA's Blarney program. Blarney is the program responsible for the upstream collection of data from 30+ providers of internet service, domestic long-distance service, and data centers. Once the data is collected, the NSA breaks it down into various subcategories, which are made searchable through various query-programs.
The information released by Edward Snowden leaves no doubt that the NSA had systems and programs in place that collected any emails taken over the internet by a Russian intelligence operation. Moreover, if such an attack by Russia actually had taken place then the NSA also has the ability to trace the route or routes that those emails transitted.
There also is the question of how Wikileaks obtained this information. Both British and U.S. intelligence agencies made it a priority to monitor and collect all electronic communication going into Wikileaks in the aftermath of the classified information illegally taken by Bradley “Chelsea” Manning. In theory this intelligence community collection should provide some clue about the last communications point before the emails entered the Wikileaks system. But no such evidence has been proffered to the public.
Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has repeatedly and consistently insisted that Russia was not the source and, according to the Ellen Ratner, the sister of his lawyer, the source was someone within the Democratic campaign of Hillary Clinton.
This complaint does not reach any conclusion about the specific identity of the person or persons who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. But the U.S. Government claim that Russia hacked the DNC is a lie. The evidence presented in public makes clear that Russia did not obtain those emails via spearphising."
"Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower’s Accusations" (JYT).  The point of this is to improve the shaky credibility of the CIA 'whistleblower' - excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing for a while! - there, I'm back, winded but alive - by making it seem that he went against the wishes of the CIA.

"MBS must shelve his vicious war in Yemen" (Escobar), referring to a technical analysis of how the Houthis did it (I'd like to see the analysis on the cruise missile that hit the Pentagon on 9/11!).

"As Israel struggles to form a Government, why do its poorest immigrants vote for the right and far right?" (Desille).  "The Silenced History of the IDF's 'Mizrahi Problem'" (Hazkani).

"Pentagon-funded researcher smears ‘The Management of Savagery’ in error-filled Times Literary Supplement screed" (Blumenthal).  I still find it bizarre that the Zio-imperialist toady 'journalists' just don't give it a rest, and accept that their PR campaign didn't work, and move on to the next one.  They are not doing themselves any favors by reminding everybody of how much lying they were doing, and do.

"New Weapons and the New Tactics Which They Make Possible: Three Examples" (The Saker).  "How Bill Clinton and American Financiers Armed China" (Stoller; scroll to the end for an email from an engineer) (talk of the strategic importance of machine tools always reminds me of LaRouche):
"Chinese power today is a result of a large number of incidents similar to this one, the wholesale transfer of knowhow, technology, and physical stuff from American communities to Chinese ones. And the confused politics of China is a result of the failure of the many policymaking elites who participated in such rancid episodes, and are embarrassed about it. As we peer at an ascendant and dangerous China, it makes sense to look back at how Clinton thought about the world, and why he would engage in such a foolish strategy.
Broadly speaking, there were two catastrophic decisions Clinton made in 1993 that ended up eroding the long-term American defense posture. The first was to radically break from the post-World War II trading system. This system was organized around free trade of goods and services among democratic nations, along with somewhat restricted financial capital flows. He did this by passing NAFTA, by bailing out Mexico and thus American banks, by creating the World Trade Organization, and by opening up the United States to China as deep commercial partners.
The Clinton framework gutted the ability of U.S. policymakers to protect industrial power, and empowered Wall Street and foreign officials to force the U.S. to export its industrial base abroad, in particular to China. The radicalism of the choice was in the intertwining of the U.S. industrial base with an autocratic strategic competitor. During the Cold War, we had never relied on the USSR for key inputs, and basically didn’t trade with them. Now, we would deeply integrate our technology and manufacturing with an enemy (and yes, the Chinese leaders saw and currently still see us as enemies).
The second choice was to reorganize the American defense industrial base, ripping out contracting rules and consolidating power into the hands of a small group of defense giants. In the early 1990s, as part of the ‘reinventing government’ initiative, the Clinton team sought to radically empower private contractors in the government procurement process. This new philosophy was most significant when it hit the military, a process led by William Perry.
In 1993, Defense Department official William Perry gathered CEOs of top defense contractors and told them that they would have to merge into larger entities because of reduced Cold War spending. “Consolidate or evaporate,” he said at what became known as “The Last Supper” in military lore. Former secretary of the Navy John Lehman noted, “industry leaders took the warning to heart.” They reduced the number of prime contractors from 16 to six; subcontractor mergers quadrupled from 1990 to 1998. They also loosened rules on sole source—i.e. monopoly—contracts, and slashed the Defense Logistics Agency, resulting in thousands of employees with deep knowledge of defense contracting leaving the public sector.
Perry was a former merger specialist who fetishized expensive technology in weapons systems. But what Perry was doing was part of an overall political deal. In the 1980s, the Reagan administration radically raised defense spending. Democrats went along with the spending boost, on condition that they get to write the contracting rules. So while the Reagan build-up was big and corrupt, it was not unusually corrupt. When Clinton came into office, his team asked defense contractor how to make them happy in an environment of stagnant or reduced defense spending. The answer was simple. Raise their margins. The merger wave and sole source contracting was the result.
The empowering of finance friendly giant contractors bent the bureaucracies towards only seeing global capital flows, not the flow of stuff or the ability to produce. This was already how most Clinton administration officials saw the world. They just assumed, wrongly, that stuff moves around the world without friction, and that American corporations operate in a magic fairy tale where practical problems are solved by finance and this thing called ‘the free market.’ In their Goldman, McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group-ified haze of elitist disdain for actually making and doing real things, they didn’t notice or care that the Chinese Communist Party was centralizing production in China. They just assumed that Chinese production was ‘the free market’ at work, instead of a carefully state-sponsored effort by Chinese bureaucrats to build strategic military and economic power."
Various outrageous Big Tech conflicts of interest:  "Krieger: The Tech Giants Are A Conduit For Fascism" (Krieger).

The ongoing deconstruction of various myths about Khazars supplied to us by Khazars:  "Jewish Genius" (Dinh).

"Steinmeier mania" (Robinson), or the theory that a lot of Ukrainian problems are actually caused by the American anti-Russian hawks:  "Ukraine gains from Trump’s impeachment inquiry" (Bhadrakumar).

"Something’s Happening and You Don’t Know What It Is, Do You, Mr. Sisi" (Stork).  Almost as much violent repression as Rothschildia France.

"Peace and Justice in the Middle East. Canadian Federal Parties’ Positions on the Middle East".  Good on the Conservatives and Liberals, but the official positions in no way reflect the absolutely horrible real positions of the NDP on the Middle East ('donor' problem to the max!), and the Greens are a bunch of weirdos, so who knows what their real positions are.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Oh boy. Apparently Zelensky really did have no idea he was being pressured by Trump to investigate Russiagate/Biden, even after Ukraine learned the aid was held up."
 Tweet (Zaid Jilani):
"Elizabeth Warren signed a 2016 Senate letter asking Barack Obama to veto any UN resolution that condemned Israel's illegal settlement enterprise. Not sure if they organized the letter, but it's featured on AIPACs website (Obama abstained)"
 Tweet (Edward Snowden):
"Unbelievable that in a moment where politicians are making daily media statements about "supporting whistleblowers," the media is not pressing them on the case of Daniel Hale, who is being prosecuted RIGHT NOW for blowing the whistle on enormously controversial drone programs."
Tweet (Mark Ames) (scroll down for the Kaiser - now Putin):
"Here's how @nytimes originally reported the Elaine, Arkansas massacre—deadliest race massacre of blacks in US history, in which hundreds were murdered, tortured, mutilated by white vigilantes."
Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"Hunter for Veep? #AllBiden2020"
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