Sunday, October 06, 2019

Antique Roadshow

"WATCH: Udo Ulfkotte – Bought Journalists".  On corruption, including intelligence agency corruption, of 'journalism'.  "Corruption in Journalism" (Van Buren).  "The Conscience of Bret Stephens" (Klion).  General considerations of corruption miss the point with dudes like Boot and Stephens, who have their own particular (((problem))).

"Saudi Arabia ramped up multi-million foreign influence operation after Khashoggi’s death" (Massoglia).  The bone sawing led directly to a big payday for Washington lobbyists and PR firms.

"Canadian Imperialism in Haiti in the Spotlight" (Engler):
"As a follow-up to the occupation of his office, we organized a last-minute 10-person rally on Wednesday outside a community boxing ring where Trudeau put on his gloves for a photo-op. We chanted loudly “Jovenel repressif, Trudeau complice”. The PM’s large RCMP detail called the Montréal police, which dispatched a dozen officers who arrested organizer Marie Dimanche. In one of the weirder rally/media situations I’ve seen, the police organized a protected pathway for the media inside the gym following Trudeau to get back on the election campaign bus. It was as if we were a threat to members of the media and it effectively blocked them from interviewing us."
"Here Come the Polocaust Deniers" (Atzmon).  The centrality of the Holocaust narrative, and in particular, the uniqueness of Khazar suffering, to the program of murder and land theft.

"Corrupt Old Hag Nancy Pelosi’s Son was Also Working in Ukraine on Scandals" (Batty).  "Is There A Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead For Dems?" (Noble).  Antique Roadshow.

"The Campaign to Stop William Barr" (Lazare).  "Whistleblower Report is US Intel Community ‘Tremor’ Caused by Barr’s Russiagate Origins Probe".

"Minority Control: From the Neolithic to the Present" (Langdon).

"The fake news that pushed US into World War II" (Getlen).

"NYT Very Concerned About IRAQ CHAOS :))))))))))))" (Anglin).  "The New York Times Repeatedly Called a Famous Cartoonist an Anti-Semite --- and Didn't Ask Him for Comment" (Rall).

"The CIA’s War On WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange" (Gosztola).  "Spooks Turned Spox: US Media Now Filled With Former Intelligence Agents" (Durden).

"Nobody’s Century: Deglobalization and its Discontents" (Freeman). Somewhat weird in that Freeman seems totally unaware that the US has in no way ever been "(mostly) benevolent", but I suppose this just represents typical 'liberal' thinking out of Washington.  I can't think of a single example in which Assholia could possibly be described as 'benevolent'.  The Clarification of Trump is completely lost on these people.  The comments, at least, are good.  See:  "The US calls for peace and apologises for its past" (Magnier).

"Iran Says It Thwarted Sophisticated 'Israel-Arab' Plot To Blow Up Elite Guards Commander" (Durden):
"In 2018, a widely circulated Arabic media report claimed there is an "American-Israeli agreement" to 'greenlight' the assassination of Gen. Soleimani if the opportunity should present itself."
"Iran Is China’s Secret Weapon for Killing off the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Status" (Pieraccini):
"Riyadh’s nightmare is that of a Shia arc stretching from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, with China as its primary trading partner and Russia as its military partner. All of this without its US ally offering a balancing counterweight in the region!
China’s strategy with regard to Iran is to pressure Saudi Arabia to consider selling oil in currencies other than the US dollar. As things stand now, Beijing imports substantial amounts of crude oil from Saudi Arabia. This could change if China transfers its oil imports to Iran, paying for this oil in currencies other than the dollar, or maybe even simply in renminbi.
Should this contagion spread to Qatar (an Iranian economic partner of fundamental importance to the development of the South Pars/North Dome gas field) and other Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia would see its status as a gas- and oil-exporting economic power threatened, with such hopeful schemes as the Saudi Vision 2030 offering little in terms of compensation.
Beijing would be more favorable to importing primary goods, including gas and oil, in a currency other than the dollar, perhaps through a basket of currencies that better represents the multipolar context in which we live. It could be a basket modeled on that of the IMF, but with a smaller share of US dollars (or maybe none at all), so as to limit the influence of the Fed on foreign markets and the private finances of individual countries.
Beijing’s strategy seems to be designed to progress in phases, modulating according to the reaction of the US, whether aggressive or mild; a kind of capoeira dance where one never actually hits one’s opponent even when one can. Nevertheless, the long-term objective of this dance is to undermine the primary source of income and power of the United States: to wit, the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
The first phase of this strategy focuses on Iran and the precarious economic situation the country finds itself in, primarily as a result of US sanctions. In this first phase, Beijing’s credit line will serve to keep Iran afloat as it fends off American economic terrorism. A second phase will likely involve some kind of Iranian legislative change to allow Chinese state-owned companies to work alongside Iranian ones in the oil and gas fields. A third phase will probably see the involvement of Qatar in the development of the largest gas field in the world, shared between Doha and Tehran. Meanwhile, the BRI will continue to expand, moving to the outskirts of the Persian country and involving many Southeast Asian countries along the way, thereby expanding trade between different parts of the globe.
Confirming how this strategy is already in play, China is also seeking to safeguard its sea lines of communication in the event of any war. Beijing realizes how having strong naval capabilities is imperative, and has accordingly invested heavily towards this end.
In such a geopolitical context, it is difficult to imagine Saudi Arabia continuing to be so unquestioningly accommodating of American interests — selling oil exclusively in US dollars, while not receiving sufficient military protection or economic benefits in return. Washington has seriously miscalculated if it believes it can keep the US dollar alive as a global reserve while continuing to destabilize the world economically, continuing to disregard the military protection of its regional allies, and all this in spite of the rising Sino-Iranian-Russian alternative for all to see.
Between Obama and Trump there have been the Arab Spring, wars threatened and carried out, economic destabilization, financial terrorism, threats to allies, the sale of obsolete military hardware, and a change in strategy (“Pivot to Asia”) occasioned by the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar order. In such a changing world, the US dollar will inevitably be replaced with a basket of currencies, which will in turn wipe out the unlimited spending power that enabled Washington to become the superpower it is today."
And sadly, this is the limits of the American response:  "The ‘Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act’ Will Intensify the Hybrid War on China" (Korybko).
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