Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Corrupt human tornado

"What Exactly Is Trump's Impeachable Offense?" (Hornberger).  "The Ukraine Impeachment Fiasco: Both Republicans and Democrats Being Manipulated by the Deep State" (Giraldi) (very careful description of the entire situation).  "Trump-Zelensky-Ukraine: What is really going on here?" (Kevin).  "Will Congress Impeach Over the Ukraine?" (Van Buren).  "Breaking News: The Ukraine has signed the “Steinmayer formula”! (UPDATED)" (The Saker).

"Ukraine: A Short History of Meddling" (Levine).

Meritocracy news:  "Hunter Biden made $850,000 on board of Ukraine gas company" (Martin).

This is quite an amazing pile of nonsense (see some of the comments):  "What You Need to Know About Trump’s Crowdstrike Conspiracy Theory" (Kroll).  MoreAlso. And.  It's another one of those situations where 'journalists' are telling us things are ridiculous 'conspiracy theories', when we already have substantial evidence that they are true (apart from some quibbles).  The Chalupa sisters have been whitewashed out of the picture.  It was CrowdStrike that didn't do anything for a month after 'discovering' the Clinton email 'hack'.  The Steele dossier was apparently filled with material from Ukrainian sources.  See also "Fix Is In: Comey Praised DNC-Hired Cybersecurity Firm Even After Botched Report" and "Timeline of Crowdstrike’s “Russia Hacks Ukrainian Military” Debacle + Comey’s Cleanup" (Stranahan).

"Counting the dead through the fog of war in Afghanistan" (Davies).  Massive under counting, or even completely ignoring, the number of dead in Wars For The Jews is part of the (((media))) package, goyim.  I am still seeing ridiculously low under counts of the number of dead from the illegal American attack against Iraq.

"Hate Hoax: You'll Never Ever Guess What Just Happened at That Virginia Grade School" (Sailer).  "NY Times Removes Race Context After Black Girl Admits Faking Hate Crime" (Watson).  First, the JYT reported completely credulously on a story which looked hinky on the face of it - and was called out as such by members of the alt-right at the time (oddly similar to the Jussie nonsense) - and then re-reported on the hoax by removing all reference to race!

"Trump Labor Aide Quits After Facebook Posts Surface (Corrected)" (Penn).  "Leif Olson to Rejoin Labor Department Days After Resignation" (Hyland).  What has traditionally been the certain sudden death of a career is saved by the sarcasm defense!

"Venezuela makes Russian debt repayment in rubles to bypass US sanctions".

"When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive" (Lazare).

"Ten Recent Democratic Primary Polls Good for Bernie Sanders Ignored by the Conventional Wisdom" (Hatlem).  In real polling, just as you would expect, Sanders has been consistently well in front of Warren, and usually ahead, a least a bit, of Biden, but the same crooked Clintonista Polling-Industrial Complex that led to Trump's win is still lying up the works, all so they can shiv him at the convention, again.

"Who Ordered This Clinton Comeback Tour" (Jones).  "Corrupt human tornado"!

"“Justice Dies in the Darkness”: The Hassan Diab Illegal Extradition to France" (Weinroth).  I told you how having a Khazar 'review' the stitching up by the Khazars of a completely innocent man was going to play out.  Also, more evidence that Wilson-Raybould isn't the honest saint she would like you to think she is.
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