Friday, October 25, 2019

Damage control

"US to deploy more troops to eastern Syrian to secure oil fields".  "New War for Oil? Trump to Occupy Oil-Rich Syrian Province with Tank Corps, Asks for Kurdish Displacement There" (Cole).  Well, the shekels arrived in Washington (massive emergency airlift).  Still, the damage has been done, and this is just Khazar damage control and an attempt at reasserting dominance.  Some very good things were established:
  1. The Kurds have, hopefully, finally learned that their only future is in a Syrian state (if they head to the oil fields - very unlikely, but they've shown not a smidgen of sense in the past - they're fucked, and should be utterly wiped off the map immediately and without mercy);
  2. Erdoğan has proven he's not trying to create the New Ottoman Empire, will listen to reason, and appears to only want to safeguard his legitimate state interests;
  3. Putin has forcefully underlined the importance of the principle of complete Syrian state sovereignty, while demonstrating a world-leading flair for complex diplomacy;
  4. Trump has shown he still remembers what MAGA is, and that he will have to stop backtracking before the election if he wants any chance of winning (I think he'll have to vacate Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan completely to keep his 'base' voters, who have demonstrated again that they are paying attention to MAGA); and
  5. the Israelis have been effectively squeezed out of any decision-making process, and no longer call all the shots in the Middle East (the new irrelevancy of the Khazars is the big change).
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