Saturday, October 12, 2019

Deterring further warfare since 1776

More optimism:  "A Turkish-Russian entente cordiale in the making" (Bhadrakumar):
"In a little-noticed development last Tuesday — precisely, during the 36-hour interregnum between Trump’s announcement of troop withdrawal from Syria and the Turkish incursion into northern Syria — the Russian Finance Ministry announced that Moscow and Ankara have inked an agreement on using Russian rubles and Turkish lira in mutual payments and settlements. The RT reported that the agreement aims for “further expansion and strengthening of interbank interaction, as well as ensuring uninterrupted payments between business entities of the two countries.” 
Plainly put, Moscow and Ankara have created a firewall against possible US and/or Western sanctions against Turkey in future. 
The RT explained that the new Turkish-Russian payment system will connect Turkish banks and companies to the Russian analogue of the SWIFT payment network, “while enhancing the infrastructure in Turkey that would allow using Russian MIR payment cards, designed by Moscow as an alternative to MasterCard and VISA.” 
The report underlined, “The new agreement is part of the two nations’ push to cut their reliance on the US dollar… Erdogan announced last year plans to end the US dollar monopoly via a new policy that is aimed at non-dollar trading with the country’s international partners.” 
The agreement with Turkey becomes the newest template in President Putin’s ambitious project to get rid of the US dollar in Russia’s foreign trade."
As usual, thanks to the Mega Group blackmail and the Deep State, Trump's noble attempt, yet again, to get out of a War For The Jews didn't happen, and as punishment for dissing their Khazar masters the Assholes had to send a bunch more troops to Saudi Arabia, where I guess they will wait around hoping to be killed by a stray missile that Pompeo can lie about and say was Iranian:  "2,000 More American Troops to Saudi to Defend Saudi Arabia’s Democracy or Whatever"(Anglin) and "Trump Brings Troops Back Home To Saudi Arabia" (Moon).

Apparently not only did Trump not get to remove American troops, he was even prohibited by his Khazar masters from moving them out of harm's way:  "Turkey Shells position of US Special Forces in Syria, almost Provokes Firefight" (Cole). The only way out of the vicious Khazar yoke is the end of Israel itself.  "And now, a short message from our wannabe masters".

"Is Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Gambit an Anti-Impeachment Card? How Trump Uses This to Win in 2020" (Flores) (but it is not at all clear that Trump wants the Democrats to stop, especially as they continue to effectively take down Biden):
"This is far from a mere distraction, and has a far deeper meaning, motivation, and possible outcome. At least two times during Trump’s presidency, he has announced some curtailment of the US efforts in Syria, declaring that the US had succeeded in defeating the real threat of ISIS.
This threat of ISIS, incidentally, was the stated aim of the US involvement in Syria under the Obama administration. It was only after a few years by way of the slippery-slope of mission creep that this involvement began to openly declare the overthrow of the decidedly anti-terrorist administration of Bashar al-Assad as its ‘real’ primary aim. Trump’s move to ‘declare victory and go home’, a declaration that was in reality made possible by the Russian aerial campaign, was nevertheless met with some significant push-back.
And this push-back, both times, came in the form of moves from House Democrats to start impeachment proceedings. These calls for impeachment, for various and apparently random ‘whatevers’, all long before the final findings of Mueller which seem to have exonerated Trump, had their intended effect.
Yes, both times Trump was forced to continue the US misadventure in Syria, and after he reversed his de facto position on the matter, both times indeed, impeachment proceedings magically disappeared.
To wit, after the 2017 Shayrat missile strike which Trump ordered to ward of impeachment threats, the infamously anti-Trump CNN declared that Trump was finally acting like a real US president [Insert wise comment here that in America, being presidential has to involve bombing people or things in the eyes of liberal establishment media].
Trump doesn’t forget those times he had his nose rubbed in it, as Democrats threatened to work with never-Trump Republicans in the pockets of AIPAC and the Military Industrial Complex, and the so-called intelligence community [something something deep state ], to frustrate his proposed policy changes. Along with appeasing these directly through his de-facto reversal on Syria withdrawal, he ramped up sanctions on Iran to appease AIPAC and even moved to out-do his predecessor on military funding – all within a geopolitical environment that sees Trump calling on European partners to ‘finally’ do their part to finance NATO."
"NEWSWEEK: White Child's Rightful Nobel Peace Prize Was Corruptly Given Instead To An African Leader Who Merely, You Know, Made Peace" (Sailer).

Tweet (Haliburton Dinner Jacket) (note that The Clarification, the simple fact that Assholia has always behaved like assholes, even, if you can believe it, before Trump clarified things, is completely lost on most Assholians, who still think all they do is bring sweetness and light to the world):
"The US Empire. Deterring further warfare since 1776."
I think Warren has got one of those things going on that often happens to people who grew up under extreme abuse, where they create a much better fantasy world for themselves, and completely believe it to be true.  This seems quite common in politicians, and explains how she can unabashedly make statements which are completely bonkers on the face of it.  It's a kind of mental illness.  "Elizabeth Warren Information".  Of course, the entire Pretendian grift was highly calculated for career advancement, but she seems to honestly believe all the lies she has told.

"Massachusetts activists defeated an unconstitutional anti-BDS bill last year. It’s back anyway." (Arria).  Haven't we yet noticed that the Khazars never give up, and keep pounding away until they get everything they want?  See also this amazing story: "Reality Check: Chris Williamson WON his legal challenge" (Knightly).

Tweet (The Full Brexit):
"As early as the 1980s, Tony Benn could see how EU membership was destroying representative democracy. This slow-burning crisis led to Brexit. Now democracy hangs in the balance. #ForTheManyNotTheEU"
As with #Russiagate, #Ukrainegate is essentially #KhazarGangsterGate, but you won't see that referenced in any of the (((media))).

"Bret Stephens Backs Out of Bedbug Debate" (Feinberg):
"New York Times opinion columnist and man who thinks it’s deeply important to engage in open debate Bret Stephens has backed out of an upcoming scheduled event at George Washington University, where he was set to discuss civil discourse online with professor Dave Karpf. The discussion would have put a bow on a highly public back-and-forth Stephens instigated a month and a half ago, but at the last minute, Stephens insisted that the event be closed to the public. When Karpf disagreed, Stephens pulled out entirely."
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