Thursday, October 17, 2019

Facts on the ground

"New Developments in the Skripal Case Reveal it for the Sham it Always Was." (O'Neill).  "Skripal Update – English Coroner Runs out of Legal Camouflage, and Genuine Evidence, for Postponing Inquest into Dawn Sturgess Death; Spokesman Attempts Lying to Press" (Helmer).  When you reflect on the fact the coroner's hearing would have been entirely crooked, and fixed, you really have to wonder how terrified they must be of the contradictions in the Official Story.

"Trump Talks To Putin. But How?" (The Automatic Earth).  Of course he doesn't talk to Putin.  As we know, any such conversation would be heard by any number of traitors, who would immediately leak it (the only time he can freely talk to Putin is when he can meet him in those rare international conferences when he can clear the room of Khazar and Deep State spies).  The beauty of the Syrian gambit is that he did not have to talk to Putin.  If he remained true to MAGA and to the actual national interests of the United States, and talked to Erdoğan (who has obviously been talking to Putin), everything would just fall into place.

The whole key to the fine art of Khazar management is to establish 'facts on the ground' which can't be reversed.  In this case, it was the Turkish invasion of Syria.  At that point, the shrieks and wails of every Khazar in the world, crying for Yinon - that's the dreadful noise you are hearing! - are pointless, and wonderful things can start to happen.  Diplomats should bear this in mind for future world improving.  While the Mega Group blackmail and bribery of Western politicians and bureaucrats - and even the complete capture by actual Mossad agents of key parts of the American government bureaucracy - makes things look hopeless, there are clever workarounds available.

It is fun to laugh, but there is something of vital importance here:  "Wanna see how fast the US forces ran from northern Syria?" (The Saker). Had Trump given any heads-up to the Pentagon, even a hint, the calls would have been made to the head office in Tel Aviv, the (((media))) would have been mobilized, and the whole MAGA plan scuppered.

Ha!:  "Russia, Damascus Ensure Safe Pullout of Foreign Troops From Syria's North-East".

Trump reacted badly to the Zio-traitors, basically all of official Washington, who really demonstrated, yet again how much they love those sweet, sweet shekels (and/or, not being outed as the worst kind of perverts).

"And now, a message from our wannabe masters about Syria" (The Saker).

"Winners and Losers in the Turkish attack on Kurds in Syria (part 1of 3)" and "Winners and Losers in the Turkish attack on Kurds in Syria? Part 2 of 3" (Magnier).

"Docs Show Navy Got 'UFO' Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances" (Tingley/Rogoway).  Have you noticed we are suddenly in another spurt of 'UFO' reports, and discussion of 'aliens' (not to mention the bizarre 'Area 51' stunt)?  This is because the Americans suddenly realized that both China and Russia have leapfrogged over not only the current generation of American procurement - utterly corrupt, explaining the incompetence - but the next generation as well.  Sudden Pentagon panic means increasing need for testing, and these tests, which are sometimes seen by civilians, have traditionally, going back to Cold War testing, been covered over by the Pentagon with little green men.

This is quite something, even by the standards of panicked Khazars and their (((media))):  tweet (Carpe Donktum) (see also)!:
"Yesterday @ABC said that the following was a "mistake" - Using footage from a Kentucky Gun Range - Digitally stabilizing the video - Applying an exposure filter to make it darker - Cropping out the American spectators - Applying a Grain filter to make it seem lower quality"
Even by the smelly standards of stinktanks and corrupt officials, the Atlantic Council and the Biden family are remarkably fragrant: "DC’s Atlantic Council Raked in Funding from Hunter Biden’s Corruption-Stained Ukrainian Employer While Courting His VP Father" (Blumenthal).

More good news! - Labour is finally (!) starting to take out the trash:  "Local parties move against two Labour Friends of Israel MPs" (Winstanley). One way or another, the only way to avoid disaster is a Judenfrei, shekel-free, party!  (((They))) brought this on themselves (as always).  It may be too late, with the fatal Khazar damage already done (they seem to have driven the decent Corbyn stark raving mad), for if Boris somehow manages to force Brexit by the globalists, he will go down as one of the greatest British politicians in history, and will deserve reelection.

"Today's Blind Items - Piecing It Together" (CDaN).  Musk is strategically important, so Jizzlaine got her hooks in.  It is nothing short of a miracle that he has not moved all operations to Israel.  Btw, where is she?  Maybe she is shacked up with the similarly mysteriously missing - and impossible to find! - Misfud.
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