Saturday, October 05, 2019

Free bags

"Amazon, Israel, and the Occupation of Palestine" (International Solidarity Movement).  Tweet (Ford Fischer):
"So @nerdcity ran an analysis feeding terms to Youtube to see what would trigger automatic demonetization / “soft” censorship. There are a lot of terms I could analyze in this content (particularly automatic discrimination against LGBT) but I wanna point out: “Palestine.”"
Tweet (Reynad Ahmed):
"Major israeli supermarket chain is giving out free bags with the image of an israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian in cold blood"
As if an American supermarket chain started giving out bags with the pictures of the Maywand District murderers on them (or perhaps just a finger). The Khazars are a primitive people we really can't comprehend.

"Opinion Global Climate Change Crisis: Best Thing to Ever Happen to Israeli Hasbara" (Pfeffer).

"Demi Lovato apologizes after accepting free trip to Israel in exchange for social media posts" (Arria).  This is huge (and extremely brave of her, given the realities of the (((industry)))), as it is the first case of a prominent social media celebrity followed by millions of young people actually apologizing for taking the shekels.  Note the (((Scooter Braun))) connection - these young singers are dependent on getting the best/hottest new material, and the way the Khazar record industry works is that this material is funneled through a select small group of Khazars, and Braun is always in the gossip columns as a potential abuser, both financially and otherwise ('bullying' is the general word used, and you can see the tremendous pressures there must be to appear in Israel).

This Volker guy was described by the Clintonistas as one of the great American heroes the day before his testimony, and a bum the day after.  Tweets (Undercover Huber):
"Another huge hit to “whistleblower” credibility Ambassador Volker’s testimony undercuts key charge: that on Jul 26 Volker tried to “help” Ukrainian President Zelenskyy “navigate” Trump’s “demands” about Biden on Jul 25 call *Volker didn’t even know Biden was mentioned* THREAD"
This is quite a remarkable scandal as it involves accusations against Trump of using his power as President in an improperly partisan way to dig up dirt against Biden concerning the things we know Biden actually did. "Hunter Biden’s Corruption" (Welsh).

Big picture:  "Unasked Questions About US-Ukrainian Relations" (Cohen).  Original sin:
"How did the United States become so involved in Ukraine’s torturous and famously corrupt politics? The short answer is NATO expansion, as some of us who opposed that folly back in the 1990s warned would be the case, and not only in Ukraine. The Washington-led attempt to fast-track Ukraine into NATO in 2013–14 resulted in the Maidan crisis, the overthrow of the country’s constitutionally elected president Viktor Yanukovych, and to the still ongoing proxy civil war in Donbass. All those fateful events infused the Trump-Zelensky talk, if only between the lines."
This is hilarious, as we know the real scandal, which started in the Obama White House, was a conspiracy between the Obama Administration, the American IC, and Ukrainian intelligence operatives working through Ukrainians in the US, to attack Russia and Putin through attacking Trump:  "Folks, This is Absolutely Critical" (Marshall):
"It’s hard to keep track of the gross abuse of power. But here’s the critical thing to keep an eye on through this. We know about election interference of targeting the Biden’s. What was even clearer in those texts is demand that Ukraine “get to the bottom of” collusion between the DNC and Ukraine in the 2016 election. That is code for the conspiracy theory that Russia was framed for the DNC hack and actually didn’t interfere in the 2016 election at all. The “real collusion” was between Ukraine and the Democrats. The big aim here – right in front of our faces, right in the texts and transcripts – is to clear Russia of the crime."
More:  "Inside The Counternarratives Fueling Trump’s Global Pressure Campaign" (Konvensky/Sneed).  Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Which reminds me—the only thing that bothered US Establishment about Manafort siphoning millions from Ukraine was the inane idea that it might be "Russia-aligned" loot. Never crossed anyone's mind here that Americans plundering impoverished Ukraine might be a bad thing."
""Whistleblowing": Second Masked Man Says First Masked Man Is Trustworthy"(Sailer)! 

Not a great source, but this wouldn't surprise me:  tweet (Paul Sperry):
"BREAKING: The Democrat whistleblower who complained about Trump digging up dirt in Ukraine was himself helping dig up dirt in Ukraine against Trump (and Manafort) while working in the Obama White House during 2016 campaign."
Btw, I thought the JYT was said to have divulged enough information on this guy to out him, yet we haven't heard a peep about his identity from the White House.

Mid-campaign, it turns out the leader of the 'Canadian' Conservative Party is an American.

"Juan Guaido, Joshua Wong---New Generation of Pro-Western "Saints"" (Vltchek).  Is Iraq the latest color revolution?  Israel has been bombing Iraq, and the attack on Saudi oil may have had Iraq involvement through the Shi'ite militias in Iraq.
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