Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Getting to here from there

An American President can't order the withdrawal of US troops from a place that it to be Yinonized.  He just can't.  It does not matter how great it would make America.  Trump has tried and the bureaucracy and (((media))) ignore him.  If he decided to be brave and bluster through, the Mega Group would remind him of the blackmail material, and that would be the end of that.

He needs help.  He needs something that he can tell the ((('donors'))) was beyond his control.  Enter Erdoğan, and that rascal Putin.  Erdoğan insists to Trump that the Syrian Kurds represent an 'existential threat' to Turkey, and he has to remove them, and no threat Trump can possibly make will shake his resolve.  Thus, Trump can either say no, and have the hegemon embarrassed when
Erdoğan invades anyway (leading to the loss of Turkey from NATO, and the loss of that airforce base, and perhaps even those nukes!), or agree, as the gracious hegemon, to 'allow' Turkey to do what it wants.

Once it happens, the Khazars explode, with Trump explaining that he had no choice, and the Khazars insisting on ridiculous Sanctions For The Jews in order to try to reassert some of the standard Khazar control on the Presidency.

In the background, of course, is that rascal Putin, and his crack team of super-diplomats.  He wants to get to a place where Turkey is still great friends with Russia, the Assholes have retreated from Syria, Syria has all its territorial integrity - the Russian promise of that to Syria is part of the Russian brand of always being a straight-shooter and honest ally, something for other potential and current Russian allies to see - and the Kurds give up their dangerous plans for statehood (which would mess with Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey).  Thus, a convoluted plan:
  1. Turkish invasion;
  2. Kurds finally scared into negotiating with Syria, something they should have done years ago, but which required an actual Turkish invasion to achieve;
  3. Syrian army moves immediately (as they knew this was coming!) into Syian Kurdistan;
  4. Americans leave, agreeing in effect to being replaced by Syrian Arab Army, and even assisting in the transition (this is Holocaust-level rebellion by the American slaves against their Khazar masters)!!!;
  5. presumably, after some feints and minor conflict, Turkey withdraws leaving SAA in control;
  6. leaving the issue of just how much ethnic cleansing - the term is tricky, as the Kurds have themselves been guilty of a lot of ethnic cleansing the other way to obtain their 'homeland' - the Turks are allowed to get away with in replacing Kurds with Sunni refugees now being stored in Turkey (Europe will want to see this, as otherwise Erdoğan will send them to Europe, and many of them are crazed Islamist terrorists of the worst kind).
Diplomacy in the age of Mega Group blackmail is like a (((Rube Goldberg))) machine, as you can never get here directly from there.
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