Wednesday, October 09, 2019

In ditches and under haystacks

On the prospects of Greater Yemen:  "Is Najran the Saudi Frontline in its Failing Yemen War, or its Achilles Heel?" (Ahmed).

"Time To Reassess CrowdStrike's Credibility" (Kelly).

So the second CIA 'whistleblower' - ha ha ha ha ha! - a very partisan Democrat, appears to be the boss of the first!:  "CIA Whistleblower 'Professionally Tied' To 2020 Candidate; 2nd 'Whistleblower' Was First One's Source" (Durden). "Impeach the MF?" (Van Buren).

Btw, Trump is completely correct to criticize Schiff's bizarre non-impeachment impeachment hearings, where he gets to generate anti-Trump PR without giving Trump procedural rights he should have under a real impeachment.  It's shifty.

"'WikiLeaks Of Covert Arms': Investigation Reveals UK Shell Companies Served As US Weapons 'Rat Line' Into Syria" (Durden), linking to "US Task Force Smoking Gun smuggles weapons to Syria: Serbia files (part 2)" (Gaytandzhieva).  The essential importance of CIA and Pentagon operational support for crazed violent Sunni terrorists is the thing to ponder of the day.

"Are These the Five Tweets That Change the World?" (Luongo).  The neocons are pushing back, hard, led by their prized blackmailee Leslie Graham, so it may be too early to celebrate.

I used to naively think a chalupa was something you got at Taco Bell:  "Ukraine 'Anti-Corruption' Director Bragged About Helping Hillary Clinton In 2016: Leaked Audio" (Durden). Also.

"Jews Now Boast That They Used Hollywood Propaganda to Entice Americans Into WW2" (Frei):
"Goy rights discourse tends to exhibit a standard lifecycle:
  • Goy defend their own interests, pointing out some nefarious thing Jews are engaged in.
  • Jews denounce this as a mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, motivated by hatred.
  • Discussion of the nefarious thing Jews are engaged in is publicly suppressed. Anyone who attempts to broach any discussion of it is anathematized and sentenced to internal exile within their own land.
  • After sufficient time has elapsed – after the goy rights defenders have gone to the grave, their reputations in ruins – the Jews will dust down the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and admit that it was true all along. They will even demand credit for engaging in the conspiracy, claiming it made the world a better place.
The length of time that elapses between the “mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” stage and the “we deserve credit for this” stage is a function of how tightly a society is under Jewish control. When a society is under super-tight control, as ours is now, the Jews don’t need to wait long at all. It’s quite possible, therefore, that we’ll see Jews publicly boasting about their role in White Genocide before the end of this century."
"On Racism and ‘Wild Beasts’: Why Israel besieges Palestinians" (Baroud).  It is always fundamentally based in the violent racist supremacism of the group who fraudulently call themselves Jews but are really just the primitive people who should be known as Khazars.

Crazed Israeli intelligence officer who lies like a rug and runs the Sanctions For The Jews for the American government is retiring to spend more time cackling over her collection of pictures of babies killed by her actions, which is odd, as her work there is not yet done, and the oddness is emphasized by the fact that the Jerusalem Post just - September 29 - published a whitewashing ('her open pro-Israel stance appears rooted more in ideology than merely a general tribal affiliation.'!) panegyric to her (luckily, she will, of course, be replaced by yet another 'dual loyalist' before Trump can choose from the short list of Israeli intelligence officers presented to him):  "Are There Israelis in the U.S. Government?" (Giraldi):
"Mandelker was born in Israel and largely educated in the United States. She is predictably a lawyer. She has never stated how many citizenships she holds while repeated inquiries as to whether she retains her Israeli citizenship have been ignored by the Treasury Department. It is not clear how she managed to obtain a security clearance given her evident affinity to a foreign country. The position that she held until last Wednesday was created in 2004 by George W. Bush and is something of a “no Gentiles need apply” fiefdom. Its officials travel regularly on the taxpayer’s dime to Israel for consultations and also collaborate with pro-Israel organizations like AIPAC, WINEP and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD). Mandelker’s predecessor was Adam Szubin and he was preceded by David Cohen and, before that, by the office’s founder Stuart Levey, who is currently Group Legal Manager and Group Managing Director for global bank HSBC. Since its creation, OFTI has not surprisingly focused on what might be described as Israel’s enemies, most notably among them being Iran.
Mandelker was clear about her role, citing her personal and business relationship with “our great partner, Israel.” Referring to sanctions on Iran, she has said that “Bad actors need money to do bad things. That is why we have this massive sanctions regime … Every time we apply that pressure, that crunch on them, we deny them the ability to get that kind of revenue, we make the world a safer place.” In support of the pain she is inflicting to no real purpose other than to force complete Iranian capitulation, she cites alleged Iranian misdeeds, foremost of which is its alleged threatening of Israel. She also condemns Iran’s support for Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, who she claims has killed his own people with chemical weapons, an assertion that has proven to be untrue.
Mandelker touted her personal history as a claimed child of the seemingly ubiquitous “holocaust survivors.” In a speech at the Holocaust Museum in April she claimed that her parents went underground in Eastern Europe: “They were hiding underground, in forests, in ditches and under haystacks. I grew up hearing their stories, including about moments of great courage, some of which resulted in survival and others that ended in death.”
To be sure, Mandelker and her predecessors have been going after Iran’s money since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, constantly devising new restrictions and rules to make it hard for Tehran to do business with any other country. In 2006 Levey’s office began to focus on cutting off Iran from the global financial system. Currently the Trump administration is applying what it describes as “maximum pressure” in seeking to sink Iran’s economy by blocking all oil exports. Since May, any country buying Iranian oil has been vulnerable to secondary sanctions by Washington, all set up and choreographed by Mandelker.
That Mandelker and company have been engaging in economic warfare with a country with which the United States is not at war seems to have escaped the notice of the media and Washington’s chattering class, not surprisingly as Israel is a beneficiary of the policy. And the fact that the way sanctions are being enforced against American citizens is clearly unconstitutional has also slipped by the usual watchdogs. Sigal Mandelker was a prime example of why anyone who is either an actual dual national or plausibly possesses dual loyalty should not hold high office in the United States government and is a blessing that she is gone, though one imagines she will be replaced by another Zionist fanatic. If anyone wonders why Israel gets away with what it does the simple answer would be that there are just too many people at the federal level who think that serving Israel is the same as serving the United States. That is just not so and it is past time that the American public should wake up to that fact."
"SITREP: Zhongnanhai, 10-8-2019 – The Real Hot War Against the Chinese Peoples Republic" (Larchmonter445 for The Saker Blog).  Everything is lining up in his favor in the next election (Biden was a danger to him; Fauxcahontas will be easy), but Trump inexplicably continues at this late date to play chicken with the US economy, with a recession caused by his trade shenanigans the only thing that will block his reelection.  See also (due to demographics, farmers always have inordinate amounts of political power, and they vote, generally, but not always, for right-wingers, and especially 'populist' right-wingers, so this is also very odd, especially as you can't buy them off by giving billions in gifts to BigAg):  "Trump Administration to Small Farmers: Stop Whining, Your Demise is Inevitable" (Goodman).

It's true, and amazing!:  "Sanders: China has done more to address extreme poverty 'than any country in the history of civilization'" (Bonn).  We should bear this in mind when the right-wingers tell us about these 'intractable' problems, like African poverty.

An interesting read, Camus and Raspail:  "Diverse New World" (McNaron).

"Jacques Attali’s Message to the Gentiles: “Sovereignism” Is Anti-Semitism & a Jewish-Muslim Alliance Must Shut It Down" (Durocher).  Comment by Abdullah:
"The right wing “hard” zionist Jew advocates wars for Israel using gentile blood and treasure, while the likes of “soft” zionist Jews like this sucker here advocates for bringing the traumatized and often disturbed and angry survivors into Europe
Most of us are very content living here, are accustomed to the weather and the cuisine and if left to our own devices wouldn’t want to live out the rest of our lives in a strange land. And most of us wish to take down the poisonous al saud tribe who without support from the Americans would have been down by now.
I wish the ‘alt righters’ here luck and may we be able to stop the zionist before he wrecks both our worlds"
It is a perpetual motion machine.  The Zionists bribe and blackmail politicians into Wars For The Jews, creating 'refugee crises' - remember, it was the Zionist-Nazi conspiracy-created European 'refugee crisis' that created Israel! - which are fixed by moving disturbed and unhappy people to Europe (championed by globo-homo-Rothshildos like Attali), where they cause, or are said to have caused by the (((media))), the social problems required to create more Islamophobia, which is then used as the PR background for more Wars For The Jews!  (((They))) are completely correct in thinking we are all idiots!

Watch, they'll give it to Greta ('for her selfless work in creating new markets')!:  "What we know about nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry thanks to WikiLeaks" (Ruby).

"‘The drone revolution’: Ecuadorians revolt against repressive US-backed President Lenin Moreno’s neoliberal policies" (Rogatyuk).  Not newsworthy to the (((media))).  We're finally starting to see a slow return to sanity in South American politics.  See also:
  1. "Bolivia’s Remarkable Socialist Success Story" (Aleem) (typically, though, for The Nation, decides to make this a good place for some Venezuela bashing);
  2. "Evo Morales Is Poised to Cling to Power in Bolivia’s Upcoming Election";
  3. the (((media))) is covering Bolivia (scroll down), as there are angles to use in criticizing:  "Bolivia's Morales faces threat to re-election over widespread destruction from wildfires";
  4. "Macri’s Yellow Balloons" (Monteagudo).
As we've seen with Diana, the Queen, despite her many other talents, is not particularly adept at running a PR campaign:  "Prince Andrew Says He Only Visited Jeffrey Epstein So He Could Break Up With Him In Person" (Mieka)!:
"Poor Andrew was duped into believing their friendship was based on mutual respect and fraternal affection, if not a shared love of foot massages. But apparently, that wasn’t the case at all.
Every example of anyone behaving like Epstein, who has later been discovered, has actually been very good at keeping their cover,” said the source. “If you have someone like the duke, you probably don’t show that side of yourself to him. That’s the sadness of being someone like the duke, you sometimes don’t see the real person because you are a bit of a trophy friend.
A trophy friend? Him? I guess it is kind of sad when you think about it. Well, at least Jeffrey threw Andrew a traditional Trophy Friend Breakup Party, but with a twist.
During the visit, which happened the following year after Epstein served a very lenient 13-month jail sentence, the prince was also photographed walking with him through Central Park, and the two men were seen receiving foot massages from “two young well-dressed Russian women” in Epstein’s home. Epstein also hosted a dinner party in honor of Prince Andrew, which was attended by Woody Allen, Chelsea Handler, Katie Couric, and George Stephanopoulos. If that’s what he calls a friendship breakup, it was a pretty long-drawn-out one.
Sounds unbelievable, but there is a clause in the Magna Carta that states “he who dumpeth the friend, shall fete the dumpee, and massageth their feet and broken heart with the hands of a winsome young slav”. Only Andrew and Jeffrey did it in reverse!"
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