Tuesday, October 08, 2019

In, or out?

It appeared to me that Trump had merely shifted the 1000 (?) US troops in Syria away from the border to allow the Turks to bomb the Kurds without danger of hitting Americans - the Americans were effectively providing human shields to the Kurds - and had not agreed to withdraw them, but the (((neocon))) whining seems to be about an actual withdrawal, which would have damaged the chances for Yinon (though, of course, (((they))) hope to get some Yinon out of the Turkish 'safe zone' land theft).  For the (((neocons))), the few American troops represent the principle of the thing, the fact that the US can still be manipulated into subverting its interests for the Zionist Empire.  Conversely, Trump may be trying to prove to voters that he really can end a War For The Jews.

"DISCUSS: Trump pulling US forces out of Syria?" (Knightly).  Tweet (Ben Norton):
"People keep falsely reporting that the US is "removing" its troops from northeast Syria. That's not true! They're *moving*, to let Turkey invade — likely so it can try to ethnically cleanse and repopulate the area with Syrian refugees to make a buffer zone"
Tweet (Justin Amash):
"President Trump is not ending any war. He insists on keeping American troops in Syria in violation of our Constitution. He’s simply moving troops out of a specific area and green lighting Turkey’s attack on the Kurds and others who have helped combat ISIS. It’s just more war."
Tweet (Michael Weiss):
"Reminder that James Jeffrey, the US special envoy to Syria, was against this operation not two weeks ago. Another instance of Trump overriding the people meant to run US policy. theguardian.com/world/2019/oct"
Thread by Tobias Schneider.

On the theme of the Assholians abandoning their allies ('treachery'), tweets by Greg:
"Lest anyone think Trump's sacrifice of the Kurds is exceptional, here's a bit from Kissinger's Shadow: "In the early 1970s, Kissinger had plotted with the Shah of Iran to destabilize Baathist Iraq by supporting the Kurds, providing them with weapons (supplied by Israel so as 1/6"
It appears Turkey didn't have to make any concessions for the American withdrawal, and the US is already prepping for post-Turkish NATO: "US, Greece hail strategic relationship after signing defence deal" (Psaropoulos).

Just as an example of what shits the Clintonistas truly are:  "BREAKING: Trump Betrays Kurds, Throws Chaos Bomb In Middle East" (Madrak):  "What did Putin offer Trump that was worth destabilizing the entire Middle East?".  Sane people know this is the last thing the Russians want, and Putin has spent considerable time trying to talk Erdoğan out of any further encroachment on Syrian territory.

Added: "Top Kurdish general: Watching over ISIS prisoners now a 'second priority'" (Kube/Gains):
"Syrian opposition fighters assigned to guard thousands of ISIS captives are rushing to the border ahead of an expected attack by Turkish forces, a top Kurdish general told NBC News Monday.

General Mazloum Kobani Abdi, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said watching over the ISIS prisoners locked up in Syria is a "second priority" now that the U.S. has cleared the way for a Turkish assault likely targeting the mostly Kurdish forces along the border.

"This is a very big problem," Mazloum told NBC News. "Nobody has helped in this regard."

The detention centers hold 12,000 suspected terrorists swept up during the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS fighters in the region, according to Mazloum and U.S. officials. Of the 12,000, 2,000 are foreign fighters, and Iraqis and Syrians make up the remaining 10,000, Pentagon officials say."
"The Kurdish commander said he's now considering what would have been unthinkable a few years ago: partnering with Syrian leader Bashar Assad to fight the Turkish forces.

"This is one of the options that we have on the table," Mazloum said."
I wouldn't count the Kurds out. Turkish bombing isn't going to do much, and when Erdoğan tries to put Turkish boots on the ground he is going to face withering Kurdish guerrilla attacks from people who know the territory and are famous fighters defending themselves and their families.  It would be a big bonus if the Kurdish leaders finally stop taking the shekels and team up with Assad, which was their only real option throughout.  Certainly, Trump has, as usual, been very Clarifying.
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