Tuesday, October 01, 2019


"Footage appears to show Canadian-made armoured vehicle captured by Yemen rebels in fighting with Saudis" (Pugliese).  Note that the Saudis, who are of course penniless, aren't even paying for them.  They are a gift from the Canadian taxpayers!

"Trudeau's position on toxic $15B Saudi arms deal evolves and confuses" (Higgins).

This is a superb posting, even prompting the first link above (the (((media))) would always like to ignore this sort of thing):  "Trudeau’s Jeeps in action" (Robinson):
"Why does this matter?
The contract with the Saudis has been controversial from the moment it was first signed, with various activists in Canada complaining that we should not be selling weapons to a country with such a bad human rights record. The possibility that the armoured vehicles might be used in Yemen has also been raised as a reason why the contract should be cancelled. At one point it looked as if the Liberal government was having some pangs of conscience, and it announced that Global Affairs Canada (GAC), under the command of Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, would review the contract to see whether it should be terminated.  A spokesman for GAC declared that,
Canada does not export items destined for Yemen or that we suspect might be used in Yemen due to the impact on regional stability and security. Careful attention is paid to the potential for the diversion of Canadian exports to the conflict in Yemen. … If there is evidence that Canadian arms are being misused or have been diverted, Minister Freeland will suspend those export permits while an investigation proceeds, as she has done in the past.
Despite some compelling evidence that Canadian equipment had indeed been diverted to the war in Yemen, nothing ever came of that promise, however. Sales of Canadian military equipment to Saudi Arabia have continued apace and the government ‘review’ has disappeared without trace. Meanwhile, Canadian arms continue to fuel the war in Yemen, and as the pictures above show are now actually in the hands of both sides of the conflict!!"
"Canada’s shameful position on the Palestinian refugees" (Kawas).

With two weeks to go in an election campaign, now would be a good time to put Justin's feet to the fire on all this immorality.
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