Friday, October 18, 2019

Looney-tunes conspiracy theory

Marshall 'unpacks' what he thinks is the looney-tunes conspiracy theory held by the deplorables:
". . . the Seth Rich/DNC Server conspiracy theory which holds the following …

Not only did Donald Trump not collude with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Russia didn’t even interfere in the election at all. Both were framed by a conspiracy between Ukraine and the DNC. The server is the DNC server that the Russians hacked. It’s ‘missing’, so the conspiracy theory goes, because a cybersecurity firm called Crowdstrike was part of the conspiracy and they made it look like the Russians had hacked the servers when in fact it was an inside job by a disgruntled DNC employee. And which employee? Seth Rich.

You probably know this whole story, Russian propaganda channels and Wikileaks latched on to the idea that Rich, who all evidence suggests died the victim of a random street crime, was the disgruntled leaker and that he was later murdered by Democrats or people associated with the Clintons as part of the conspiracy.

That is what this is about: Russia and Trump were framed. The real election interference was a conspiracy between the DNC and Ukraine. That was why the White House held up military aid. And if there’s any question that this was an offhand remark by Mulvaney, remember: Trump explicitly invoked the “Crowdstrike server” in his call with Zelensky. That is what this is about."
The striking thing is that this 'conspiracy theory' is true, and the big issues aren't even debatable (I don't know where the Clinton server is, or how Trump got the idea it was in Ukraine, but its location is not an important part of the story).  The earliest attacks on Trump, going back to the formulation of the pee tape, originated with Ukrainian intelligence, and later additions to the anti-Trump conspiracy were spread with the help of CrowdStrike and the Chalupa sisters and the Atlantic Council, all with strong Ukrainian and anti-Russian/Putin connections.  All the overseas actors in this farce on both sides are either Ukrainian or from some non-Russia part of the USSR, all likely to be anti-Russian, yet all are invariably described by the Clintonistas and the (((media))) as 'Russians'.  Even better, every player is a Khazar, and is either an out-and-out gangster, or very close to organized crime.
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