Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mass insecurity

American 'protection' from terrorism inevitably brings more terrorism:  "Russia-Africa "Shared Vision 2030": Alternative To Neo-Colonial Pillage" (Ehret) (the first sentence is messed up, but you get the drift):
"It is no secret that just as China began outpacing the Americans in African investment in 2007. Rather than acting intelligently to increase genuine infrastructure funding as the Chinese had done, the US Deep State not only continued its outdated debt-slavery practices, but created AFRICOM as a military arm across the continent. Ironically AFRICOM’s presence coincided with a doubling of militant Islamist activities since 2010 with 24 groups now identified (up from only 5 in 2010) and a 960% increase in violent attacks from 2009-2018. Just as western lending has caused a pandemic of slavery, so too has western security forces only spread mass insecurity."
"China 'Welcomes' Russia's Call for Persian Gulf Coalition as U.S. and Iran Back Rival Plans" (O'Connor).  "Collective Security in Persian Gulf: Can It Fly?" (Afrasiabi).  The Saudis are in a holding pattern right now (or worse), stuck as long as MbS's ego is on the line, but after the King dies will be ready for some sanity.

"Saudi visit signals Putin's growing Middle East influence" (Rothschilds).  But did Putin get to touch The Orb?
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