Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Real deal of the century

Will that rascal Putin ever stop being such a rascal?:  "Lira Jumps On Reports Of Turkish Deal With Russia Over Northern Syria "Safe Zone"" (Durden).

"2019 Canadian Federal Election Results*".  Each one of the little jigsaw pieces is a Canadian 'riding', or seat in Parliament, and this depiction removes the issues in understanding caused by the massive differences in population density across the country (basically, Canadians all live in a little band pressed up against the American border, and most of the vast land mass is essentially uninhabited).  See how many little squares are in City of Toronto and Greater Toronto?  The Liberals basically cleared the table around Toronto, and that's how they won.  The main reason they did so well is that the current Conservative premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, is the most hated man in the province, and the Liberals correctly noted that the federal Conservatives planned to destroy the entire country in the same way that Ford has destroyed Ontario (all to gather tax 'savings' to form the PR basis for a massive tax cut for the 1%, again exactly like the federal Conservatives planned to do - did I mention that the entire Conservative platform was a steaming pile of shit that no sane person in the 99% could possibly have voted for?).  They knew this would be a problem, and had Ford prorogue the Ontario legislature six months before the federal election so Ontarians would have forgotten about him, but it didn't work (still, the Conservatives got more votes in total across the country than the Liberals).

Another thing about Assange.  Leaving aside the fact that this whole tottering edifice of American overreach is based on a CIA asset setting up a phony 'rape' which could be fed into the almost completely corrupt Swedish judicial system, the deepest wrongdoing is that Moreno had no right to 'revoke' the diplomatic asylum (he did so for what amounts to the bribe of an IMF loan, and God knows what personal bribes, and seems to have acknowledged the problem by coming up with the feces on the wall story), and therefore the British police who seized him had no right to do so, and that alone should, in a non-corrupt system, buy you a writ of habeas corpus from a Court of Equity.
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