Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The (((media))) have consistently been telling us that Morales was going to lose, not win in what amounts to a landslide (followed by the ubiquitous color revolution whinging):  "Bolivia's election sparks protest as rivals clash over results" (Rothschild).

Best possible result in Canada, a Liberal minority.  A nudge for the Liberals to the left (as they will need the NDP to pass legislation), a slap on the wrist for too-full-of-himself Justin, all while keeping the Conservatives - their leader Sheer literally spent the whole campaign lying, while his plotters pulled out every dirty trick imaginable, and the Conservative policies were across-the-board reprehensible - far away from power.  Yet another beautiful example of what you can achieve with first-past-the-post voting.  Btw, the election was decided in the Liberals almost sweeping all the seats in and around Toronto.

I don't understand the Assange travesty.  The US is as usual illegally attempting to give its laws universal application around the world through aggressive over-charging and extremely aggressive use of extradition laws (in the long run, if this aggression doesn't stop, countries are going to have to back out of all extradition laws with the US).  All these extradition laws have a 'political' exception, which clearly applies here, but it appears the understanding is that the entire British judiciary is so utterly corrupt that the actual wording of the British law is irrelevant. If the Yanks want him the Yanks shall have him, British law be damned.  Assange and his council appear to be waiting to be ground up by the extradition meat-grinding machine.  If this were happening in the US, I'm sure aggressive counsel would be immediately heading to another judge, thought to be less corrupt and more aware of the law, for a writ of habeus corpus directed at Assange's jailer (once granted, bum rush the jail, writ in hand, grab him with threats of contempt of court to anyone who ties to interfere, and get him on a private plane before anybody can react).  If British judges are all hopeless, there is still a European Court of Justice and a European Court of Human Rights.  If this extreme passivity of the defense is a strategy, I don't agree with it, as the Americans will yoink him off immediately once the corrupt judge signs off, leaving no chance for more aggressive lawyering.
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