Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Severed head of a cat

"These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship" (Webb).  The 'journalists' who write about the Royals in Britain have a peculiar job, in some cases being more honest than you would think they would be as they appear to be sending warnings directly to the Queen about what her crazy family might be doing behind her back.  They were completely on top of what was really going on almost ten years before anybody in the States could be bothered to notice (it is funny that Epstein seems to have been involved in the Sisyphean enterprise of getting Fergie out of her financial difficulties).  See also how Epstein was called a 'property developer' before his legend was amended to simply make him a 'financial genius':
"Another article in the Evening Standard refers to Epstein as a “property mogul.” Several other articles — such as a 2000 article from Australia’s Sunday Mail, a 1995 article from Australia’s Sun Herald, and a 1995 article from the U.K.’s Mail on Sunday — also refer to Epstein as chiefly a “property developer.” Interestingly, references to Epstein as a property developer continued to occur (though less frequently) after his first arrest in 2007 and then again after his recent arrest this past July, yet oddly only in non-U.S. newspapers. Another article states that Ghislaine Maxwell had sold property on Epstein’s behalf and was also involved in the New York real estate market.
While several articles in the early 2000s describe Epstein as both “property developer” and “financier,” even earlier articles about Epstein refer to him exclusively as a “property developer.” For instance, the 1992 article in the Mail on Sunday cited above referred to Epstein as “a shadowy, almost maverick New York property developer” and noted that, even then, Epstein appeared “to have an inexhaustible supply of money and yet no one seems able to answer the question of precisely what the source.”
As will be revealed in an upcoming MintPress investigative series, these references allude to Epstein’s shady business activities in the New York and Palm Beach real estate markets from the mid-1980s to the late-1990s that were used to launder massive amounts of money for organized crime and intelligence. It is likely for this reason that Epstein’s real estate activities during this period have been so deliberately ignored by the U.S. press, even though other aspects of his financial activities were heavily scrutinized in recent months.
Indeed, in examining Epstein’s involvement in real estate markets, particularly in New York, it becomes clear that those activities have no shortage of controversial tie-ins to the current U.S. presidential administration as well as major New York power players involved in suspect financial activity immediately prior to the September 11 attacks as well as the 2008 financial crisis. All of those connections and more will be explored in MintPress’ upcoming investigative series on the financial crimes of Jeffrey Epstein and their broader implications."
Tweet (Felix Salmon) (also):
"Nothing to see here, just Jes Staley, Bill Gates, and @LHSummers palling around with Jeffrey Epstein at Epstein’s mansion post-conviction nytimes.com/2019/10/12/bus"
"Bill Gates Was Much Closer To Jeffrey Epstein Than He Initially Let On" (Durden).
"Jeffrey Epstein’s history of Jewish giving" (Spiro). Those institutions which take the dirty money claiming that money is just money don't take into account the fact that people like Epstein use the power of philanthropy to enable their crimes.  In fact, a large part of the Epstein legend was manufactured by the Mossad using just such donations, which allowed him admission or re-admission into the social circles which gave him access to the men he needed to blackmail.

"The Epstein scandal at MIT shows the moral bankruptcy of techno-elites" (Morozov).  "The Moral Rot of the MIT Media Lab" (Peters).

"Jeffrey Epstein, My Very, Very Sick Pal" (Nally).  Bizarre, repetitious interview with Stuart Pivar, who appears to have the standard Khazar view of the situation (see also, Dersh), consenting trollops, but problematic at an 'industrial scale'. It is rare to see somebody admitting that Epstein was no 'genius', and that it was obvious to everybody, even to his brainiac pals who still can't stop gushing over how smart he was/is.

"Jeffrey Epstein and Steven Pinker" (Alexis).

"A Dead Cat, A Lawyer's Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How Media Fell Short On Epstein" (Folkenflik).  Donations to charities close to 'journalists', bullets and cat heads, a call from Dersh, thus was derailed American journalism on Epstein.  Is a call from Dersh more or less frightening than a severed cat head?  "When retiring Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter pretended he was Jewish".
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