Monday, October 28, 2019

Thanks, Bashar!

"Harper: Truth About Syrian Oil" (my emphasis in red):
"As is usually the case in theaters of combat, reality on the ground differs widely from the sharp and clear lines that are presented to uninformed outside observers.  Good case in point is the state of Syrian oil.  I am told by a well-informed source that the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the Kurds have been selling much of the oil in northeast Syrian territory they controlled until recently to the Syrian National Oil Company--the Assad government.

Some of that oil has also been sold to the Turks, who may be in turn shipping it by tanker truck to Iran and the Iranian are shipping it on to North Korea.
and (he didn't have to put Syria on the list and it is a very striking inclusion):
"Noteworthy that President Trump thanked Russia, the Syrian Government, Turkey and Iraq for their help in the tracking and killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Questions:  What was the nature of the help?  Who gave overflight permission for the U.S. teams sent in to kill or capture al-Baghdadi.  Likely answers to these questions will remain classified for some time.  But again, it's worthwhile as a thought exercise to think through the operational requirements and details of this successful mission.  Was there a link between the Turkish assistance or silence and the lifting of sanctions announced just prior to the al-Baghdadi mission?"
See also: "Here's Why Trump's "Secure Syria's Oil" Plan Will Prove Practically Impossible". Trump's boast was just a Mega Group blackmail/bribery feint, as the Khazars are furious and he needed some raw meat to throw to them.

"US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with "Baghdadi Raid"" (Cartalucci).  Theater.

"Al-Baghdadi Raid is the US Empire “Creating Reality”" (Knightly) linking to "GOT HIM: ISIS Reports Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Dead Following US Airstrikes" (Ford).  "UPDATE: Al Baghdadi has now been Killed THREE Times! What is this guy, a cat?" (Bacon).

"Turkey: Al Baghdadi and The Fly Theory" (Manaz).
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