Friday, October 11, 2019

The Equivalence

"An Expansionist State? Did Israel ever have any intention of honoring either the 1947 Partition Plan or 1967 borders?" (Suárez) (read the whole thing, as it is a completely damning indictment of the Khazars, point by point, and explains everything, including the oddity that the Khazars have currently painted themselves into a corner through their inability to accept anything less than everything they originally intended to steal):
"Jerusalem remained Israel’s most urgent concern. Whereas land under “Arab” rule could eventually be usurped, a Jerusalem administered by the UN might not. And so when UN Mediator Count Folke Bernadotte composed a new plan for peace in the autumn of 1948, the terror gang Lehi warned him against a “non-Jewish administration” there. However, Bernadotte kept Resolution 181’s international zone, and the next day Lehi, under future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, assassinated him."
"Why Trump Is Facing Impeachment" (Harris):
"Upon occupying the Oval Office, Trump not unexpectedly threw the working class under the bus with his tax cut for the rich and similar actions, which must have won him some brownie points from the owning class. But to date he has failed to start a new war. The last US president with a similar failing was the one-term Jimmy Carter. And now Trump is showing insufficient enthusiasm for continuing the war in Syria and possibly even a closet aversion to starting World War III with nuclear-armed Russia. These may be impeachable offenses in the estimation of parts of the ruling class.
David R. Sanger, writing in the October 7 New York Times, represents “liberal” establishment views in support of US imperialism: “Mr. Trump’s sudden abandonment of the Kurds was another example of the independent, parallel foreign policy he has run from the White House, which has largely abandoned the elaborate systems created since President Harry Truman’s day to think ahead about the potential costs and benefits of presidential decisions.”
There you have it. Trump is accused of having an “independent” foreign policy, emanating out of his office of all places, even though he is the elected President of the US and the one charged with executing foreign policy.
Who is Trump “independent” from? It’s not the US citizenry according to the Times. As the article points out: “Mr. Trump sensed that many Americans share his view – and polls show he is right… Mr. Trump has correctly read the American people who, after Iraq and Afghanistan, also have a deep distaste for forever wars.”
So, who might Trump have betrayed? According to the article, it’s “circumventing the American generals and diplomats who sing the praises of maintaining the traditional American forward presence around the world.” This is whom his alleged crime of independence is against. They fear Trump could “abandon” the post-war imperial consensus.
Note that the Times, as reflective of current ruling class ideology, no longer bothers to justify the dictates of the world’s sole hegemon as a crusade against the current evil, be it communism or terrorism. Simply, the imperial state must be supported. Hence, Trump’s view that “acting as the world’s policeman was too expensive” or his tweet, “time for us to get out,” have become grounds for impeachment."
"CIA "Whistleblower" Said To Have Worked With Biden When He Was VP" (Durden):
"So, to clarify, a registered Democrat on the CIA payroll, who previously worked with VP Joe Biden, went to Adam Schiff's committee, who referred him to a Democratic operative attorney, who helped him file a whistleblower complaint about Trump attempting to uncover Biden's corruption, on a form which was altered to allow second-hand information."
"Former US-Backed Rebel Leader Now Spearheading Attack On US-Backed Syrian Kurds":
"The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA), comprised of former 'Free Syrian Army' (FSA) and Syrian al-Qaeda linked militants (and likely former ISIS members) — now spearheading the ground invasion  have reportedly captured at least two towns after pushing south from the Turkish border.
Underscoring the absurd contractions of Washington's Syria policy over the course of the past seven years of proxy war, the pro-Turkish Syrian National Army rebels are actually led by Salim Idris (among two other top commanders), the former Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council of the FSA. 

During the early years of the conflict in Syria, when the US was supporting an anti-Assad insurgency in pursuit of regime change, Idris was the "US man in Syria" among other top FSA leaders.
This means America's former top "rebel" leader is now leading an invasion force against America's current Kurdish partners (the SDF) with NATO ally Turkey's support."
Comment by vot tak - robust, i.e., honest, use of vocabulary, the kind of thing we should see everywhere! - to the anodyne South Front analysis of the Turkish attack (this may explain why Putin is rather relaxed about this, and Netanyahu is not, and Trump's rhetoric is pointedly against Wars For The Jews):
"Useful report, but should be considered a very partial analysis. Cursory.
“and facilitate return of Syrian refugees to their homes.”
Actually, Turkey plans to build many new towns and villages for the Syrian refugees currently in Turkey in this border zone they are pushing the kurd proxies from. Both RT and Sputnik have covered this. The Turks are planning to spend some $27 billion on this massive infrastructure development, according to what I read from those 2 news sources.
This is very interesting and curious Turk undertaking. Turkey keeps saying they respect Syrian territorial integrity, they have been very consistent in that. Now they are occupying parts of Idlib and soon a 20k wide section of Syria. Contradictory, no?
Let’s look at the reaction to the Turkish invasion. Russia and Iran are rather laid back and calm, they are not particularly upset. Syria condemns it, as they do all Turk moves.
But what about the zionazified “west”? Pretty much all very hostile to Turkey. The israeli colonial trump likudites/neocons are not happy and getting ready to list Turkey as part of their “axis of evil” faggotry.
I don’t expect israel will allow Turkey to remain in nato very much longer. :-D
This is what I think is going down. The Turks are the best force to use to erradicate zionazi-nazi control zones in Syria, north Syria, anyway. Would usa/nato attack a fellow nato member? Not hardly. The israelis might, in desperation, but I think they will instead work to expell Turkey from nato. First.
Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey worked out a strategy. The safe zone, and Turk infrastructure building can work to help Syria and Turkey both. Turkey wants a buffer between Kurds in Turkey and to move Syrian refugees back to Syria. I bet most of those refugees are not Kurdish. Turkey also owes a substantial debt to Syria for their role in destabilizing the country. Actually, it is in Syria’s interest to separate the Syrian Kurds away from the Turkish Kurds, as neither country wants their territory carved off for a kurdistan. Iran and Iraq, as well.
The israeli’s pindo and other nato colonies are left the choice of attacking a fellow nato member, or withdrawaling. This leaves their kurd proxies rather naked, and empowers those among their ranks of less quisling mores to push for Syrian unification and neutralization of the zionazi loyalists.
Once the zionazi element is neutralised, I think Turkey will withdraw from the Syrian territory."
One problem is that a lot of these 'refugees' in Turkey are just crazed Sunni terrorists that Turkey has been stockpiling to do mischief.  It remains to be seen if they are even capable of living in Syria in a civilized manner, or if they are just a time bomb of problems.

Syria and Ukraine:  tweets by Ollie Richardson.

More optimism:  "On the Geo-Politics of Turkish Incursion into Syria" (Sheikh).

This is stupid even by the degraded standards of CounterPunch:  "On the TrumpenLeft and False Equivalence" (Street).  It is perfectly reasonable, living in the real world, to think that not being in WWIII is better than being in WWIII (WWIII versus no WWIII is not a 'false equivalency'). Trump is not a particularly bad Republican President, nor would he have been a particularly bad Democrat President (and a lot of the claims that Trump is racist is just fairly obvious class hate of the 'deplorables').  The Clarification, which apparently isn't clarifying enough for some people, was all about emphasizing that Trump is the purest manifestation of the exemplar of an American President.  Not only is it untrue to suggest that he is so outside the norms that 'he doesn't represent us', he represents you so well you can't even bear to look at it (honestly, his main flaw as President as he allow his own personal morality to sometimes drift into the conversation, not something that you would ever see from Barry, except as a big phony - I'm serious!).  The American 'left' is so completely lost that this crap is what passes for wisdom.
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