Saturday, October 26, 2019

The faking of provenance

You have to wonder if it is a coincidence that this happens as the Pure Evil Khazar Mossad agent who ran the US Office of Sanctions For The Jews is leaving:  "US Eases Regulations On Iran Food & Medicine Sales To Help "The Iranian People"" (Durden).  Of course, there will be no real practical improvement out of this, as (((they))) in the Office of Sanctions For The Jews will block it, somehow.

"The Neoliberal Ghost of Pinochet Is Finally Being Exorcised from Chile" (Antonopoulos).  Having fuck all else left in their quiver, the Assholians continue to use color revolutions as their main method of regime change, most recently in Bolivia and Lebanon, but the problem is that the general idea of mass mobilization to improve the life of actual human beings, an idea originally from the real left before it was appropriated by phony Assholian 'activists' (yeah, I should say ((('activists'))), because that's who it is), has now reminded the real left that it can be used for real social change.  I think the Assholians are going to wish they didn't bring it up.

"Liberating Assange: A Woeful Lack of Leadership" (Burke).  I don't know if Assange is in on this - he might be, as a continuation of his plan to use the reaction to the leaking of secrets to weaken the hegemon, with the ultimate expression being the tensions created by the holding of Assange's body! - but it is clear that the e-x-t-r-e-m-e passivity of what passes for the Assange defense must be an actual strategy, one intended to have him sent to Assholia.  You might argue that the final result is inevitable given the extreme corruption in the British 'judicial' system - the judges themselves are so aware of it they can't even be bothered to hide their prejudice! - but it is surprising what good lawyering can achieve if it is applied mercilessly (note the many successes against impossible odds of American lawyers working to free the wrongly convicted).  Assange needs a bulldog like Kathleen Zellner rather than all these pantywaists.  All the talk about how sick he is, and the 'torture' he is receiving, seems to be part of this (and the whole thing seems to have been turned into a fund-raising program for WikiLeaks), but you know I'd really prefer to see some actual concrete legal steps taken in lieu of all the bloviating.

The CIA seemed to have been happy to leave Assange in the embassy, secure that he would be rendered irrelevant, until the relatively late release of the Vault 7 material drove them absolutely mad.  That material is still vitally important for understanding the PR wars of the hegemon, as it described the mechanics of how the CIA conducted electronic false-flag operations (vitally important, for example, in considering any 'evidence' proffered on supposed Russian interference, all of which is of course worthless as real evidence if you understand the true purport of Vault 7, which is all about the faking of provenance).

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