Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Theory of Relative Zionist Corruption

There's a Theory of Relative Zionist Corruption which holds that the parties corrupted by Zionism, but less so, like Russia and Turkey (and of course, the completely uncorrupted China), will eventually prevail over the countries completely corrupted by Zionism, like Assholia and other Western countries.  Winning requires some big gambles, like letting the Turks temporarily overrun Syria to take out the Kurds, who are a traditional Zionist playing piece, but it is clear the Russians had an overarching Syrian sovereignty plan, and executed the diplomacy perfectly.

The Theory of Relative Zionist Corruption is connected to the Crooke theory that the Khazar-domination of Israel is now being used as a hostage to push the hegemon around.  The Assholians are now on their back foot, having to make all plans contingent on protecting the Khazar domination (the Mega Group blackmail and bribery is still in full force and effect, proven by the failure to do anything but stall on Epstein and stall on apprehending any other pedo-conspirators, especially Maxwell).

Trump, by facilitating the Russian plan, has come out of this rather well, with the proviso that the blackmail/bribery has made him equivocate on the main MAGA goal of removing all American troops (and just assuming they could move to Iraq is Peak Asshole, don't you think?).

"Russia and Turkey Struck a Game-Changing Deal on Syria and Beyond" (Kulikov).

"Mission creep" (Robinson).  Comments much stronger than the article.

"Trump seeks grand bargain with Erdogan" (Bhadrakumar).  I'm afraid this is way too optimistic, and any negotiations would be, of course, hijacked by the Israelis and their baffling (well, shekel bribes to Kurdish leaders) influence on the hapless Kurds.  It is amusing to continue to tally up the cases of the Assholians taking credit for an improvement they have just finished moving heaven and earth to attempt to thwart!

I'm not saying the Syrian government is all sweetness and light, but The Guardian continues to be a parody of a media outlet, taking the very time of a huge Zionist/Assholian loss to remind us of a rehash of fraudulent 'journalism' from 2013:  "Syrian regime inflicts 72 forms of torture on prisoners, report finds" (Safi).

I look forward to players like Russia and China continuing to exploit the American weakness caused by the Mega Group corruption.
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