Sunday, November 17, 2019

$6.4 Trillion

"The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis" (Corbett).  Hosting and coddling Khazars by having your bribed and blackmailed politicians supply them with constant Wars For The Jews is a luxury that nobody can afford.  Btw, 801,000 is a massive under count, being far less that the number of victims of anti-gentilism in Iraq alone.

"How Western Media Bias Allows Israel to Get away with Murder in Gaza" (Baroud). We seem to be in a particularly odious period of maximum (((media))) lying, on just about everything.

"Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent" (Muhawesh).  "YouTube To Delete All Accounts That Aren't "Commercially Viable" Starting Dec. 10th" (Huff).

Tweet (Jeb Sprague):
"Very important. In addition to the statistical analysis by @ceprdc undermining the #Bolivia "electoral fraud" claims by @OAS_official, here is a new study by Professor Walter R. Mebane,Jr., of the Department of Political Science & Dept of Statistics at the University of Michigan."
The quibbling of the 'left' in failing to support Morales, and even refusing to use the c-word, follows the pattern of similar behavior with respect to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, etc.  It's part of The Clarification.

Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"In which the New York Times attempts to blame anti-indigenous racism in Bolivia on Evo Morales while also downplaying the fascism of the coup plotters who took over (racist police are “rebels”)"
Tweet (Atahualpa Quiroga):
"The Añez government in Bolivia has just emitted a decree exempting the military of any legal responsibility for abuses committed during repression. License to kill. #BoliviaEnDictadura"
"The Coup in Bolivia: Five Lessons" (Boron). Chavez made sure that the army was sufficiently stocked with officers from the poor and indigenous, and established a national militia of the people, and both steps have served Venezuela very well in the face of extreme outside pressure, and even some mini failed coups from the military.  Morales took no steps to protect against a future military coup against Bolivia, and we can all see the result.

"Bolivia Does Not Exist" (Prashad).

The unabashedly anti-indigenous racist statements of the self-proclaimed caudillo of Bolivia have scared off Canada's virtue-signaller-in-chief:  "Canada hesitates to recognize Bolivia's new president" and "Canada will 'support' Bolivian opposition government"(Dyer).

Well, at least the ridiculous impeachment hearings are good for something: "Russia-Ukraine relations take leap of faith" (Bhadrakumar).

The Atlantic Council:  "David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings, Part 1" (Stockman).

"Why aren’t Americans rising up like the people of Chile and Lebanon?" (Benjamin/Davies).  The old joke is because they haven't got an American embassy to organize the protesting, but it is still a good question.  Of course, Putin was blamed for the last real uprising, BLM, which was suppressed by the (((media))), with Dersh even calling them 'anti-Semitic'!  Charlottesville turned out to be a planned and neatly executed suppression of any future mass protesting by the 'Deporables', and the extreme Israeli-trained policing takes care of any expressions of uppityness that might get out of hand.  To a large extent, the mass Assholian PR war against anything smacking of 'socialism' tends to remove the only organizing principle that has been useful for the oppressed in other places in the world.

Trump's pardonee:  tweet (Fred Wellman):
"Every one of his men testified against him. He’s not a hero. He’s not misunderstood. He wasn’t worn down by combat after only being there less than a week. He’s a war criminal."
"SPLC Hires Law Firm Specializing in "Union Avoidance"" (Sailer).  Like Walmart does!  Very 'progressive'.
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