Wednesday, November 20, 2019

An understanding

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"How many times now has it happened that people - with great preening & indignation - posted something online about the moral evils of Trump's immigration detention centers, only to slink away when it turned out it was from Obama years? My favorite example:"
Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair):
"As the House holds hearings to impeach Trump for "abuse of power," Pelosi just rushed through an extension of the Patriot Act, giving that very same president vast, unchecked powers to spy on American citizens. This makes sense only in Washington..."
Tweet (Thomas Massie):
"Today, while everyone is distracted by impeachment drama, Congress will extend warrantless data collection provisions of the #PatriotAct, by hiding this language on page 25 of the CR that temporarily funds the Govt. To sneak this through, Democrats are suspending the 72 hour rule"
"Is the Middle East Beginning a Self-Correction?" (Crooke).  The end of sectarianism - out of sheer economic necessity - would be ruinous for the plans of the Khazars and their sad Assholian stooges.   Canada went through this same debate - interrupted by a terrorist assassination - in the 1860s (McGee was also profoundly anti-American).

"Chinese Rebels" (Dinh).

This is so dangerously stupid it is at a recent CounterPunch level of stupid, and puts Lindorff on the permanent blacklist:  "Student Protesters are Walking a Tightrope in Hong Kong":
"I don’t buy the claim being made by some in Hong Kong that the current student revolt — being conducted by young people most of whom were actually born since the handover of the city to China — is the work of outsiders and of outside funding by the likes of billionaire anti-communist George Soros. (Believe me, whether it’s a good strategy or not, the students barricaded inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University and under assault by police threatening to go after them using live gunfire are not doing what they’re doing for a check from Soros! They’re committed to an extent that few of us in the US have been committed to anything in our lives."
The fact that the many victims of globo-homo-Rothschildo have legitimate complaints is no reason to accept color revolutions - which will make things even worse -  as legitimate expressions of the will of the people.

"There Are Riots In Iran And The Usual Suspect Are On It" (Moon).  Much Clarification these days.

"Iran’s ‘Only Crime Is We Decided Not to Fold’" (Escobar).

"The Roger Stone – Wikileaks – Russia Hoax" (Murray).  This great 'victory' for the Clinonistas of the Stone conviction is actually a deep refutation of the entire mythology that Clinton lost due to Assange working with Putin to install Trump.

"Occupied Palestine: From BDS To ODS" (Zeese/Flowers).  "Finally the USA Supports the One State Solution" (Atzmon).  I detect a profound 'anti-Semitism' in Trump, with the idea being to grant the Khazars enough rope to hang themselves.

Classic Eurotrash, completely beneath contempt:  "How EU foreign policy chief spent 5 years pandering to Israel" (Cronin). I'll bet she has a marvellous shekel collection.

"Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Into Julian Assange" (Durden) (also, "Collapse of Swedish “sexual misconduct” frame-up exposes political conspiracy against Assange").  Before you go nuts and buy a massively over-priced Volvo or some junk furniture from Ikea, remember that this is probably just a CIA-ordered trick to block any possible defense argument - not that Assange's 'defense' would actually do anything to defend him - that Assange should be returned to Sweden before the Assholains get their crack at him.  Sweden seems to be having a remarkably bad time at integrating a relatively small number of 'refugees' (hyper-ironically, one of the results of all the Wars For The Jews), and I don't wish those Swedish bastards any luck in solving the problem.

"A massive scandal: how Assange, his doctors, lawyers and visitors were all spied on for the U.S." (Maurizi).  "Britain obstructs Spanish investigation into CIA spying on Julian Assange" (Grenfell).

Tweet (Hanna Jonasson):
"One week before Sweden opened its "preliminary investigation" in 2010: "US Urges Allies to Crack Down on WikiLeaks - The Obama administration has asked UK, Germany, Australia and other allies to consider criminal charges against Assange for his Afghan war leaks" | @thedailybeast"
Apparently declaring International Law over and done with was one step too far for the dips in Ottawa, resulting in a rare moral vote (and rumor has it that The Nazi is about to be replaced as Minister of Foreign Affairs and shifted to some other portfolio, based on the need for Alberta representation in cabinet, and her origins in Alberta, as that's where her Nazi grandfather ended up, without mentioning the grandfather!):  "Canada reverses UN stance on Palestinians in break with U.S. over settlements" (Dyer).

"The Truth About World War II Is Beginning to Emerge 74 Years Later" (Roberts).  Despite all the Khazar thought police, Irving's history is just too good to be kept down.  WWI and WWII (and WWIII) are all Wars For The Jews, using their characteristic techniques at herding the farm animals by exploiting moral weaknesses in politicians.

"Holocaust Training for American Police" (Giraldi).  Perhaps the worst thing about the unbearable luxury of hosting parasitic Khazars is that the bribery and blackmail brings us all down to their moral level.

"Dear Friends: Tell Me How This Ends" (Van Buren).  Part of The Clarification.

"What Republicans Must Ask the Whistleblower" (Van Buren):
"Americans in government and military are mostly decent people. Unlike some who hold power in banana republics, they are unlikely to be convinced to undermine the president for personal gain. But give them a crusade, tell them they are heroes Mueller failed to be, and they will convince themselves anything is justified. Those impure motivations are what transformed the witnesses now driving impeachment from being dissenters to insubordinate into convincing themselves they needed to make a stand. Vindman gives it away, saying he twice “registered internal objections about how Mr. Trump and his inner circle were treating Ukraine,” out of what he called a “sense of duty.” Duty to what?
The not very anonymous whistleblower is only 33-years-old, but of the mold. Ivy League, CIA, language guy, a Ukraine specialist who found himself and his knowledge embraced by Obama and Biden — the right guy in the right place — until he was set aside by Trump with new policy. Taylor fancies himself the last honest man, shepherding U.S.-Ukrainian policy through rough waters, having been ambassador to Ukraine 2006-2009. Yovanovitch was a partisan, representing her own vision, not that of the elected leadership, because she was sure she knew better after her years at State. Best and the brightest. They were professional, seasoned dammit, look at their resumes! The uniform!
If they came to being whistleblowers and then players in politics honestly, then were simply side-slipped into becoming pawns, they should be quietly retired, this generation’s Colin Powell. But if they are agent provocateurs, they need to be fired. That’s why we need to talk to the whistleblower, to understand that difference.
That’s for them, now for us. If this all was just a hearing on bad policy planning and what happens when knuckleheads like Rudy Giuliani get involved, it would make interesting history. If this was a long-overdue review of U.S. relations with Ukraine, it would be welcome. But as an attempt to impeach the president, it is a sordid, empty, brazen, political tactic hardly worthy of the term coup. It sets a terrible example of what we will tolerate from the bureaucracy if we hate the incumbent president enough. It opens the door to political opportunism, and informs real would-be insubordinates how to proceed more effectively. It signals chaos to our allies and opens opportunity to our enemies.
There’s a fine line between necessary dissent and wicked insubordination, between conscience and disobedience, but there is a line and it appears to have been crossed here. The attack is no longer on policy, on which Taylor and Vindman may lay some claim, it is on the president and only the voters should have that say."
Tweet (Saagar Enjeti):
"More and more it seems that the real reason any of this is happening is that Trump almost messed with apparently sacrosanct military aid to Ukraine

Fundamentally a foreign policy disagreement"

Tweet (Camila):
"Incase it was missed: U.S. embassy vehicle licence plate 28-CD-17 participated in the police operation in which Cuban doctors in were unjustly detained in La Paz, Bolivia."
Tweet (Mark Ames) (note the reply from Marisol Nostromo:  "It seems very odd that you would want to besmirch the late Mr. LaRouche with some sort of obscure linkage to Fiona Hill."!):
"Fiona Hill’s LaRouche connection. A weird & degrading time this is, all around"
"With eye on India, Pakistan strengthens military ties with Iran" (Bhadrakumar):
"Zarif acknowledged at a recent meeting in Tehran with a group of visiting Indian writers and journalists that US economic and political actions had created “an understanding” between China, Russia and Iran “that we’re all (US) targets” and there was “a commonality being felt” by the leaderships of the three countries. Of course, Islamabad is well aware of it, having been a “target” itself. "
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