Monday, November 04, 2019

August 10, 2019

I think the significance of the August Epstein event - whatever it was - has not been fully appreciated.  Epstein had so many horrible secrets on so many horrible, yet powerful, men that his life was in extreme danger in custody.  Everybody in the country was aware of it.  It was the subject of jokes and cartoons.  His jailers knew it.  You know the meme 'you had one job'.  They had one job, which was to keep him alive.  They didn't do it, and that can only be intentionally.

The CIA came up with the term 'conspiracy theory' to attempt to constrain speculation about the assassination of JFK, and it has been used ever since to mock anyone who questions the various Official Stories that let the inhabitants of the hegemon live with themselves.  That trick died on August 10, 2019.

"Jeffrey Epstein's Accused Madam Attended Secretive Jeff Bezos 'Writer's Retreat' Last Year" (Durden).
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