Saturday, November 30, 2019

Back to the ovens

"Obama Takes the Field and Hillary May be Around the Corner" (Sniegoski).  It is clear that Barry weighed in to block Bernie, and it appears the failings of Biden, following on the collapse of Harris and the beginnings of the collapse of Warren, plus the fact that Mayor Pete is not a serious alternative, are making them nervous that Bernie could sneak in (last man standing).  We're seeing the manifestation of the bizarre fact that the 'savvy and realistic' Democrats literally have no plausible candidate.  There is, however, no universe in which I would refer to the Intercept as "non-partisan, anti-government"!  Comment by Rahan:
"The world totally needs another Trump/Hillary election. This would be delicious.
And then Carlson against Hillary, twice.
Hillary must be the eternal candidate of the Left. So it has been written in the prophecy."
Tweet (Park MacDougald):
"if it weren't for impeachment we'd all be having a lot of fun with the fact that joe biden's crackhead son fathered a love child with an arkansan stripper named "dallas" while cheating on his dead brother's widow"
"Alternative Media promotes Canadian Foreign Policy" (Engler).  It is not clear if the 'donor' problem is Khazar or Cecil Rhodes related (could be both), but the mythology of Canada as a positive force for good continues across the Canadian political spectrum, and allows for much malicious activity.

"Antisemitism Claims have One Goal: To Stop Jeremy Corbyn Winning Power" (Cook).  The Jewish population of Britain is somehow minuscule, and far, far too large (zero would be an excellent number).  The one bright light is that everybody can see clearly that the greater good of the British people has been taken hostage solely so Jews can continue to kill people and steal their land in the Middle East, without fear of any interference from moral people like Corbyn.  The issue could not possibly be clearer.  I'll bet that the old union guys know this perfectly well, and are expressing themselves using more colorful language in the back corners of the pubs.

"Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews" (The Automatic Earth).  Repetition, and no dissent allowed.  You can see why (((they))) decided to focus on gaining control of the media and entertainment industries.

"Ruth Smeeth, Jewish Labour MP, carries panic button due to death threats".

"China and Russia not Nato’s enemies, Emmanuel Macron says, as he defends ‘brain death’ remarks".  Globo-homo-Rothschildo finds the focus on Russia to be wasteful of resources that should better be used in organized Islamophobia, aka, 'terrorism'.  If you grudgingly accept that a multi-power world is inevitable, and your sole goal is to build a Zionist Empire, then you play the long game, and accept that Putin will one day, soon, be replaced by a Russian leader who is willing, like western leaders, to sell out the interests of his country for shekels.  You therefore don't have to treat Russia as the enemy as the Americans, and their Sheldon Jewish masters, do.  See also Henry the K, siding with the Rothschilds.

"Hong Kong’s opposition unites with Washington hardliners to ‘preserve the US’s own political and economic interests’" (Singh).  "Maybe Americans Should Start Rioting and Waving Chinese Flags?" (Anglin).

"Douma Looks Increasingly Like a Staged Chemical Attack by the West" (Jay).

 "Exposed: Bellingcat fabricate evidence, deliberately hide documents in new ‘Russian spy plot’" (Gaytandzhieva).  Bellingcat was a kind of meme, fitting internet stereotypes of a regular  - or sub-regular! - guy sitting in his parents' basement in front of a computer doing 'citizen's journalism' using material available on web searches.  Now that 'Belligcat' is an institution - basically mainstream 'journalism' - well funded by NATO/Atlantic Council, the kind of sloppy work as we've seen in the recent attempt at the OPCW rebuttal may be making some in the IC question whether it is worth the money, and whether they need a new 'Bellingcat' who has not yet worn out all his credibility.

"LEVY: No charges flow from Al-Quds rally".

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris) (no apology from Justin, who is still enjoying the shekels he got for defaming the protesters; did nobody stop and think that of all the chants the protesters might have come up with, 'back to the ovens' is ridiculous and without any sense, a Khazar fantasy?):
"After @Jerusalem_Post revised (yet again) its evidence-free article, @thetorontosun
was forced to revise this scandalous article by pro-Israel propagandist @joe_warmington. Warmington's article now makes no reference at all to the lie that protesters chanted "back to the ovens.""
Of course!: tweet (Alan MacLeod):
"Fresh from expelling Cuban doctors and recognizing Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela, Bolivia's new government to renew relations with Israel"
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