Friday, November 15, 2019

Bizarre viral craze



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Change My Mind.


"'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme joins the mainstream as viral craze now infiltrates Congress" (Norman/Wulfsohn/Flood).  "Bizarre viral craze".

"Lawmaker posts cryptic Jeffrey Epstein message during impeachment hearing " (Cantor).

"Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t trafficking women — and he didn’t kill himself, brother says " (Brown):
"Baden and Wecht —professional friends who, at times, have been on opposing sides of a death investigation — agree that there are too many coincidences surrounding Epstein’s death that haven’t been examined.

“Epstein was accused of crimes of a heinous nature, that anyone — even the most hardened criminals — would be repulsed and angry about,’’ Wecht said.

Child predators are usually prime targets in prisons, just by the nature of their crimes, he said.

“So what do they do, they give him a cellmate who happens to be over 200 pounds, a former cop. Then we are led to believe that on July 23 he had a ‘suicide attempt,’ when he is found unconscious, and so they move him to suicide watch. Then they let him off the watch, then they move his cellmate, then the camera doesn’t work, then the guards fall asleep, then they cut him down and they move him before the medical examiner came, and they know full well not to do that.

“Remember this is not a one-cell cockamamie prison, this is a federal prison in downtown New York City that housed John Gotti and El Chapo [the drug Mexico lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman]. To accept all these as facts is unbelievable.’’

Baden said the only piece of evidence they have seen of the death scene is a photograph, presumably taken by prison officials, of the cell after Epstein was removed.

“Everything we have is from two guards, who immediately lawyered up and refused to say anything. We have one photograph that shows the ligature laid out on the ground, which, if that’s the way it was found, it looks like it was a planted kind of scene because that’s not the way it would have been found if the guards had cut it.’’

Wecht said the photo also shows that the top bunk was being used to store toiletries, and the items didn’t appear to be touched. If Epstein had tied the ligature to the top bunk and leaped or pulled himself with enough strength to break three bones in his neck, then the toiletries on the bunk would have been in disarray.

“I have never seen this kind of hanging scenario, this leaning forward, with three fractures. The bunk was three to four feet above, and there was not enough velocity there to produce three fractures,’’ Wecht said."
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