Thursday, November 21, 2019

Cigars, again

"The OAS Lied about the Bolivian Election and Coup, Deliberately…" (Weisbrot).  When an official US stooge operation like the OAS or the OPCW sticks its head in you should immediately know we're in for a rough time of complete lying, yet the (((media))), of course, immediately jumps on the findings as incontrovertible facts.  HRW and other, Khazar fronts play a similar role, studiously ignoring or downplaying massive human rights violations by Israel and its stooge, but always ready to jump in to back up whatever the American imperial play is (btw, this is one of the few services the Khazars give back to the empire in return for all the aid and Wars For The Jews).

"EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch: Jaw-dropping pictures show pedophile's eight person party shower, life-sized installation of a crucified Jesus and 'underground strip club where teens would entertain VIP guests'":
"'I had seen things in the house, on the computers, which made me evaluate whether I should be working for him or not. There was numerous photographs in frames, in his library, his office, on the walls, of young underage girls topless and him and various other powerful people.

'Celebrities, entertainment people, political people, Bill Clinton, he wasn't shy about having those in the house… I have seen a picture of him and Bill Clinton smoking cigars on pool lounge chairs with underage topless girls."
"Turkey And Europe On Collision Course Over Energy Agenda" (Meliksetian):
"It is unclear how Turkey will exploit potential gas discoveries when Western energy companies are not allowed to share technological know-how. Ankara could turn to Russia's state-owned energy companies who are under Western sanctions themselves and therefore would be willing to make a deal with Ankara. However, Moscow historically has enjoyed good relations with Cyprus due to their shared Orthodox religion. Consequentially, it remains uncertain how Russia will play this geopolitical conundrum.
Realistically, Turkey’s options here are limited. Despite the fraught relations, the country remains a member of NATO and its most important economic partners are Western countries. Therefore, Ankara will most likely choose to deescalate before matters go out-of-hand."
"Calgary rejects Israel lobby’s biased anti-Semitism definition" (Barrows-Friedman). More traditional shekeled voting at the end of the article.

We're all Palestinians now:  "Macron Unleashes Massacre On His Own People! Paris a War Zone Now!" (Batty).

"DNA Test Reveals Hunter Biden Fathered Arkansas Child" (Durden). US Presidents always have an embarrassing loser relative who tries to take advantage of the new notoriety and causes constant PR problems for the President, and we already know who the loser is in the unlikely event of President Biden.

Tweet (Maggie McNeary) (Russian quotation marks!):
"Yeah hi I am not a Russian troll, I just work at a paper in lil ole Arkansas Sorry to disappoint @juliaioffe"
Which leads us to notice the unnoticeable, which is that this sad attempt at 'impeachment' is an almost 100% Khazar production.  "They’re All JEWISH! Trump About to Be Done in By Cabal of Kikes at Impeachment Hearing!!" (Batty/Anglin).

"The Schiff Committee Finds No Impeachable Offense against Donald Trump" (Parsons).  "Impeachment Circus - Today's Bombshell Is Another Dud" (Moon).  What we're seeing is a bunch of swamp creatures, all of whom have a very militaristic view of facing off against Russia (hopefully using ginned up conflict with Ukraine to restart the Cold War and even start WWIII), and some of whom even have Ukrainian nationalist tendencies, having a big policy difference with the elected President, and Shifty trying to turn that into an impeachable offense by running through a list of people who heard the same call and disagreed with it (for a terrible Trump conspiracy, it appears that most of Washington was listening in!).  Trump's sin in their eyes is that he is too diplomatic, but I can't see any way to make that into an impeachable offense, unless you want the swamp to prevail over an elected President, a horrible precedent for the Democrats to set.
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