Tuesday, November 05, 2019


"Brennan's Spy? New Theories Emerge About Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower" (Durden).  "Democrats, media silent over identification of CIA “whistleblower”" (Martin).  This CIA 'whistleblower' - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! - is better than Trump could possibly hope for, so much so that the Democrats have already started to fade him out!

We keep inching closer to the truth that it was Ukrainian intelligence that was/is behind the attack on Trump/Russia, so much so that the latest Clintonista line is that it was Manafort, working with the Russians, that came up with the 'conspiracy theory' that Ukrainian intelligence was behind the 'hacking' of the Clinton emails!!!:  "Surprise: Trump allegedly got his Ukraine conspiracy theory from the Russia-tied criminals on his campaign" (The CIA Daily Bulletin):
"A trove of documents from Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation released over the weekend show that Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theory appears to have been propagated by two top aides who were central figures in the special counsel’s investigation: Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. The conspiracy theory also was apparently fertilized by Manafort associate Konstantin Kilimnik.
The three of them appear to have played a role in convincing Trump that Russia did not actually interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, despite what both Mueller and the U.S. intelligence community have concluded, and that it was actually Ukraine."
"Manafort Spread Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Months Before 2016 Election" (Schmidt). 

The thing is, it was actually Ukraine.  I think the most striking thing about Russiagate/Ukrainegate is that there was real, criminal activity by Ukrainian intelligence, the American IC, the Obama Administration (the moves of Barry to interfere in the outcome of a future American Presidential election are nothing short of outrageous), the Clinton campaign (including Ukrainian-'Americans' like the Chalupas and CrowdStrike - and now Vindman - working closely with the Clintonistas to create the narrative), and the Bidens (the purest examples of corruption you will ever see), yet somehow everything has been turned on its head in the ongoing efforts to stage a coup d'état against Trump and re-start the Cold War.

Yinon:  "The White House Plan to Strangle Iran" (Giraldi) (also, scroll down for Sanctions For The Jews news):
"The real reasons for maintaining a U.S. military presence in Syria all have to do with Israel, which has long supported a fracturing of that country into its constituent parts both to weaken it as an adversary and to enable the Jewish state to steal still more of its land, possibly to include the sparsely populated oil producing region. Israel also wants a robust American military presence in Syria to prevent Iran from turning it into a base for attacks across the border, an unlikely prospect but one that has resonated with the U.S. Congress. Indeed, deterring Iran is the reason most often cited by both Washington and Tel Aviv for American interference in Syria, where it has no other actual interest apart from an apparent demented desire to remove President Bashar al-Assad."
"US Convoy In Syria Attacked By Turkey-Backed Militants: Russian MoD" (Durden).  The danger of big conflict with Turkey is what will eventually drive the Assholians out of northern Syria.

"Hiding the West’s ongoing neo-colonialism in Lebanon via blaming Iran (1/2)" (Mazaheri).

"Stephen Lewis and the NDP’s liberal Imperialism" (Engler).  Another reminder that the NDP is shockingly awful for what is supposed to be a 'socialist' party.  There is a massive disconnect between members of the party and its leaders, who are either blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Khazars or suffer under a debilitating ((('donor'))) problem

Can we get this in writing?:  "Jewish families will leave the UK if Jeremy Corbyn wins general election, Tory chair James Cleverly says" (Malnick).  Corbyn should buy a one-way ticket to Israel for every last one of them, and promise them instant deportation from their suffering of having to live amongst farm animals should he be elected.

"Dershowitz Wanted To Get Boies Disqualified… So Now He Has To Deal With Another Famous SCOTUS Litigator" (Patrice).

"Prince Andrew loses an aide" (Lainey).
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