Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fire magicians

"Cornering and Strangulating Iran Has Backfired on Israel" (Crooke).

"The Houthis Are Preparing for a Planned Israeli Attack on Yemen" (Abdulkareem).  Striking Yemen to make it look like they are doing something against the Iranian 'threat' without fear of reprisal is just the typical chickenshit Khazar move I would expect.

"Audios Containing Details of Alleged Coup Plan & US Involvement Emerge Amid Bolivian Crisis – Report".

Tweet (Jeb Sprague):
"The US coup connection Officials who forced #Evo to resign worked as #Bolivia's Mil.Attachés in DC. The CIA often seeks to recruit Attachés working in DC. 2013: Gen.Kaliman served as Mil.Attaché 2018: Police Com.Calderón Mariscal was Pres. of APALA in DC"
Tweet (Mark Ames) (that should be (((Aryreh Neier))), a big part of the Khazar weaponization of 'human rights'):
"Aryreh Neier, founder of Human Rights Watch @hrw “The concept of economic and social rights is profoundly undemocratic… Authoritarian power is probably a prerequisite for giving meaning to economic and social rights.” (Taking Liberties)"
Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"Literally every military coup in recent history had been said to be about “restoring democracy” and many of them were also proceeded by street protests. This is the narrative of every coup ever. It’s not an insightful take, it’s pro forma language and has been for over 70 years"
Remember that The Nazi is cheering on a Pinochet-style violent military coup to replace an elected leader, who also happens to be the most successful truly progressive politician in the world today, so she's topped even herself in utter venality:  "Canada welcomes results of OAS electoral audit mission to Bolivia" ('we note the resignation . . . '!!!). "Canada Backs Coup Against Bolivia’s President" (Engler).  The people of Bolivia people shutting down every foreign-owned mine in the country (permanently would be even better) - along with a general strike against capital generally - until this coup is fixed would be an good answer to The Nazi.

Morales tweet (it's hard to believe that The Nazi and Morales are both considered to be politicians, but then again I guess there are people who go so far as to consider The Nazi to be a human being).

Tweet (Sandra Cuffe):
"John Cobin got out of his vehicle and opened fire at a protest yesterday in Viña del Mar, #Chile. A protester was shot in the leg. Cobin, later arrested, is from the US, where he was a white supremacist group member. He's a fan of Pinochet. 2013 interview:"
Video of a CIA employee setting a man on fire (see also). "Hong Kong - "Marginal Violence" Fails To Win More Protest Support" (Moon) (and throw away the key):
"Taking a thousand or more of these misguided upper class students permanently off the street would dramatically decrease the violence."
Tweet (Matt Taibbi) ("Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire", from January 2017 (!), continues to plague the Clintonista/IC coup attempts):
 "The Buzzfeed piece @ChuckRossDC refers to here is trying to call conspiracy theory a Politico article that was sourced up and down (including named Ukrainian officials confirming key details). The technique I guess is to equate the word "viral" with fake or unreliable."
Boris was, as they say, 'unwell' - either still drunk or extremely hungover, not a good sign for a politician running for election trying to pretend to show 'respect' for the cannon fodder - so the BBC covered for him by using old footage of a time he was less 'unwell': tweet (Tory Fibs) (also):
"Today, the BBC used 3 year old footage of Boris Johnson laying a wreath in order to protect Boris Johnson from ridicule at yesterday's gaffes where he stepped out early, arrived disheveled and placed the wreath upside down."
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