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Don’t bother applying

Ha!:  "Yad Vashem Doesn't Have the Courage to Be a Global Beacon of Conscience" (Levy):
"Here’s the story. Elisabeth’s grandmother and grandfather were in the French Resistance and rescued around 1,000 people who escaped from camps in Germany and German-occupied areas. Her grandfather, Antoine Maas, was the mayor of Meisenthal, a village in northeastern France, and the owner of a glass factory there. He let hundreds of refugees from the Nazis stay in the factory’s basement; some of them were Jews.
Meisenthal was under German occupation, and Maas and his family risked their lives to save these people. After the war, Maas was decorated by President Charles de Gaulle. Now, his granddaughter thought, he deserved recognition as a member of the Righteous Among the Nations.
Jessica Cohen of Yad Vashem’s Righteous Among the Nations program, to whom Elisabeth forwarded documentation of her family’s actions during the war and letters from survivors, answered that there was no doubt that her grandfather “was a brave man who was motivated by a great sense of humanity and opened his town and door to persons in need.” Nor was there any doubt that Jews were among the fugitives he rescued, but this was insufficient for the institution, she added.
Cohen wrote that “we cannot prove that the actions taken by Antoine Maas toward them was in order to save Jews,” adding that the “Righteous Among the Nations program operates according to a well-defined set of criteria and regulations. The definition of Righteous is persons who risked their lives to save Jews as Jews.”
The Landos were stunned; as Barry Lando wrote me in an email, “putting one’s life at risk to save Jews because they were fellow human beings, regardless of what religion they were, was not good enough. It was only if you saved them because they were Jews. Otherwise, don’t bother applying."
The anti-gentilism is so overpowering that saving goy lives completely ruins the saving of Jew lives.  See also,  ‘trivializing’ and ‘relativizing’:  "The Left Is from Jerusalem" (Atzmon).

"Sweatless Prince’s Ex-Wife and Daughter Set Up the Trainwreck Interview" (Anglin).  Fergie's in deep hock to the Mega Group (arranged through Randy Andy's friendship with Epstein), and thus led the moron prince to an interview he couldn't possibly handle, creating a Royal 'crisis' obscuring the fact that Epstein didn't kill himself, and the fact that top Mossad agent Ghislaine remains missing, and nobody seems very interested in finding her.

"Revealed: Another Jew Traitor Gave Atom Bomb Secrets to Soviets" (Frei).  Before (((they))) customarily betrayed the goy county (((they))) were forced to live in for the benefit of killing people and stealing land to create a Zionist Empire, (((they))) customarily betrayed the goy county they were forced to live in for the benefit of the Soviet Union (very ironic now that they are on full attack mode against Putin and Russia).

"NYT Jew Bret Stephens Says Israel is Unsafe in “America First World”" (Rogers). "Global Shock as Jews Beating Up the Drums of War Against Iran Again" (Anglin).

"Habakkuk on "incitements to anti-Semitism"".  Comments much superior to the original, but he does say:
". . . very many of the most influential American Jews seem to be queuing up for starring roles in versions of the ‘hostile élite’ drama.
Quite a few of them appear to be doing their level best to persuade people who place any value on the traditional ‘Anglo’ culture of the American Republic that they are something close to an ‘existential threat’ to it.   (editor bolding)"
There's a mystery of why so many 'experts' in the deep Washington Swamp apparently really believe things about Russia, Putin, and the wisdom of restarting the Cold War and fighting WWIII that seem to be utterly insane:  "RAY McGOVERN: The Pitfalls of a Pit Bull Russophobe" (my emphasis in red; Richard was father of vile neocon Daniel, and we can see how the Khazars have spread their venomous ideas all through the Swamp):
"Hill’s education on Russia came at the knee of the late Professor Richard Pipes, her Harvard mentor and archdeacon of Russophobia. I do not dispute her sincerity in attributing all manner of evil to what President Ronald Reagan called the “Evil Empire.”  But, like so many other glib “Russia experts” with access to Establishment media, she seems three decades out of date. 
I have been studying the U.S.S.R. and Russia for twice as long as Hill, was chief of CIA’s Soviet Foreign Policy Branch during the 1970s, and watched the “Evil Empire” fall apart.  She seems to have missed the falling apart part.

Are the Russian intelligence services still very active? Of course. But there is no evidence — other than Hill’s bias — for her extraordinary claim that they were behind the infamous “Steele Dossier,” for example, or that they were the prime mover of Ukraine-gate in an attempt to shift the blame for Russian “meddling” in the 2016 U.S. election onto Ukraine. In recent weeks U.S. intelligence officials were spreading this same tale, lapped up  and faithfully reported Friday by The New York Times.
Hill has been conditioned to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin and especially his security services are capable of anything, and thus sees a Russian under every rock — as we used to say of smart know-nothings like former CIA Director William Casey and the malleable “Soviet experts” who bubbled up to the top during his reign (1981 – 1987).  Recall that at the very first meeting of Reagan’s cabinet, Casey openly told the president and other cabinet officials: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  Were Casey still alive, he would be very pleased and proud of Hill’s performance.
On Thursday Hill testified:
“The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016. This is the public conclusion of our intelligence agencies, confirmed in bipartisan Congressional reports. It is beyond dispute, even if some of the underlying details must remain classified.” [Emphasis added.]
Ah, yes.  “The public conclusion of our intelligence agencies”: the same ones who reported that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union would never surrender power peaceably; the same ones who told Secretary of State Colin Powell he could assure the UN Security Council that the WMD evidence given him by our intelligence agencies was “irrefutable and undeniable.”  Only Richard-Pipeline-type Russophobia can account for the blinders on someone as smart as Hill and prompt her to take as gospel “the public conclusions of our intelligence agencies.”
A modicum of intellectual curiosity and rudimentary due diligence would have prompted her to look into who was in charge of preparing the (misnomered) “Intelligence Community Assessment” published on Jan. 6, 2017, which provided the lusted-after fodder for the “mainstream” media and others wanting to blame Hillary Clinton’s defeat on the Russians."
"Yes, Ukraine interference in the 2016 presidential election" (Levine). We really live in Clownworld, where the documented and admitted Ukrainian interference in American elections and politics - which continues to this day, and is even a big part of the impeachment - is a wild and crazy 'conspiracy theory' (made up by no less than that rascal Putin!), and evidenceless claims of Russian interference - minimal, at best, and connected with using triggers like BLM as clickbait to shill for things over the internet - are established 'fact'.

Tweet (Lee Smith):
"Why are @nytimes et al keen to bury 2016 Ukrainian interference? Because it leads directly to Clinton campaign & shows US spies (FBI/DOJ, Brennan, Halper, etc) not Russian ones were primary actors illegally meddling in US vote."
"Ukrainegate 13,000 Times Worse Than You Think" (Giambrone):
"Did you know that Donald Trump had the State Department, USAID, NED, and the CIA fund and train Neo-Nazi, fascist militias to overthrow the government of Ukraine? These riot mobs, primarily Svoboda and Right Sector, stormed the capital, firebombed and shot the police, and destroyed democracy inside Ukraine. When the legitimately elected president was forced out by the rioters, the population which had supported him in the east seceded from the country, tearing the entire nation into pieces and sparking a civil war. The Ukraine civil war has cost the lives of over 13,000 Ukrainians. There is so much blood on Donald Trump’s hands.
Oh, wait a minute! That was Barack Obama. Change that paragraph, please.
Since 2014, it’s been glaringly obvious to astute (and honest) observers that the Administration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden supported the most vicious street mobs in Europe, people who considered themselves proud fascists. Western media routinely censored this part of the story. Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, made deals with their leaders and was caught on an open phone line handpicking the next unelected leader of Ukraine, someone they could sell to the US public: “Yats is the guy.”
Representative Dennis Kucinich expressed outrage on Bill O’Reilly’s TV show that the Obama Administration had aided this bloody, illegitimate coup. The head of the CIA-linked STRATFOR called Ukraine “the most blatant coup in history.
America’s proxy terrorists burned Kiev, seized power violently, and through the power of the purse strings, Obama’s Administration installed friendly-faced fascists, who immediately set about attacking their countrymen in the east, with a policy of mass murder and indiscriminate bombings. Eastern provinces of Crimea and Donetsk, which notably had supported the ousted president, held referenda. The people there voted overwhelmingly to secede from the illegitimate, unelected, foreign-sponsored coup regime in Kiev."

"A ‘friend of China’ no more: Why a longtime Canadian ally has become one of Beijing’s fierce critics" (Nuttall).  Canada has its own swamp problem, with insanity so intense it is almost impossible to believe it.

"Hong Kong’s opposition unites with Washington hardliners to ‘preserve the US’s own political and economic interests’" (Singh).

"West Aleppo under attack – interview with neighbour of Nusra Front." (Beeley).  'Moderate rebels'.  Just think what wonderful neighbors they will be when they are all shipped to western countries!  Also:  "West Aleppo under attack, conversation with Pierre Le Corf in Khalidiyah" (Beeley).  We'll be able to enjoy bbqed human hearts at the local place in some Toronto suburb, but you'll have to dodge the sniper bullets from the crazed Islamist sniper at the end of the street.

"On Churchill’s ‘Sinews of Peace’" (Chung).  Churchill, a degenerate under Khazar bribe/blackmail control, ruined the world in so many ways.

Pardon backstory:  tweet (Blake News):
"You may think this Edward Gallagher story is just a military story. But it's not. It's also a story about how people work the system under this president. One of Gallagher's lawyers is Marc Mukasey, who also represents Trump and is a former legal partner of Rudy Giuliani."
"A Global Guide To (US-Backed) Uprisings" (Durden).

Nothing illustrates the massive, and tragic, ((('donor'))) problem of what should be worthy outlets like WSWS than its addled attacks on #metoo, and even, in this case, tacit support for pedophilia:  "#MeToo launches fascistic attack on Polanski’s film J’accuse" (Lantier) (and note that the subject matter of the film is pure Khazar PR).  This is a huge problem for the 'left', tainting other press outlets like Mother Jones and Jacobin.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The inclusion of the Israeli Ronen Bergman in the Intercept’s dubious Iran leaks coverage is another red flag. Bergman is a close AIPAC ally whose last book was enthusiastically blurbed by Ehud Barak and former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo."
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