Sunday, November 03, 2019

International state banditism

"Growing Indicators of Brennan's CIA Trump Task Force by Larry C Johnson" (also):
"So what did John Brennan do? I am told by an knowledgeable source that Brennan created a Trump Task Force in early 2016. It was an invitation only Task Force. Specific case officers (i.e., men and women who recruit and handle spies overseas), analysts and admin personnel were recruited. Not everyone invited accepted the offer. But many did.
This was not a CIA only operation. Personnel from the FBI also were assigned to the Task Force. We have some clues that Christopher Steele's FBi handler, Michael Gaeta, may have been detailed to the Trump Task Force (see here).
So what kind of things would this Task Force do? The case officers would work with foreign intelligence services such as MI-6, the Italians, the Ukrainians and the Australians on identifying intelligence collection priorities. Task Force members could task NSA to do targeted collection. They also would have the ability to engage in covert action, such as targeting George Papadopoulos. Joseph Mifsud may be able to shed light on the CIA officers who met with him, briefed on operational objectives regarding Papadopoulos and helped arrange monitored meetings. I think it is highly likely that the honey pot that met with George Papadopoulos, a woman named Azra Turk, was part of the CIA Trump Task Force.
The Task Force also could carry out other covert actions, such as information operations. A nice sounding euphemism for propaganda, and computer network operations. There has been some informed speculation that Guccifer 2.0 was a creation of this Task Force.
In light of what we have learned about the alleged CIA whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, there should be a serious investigation to determine if he was a part of this Task Force or, at minimum, reporting to them.
When I described this to one friend, a retired CIA Chief of Station, his first response was, "My God, that's illegal." We then reminisced about another illegal operation carried out under the auspices of the CIA Central American Task Force back in the 1980s. That became known to Americans as the Iran Contra scandal."
"Europe’s gas alliance with Russia is a match made in heaven" (Bhadrakumar)

It's funny - well, not so funny when you consider the standard Khazar practice is to run the (((media))) to lie in the specific way of only producing news that is Good For The Jews - that the big, shattering changes in the world hardly find their way into the (((media))).  The inconvenient real revolutions are hardly mentioned (while the (((media))) is full of stories about the fake color revolutions, so much so that you can use (((media)) coverage, or lack thereof, to separate the real from the CIA), the warnings from Pompeo to Saudi Arabia and even the Israelis that if they do something nuts with respect to Iran, they won't be backed up by American troops, and the huge loss of the hegemon in its plans to replace Russian gas with American gas . . . these changes are barely mentioned, at least in the US, yet these are the things that change the world.

Wars For The Jews, suckers!:  "First Images Of US Troops Occupying Syria's Oil Fields Stir Outrage" (Durden).  Again, as Assad himself noted, Trump is usefully Clarifying.  He did the right thing in agreeing to get out of Syria, then the shekels and Mega Group blackmail immediately landed, so Yinon was reintroduced, and Trump's talking points no doubt came directly from Sheldon's mouth.  It makes the hegemon look pathetic.

"Resistance report: Shameless Washington keeps occupying Syrian oilfields, while the Syrian Army enters several new areas to fend off Turkish aggression" (Mirzaei) - "international state banditism".

"Washington’s Belated Armenian Genocide Recognition Is Politically Motivated" (Antonopoulos).  The House, the most shekeled political body in the world, normally wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole, as it supposedly undermines the sanctity of the only possible genocide, the one featuring Khazars as victims - as has been noted by the wise and informed, the Armenian Genocide, a mass killing of Christians, was organized by Crypto-Jews in Turkey as part of their overarching program of anti-gentilism, in a very similar way to how many mass slaughters in Russia blamed on Stalin are just Khazars settling old scores with their unfortunate neighbors, and it is simply breathtaking the Evil (((these people))) have gotten away with over the centuries by control of the (((media))) and (((academic studies))) - but the Khazars lifted the ban specifically as a slap to Turkey.

"‘Astounded and heartbroken’: Rep. Ilhan Omar faces fallout over Armenian Genocide vote" (Arria).  This was exactly the proper vote for this stunt, yet Omar is going to be dragged through the Khazar mud for failing to demonstrate the proper reverence for the 'human rights' manipulation (just like the sudden phony concern expressed by the (((media))) for the plight of the 'betrayed' Kurds).

"The Mueller Report’s Secret Memos" (Leopold, etc).  Nowhere near as interesting as they would have you believe (though the quote from Bannon on what paying Stormy says about Cohen is superb!), but it is interesting to see the confirmation that the 'break' between Trump and Bannon was completely fake.

Argentina as the template for future success:  "The Age of Anger Exploding in Serial Geysers" (Escobar).

"Israel Plans To Assassinate Saad Hariri" (Taxi).

"OPCW Losing Credibility As Even More Revelations Surface On Douma" (Johnstone).  "White Helmets plotting to stage new chemical weapons incidents in Syria – Russian Foreign Ministry".  And even as many of them are safely settled in Canada preparing to open human organ bbq restaurants:  "Trump approves $4.5 million in aid to ‘White Helmets’ in Syria".

The ongoing, and almost comical, (((media))) lying about Sanders and his popularity.

Tweet (Mark Amers) (this is exactly what 'swatters' do, hoping to have their target killed by trigger-happy law enforcement):
"DC police, acting on Trump-backed Venezuela opposition's bogus complaint, launched SWAT raid on home of American journalist @MaxBlumenthal critical of Trump's Venezuela policies. The warrant ID'd Blumenthal as "armed & dangerous"—a set-up for deadly force"
 Tweet (trappedinawrpool):
"Canada has military troops RCMP and CBSA agents based in Jerusalem under US command tasked with helping Israel enforce its rule over the West Bank. The bulk of our "aid" to Palestinians goes to fund this project"
"Hillary Cackles with Glee as She Recounts Killing Jeffrey Epstein with Trevor Noah!" (Batty).

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