Friday, November 08, 2019


"A blue dot barely visible from New Silk Roads" (Escobar).  We're now in what is essentially a lost generation for India, because of the deep stupidity of voting in a supremacist government.  Modi is the kind of leader that stuns you when he does any little thing that isn't entirely stupid, and there is no hope of improvement.

"When is a Whistleblower, not a Whistleblower?" (Parsons).  It's hilarious/outrageous that the CIA, in order to market its coup, appropriated the term 'whistleblower', while simultaneously trying to torture Assange to death for assisting real whistleblowers.  Hint - if what the whistleblower is saying is exactly what his or her employer wants to have said, he or she is no whistleblower!

"CIA Chief Meets With King Salman Day After Saudi Twitter Spies Outed" (Durden). MbS is unhappy that the US won't fight the long proposed War For The Jews/Cryptos against Iran, and I wonder if Bloody assured them that everything would be fine once the CIA coup succeeds.

Who better to support a Ukrainian nationalist coup against Trump but another Ukrainian nationalist?:  "Deep State on the National Security Council: Colonel Vindman Is an ‘Expert’ With an Agenda"  (Giraldi).

"The Media’s Obsession With Personalities" (Lauria) (we tend to forget that, after the initial attempt to bluff and lie through the problem by claiming the emails were phony, the Clintonistas eventually had to concede that she and her campaign really were as awful as the emails revealed):
"In the end, though, it doesn’t matter if it were a hack or a leak by an insider. That’s because the emails WikiLeaks released were accurate. When documents check out it is irrelevant who the source is. That’s why WikiLeaks set up an anonymous drop box, copied by big media like The Wall Street Journal and others. Had the emails been counterfeit and disinformation was inserted into a U.S. election by a foreign power that would be sabotage. But that is not what happened.
The attempt to stir up the thoroughly discredited charge of collusion appears to be part of the defense strategy of those whose reputations were thoroughly discredited by maniacally pushing that false charge for more than two years. This includes legions of journalists. But principal among them are intelligence agency officials who laundered this “collusion” disinformation campaign through the mainstream media.
Faced now with a criminal investigation into how the Russiagate conspiracy theory originated intelligence officers and their accomplices in the media and in the Democratic Party are mounting a defense by launching an offensive in the form of impeachment proceedings against Trump that is based on an allegation of conducting routine, corrupt U.S. foreign policy."
"Trump rejects Israel’s request to fund Palestine security forces".  The constant whining of Khazars for the US to defund anything associated with the Palestinians has backfired, leaving Israel to pick up the tab. The Khazar plan has been to have the US and the Palestinians themselves fund the oppression and the obligations that Israel should have under international law, and, as usual, bribery/blackmail control over Trump has lead people like Sheldon to overextend their control over American decisions, just to show off that they could.

"The Epstein Story Continues to Unravel" (Rosen).  "Child Rape Stories Are Too ‘Stupid’ for ABC News to Cover" (Carlson/Patel) Imagine the chutzpah of a (((media outlet))) actually firing the whistleblower (or rather, having their fellow Khazars at another supposedly separate (((media outlet))) fire the whistleblower, which is so utterly outrageous I really can't comprehend it)!  And yeah, all the people involved in the cover-up for the Mossad have ((())), and they all work exclusively to promote Khazar supremacism.  Never has the JQ been more problematic.

This!!!:  "Assange lawyers’ links to US govt & Bill Browder raises questions" (Komisar).  Despite his brilliance, Assange has a history of being clueless about the dangers of the JQ, and it seems to be costing him his life with an intentionally flubbed defense.
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