Monday, November 25, 2019

Mystery plane

Naked Capitalism falls, hook, line and sinker, for the latest PR blitz against China:  "The China Cables: Leaked Classified Chinese Documents Confirm China Running Massive Concentration Camps to “Re-educate” Uighurs" (Smith).  Another part of The Clarification - as good as Naked Capitalism is about many issues, they are still Assholians, and make all the usual Assholian assumptions about the world.  The outfit that spread the PR - basically exaggerating China's efforts to deal with terrorism, a campaign which, at its worst, is infinitely more humane than any number of Assholian Wars For The Jews, ostensibly fought for the same reason - the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, used to give out an award called the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting, if you can believe it!  Enough said.  This incident is worthwhile as it takes sites like Naked Capitalism off their pedestal, and lets us see them as just more outlets of Assholian PR.

Like the Khazar weaponization of 'human rights', 'leaks' are now being used in an an effort to burnish the credibility of State Department PR, particularly ironic when you consider how the same people treat Assange (see here).

"US-funded “Non-Profit” Decries Huawei in Hungary" (Ulson).  Another small example of the same kind of Assholian PR.  This kind of manipulation is occurring all over the world.  Note that the Hungarians are called all sorts of names for mentioning the word Soros, yet here he is again!

"Is Trump a ‘Covert Ally’ to the Multipolar Order?" (Crooke).  Everything the Americans have done in recent years has ended up strengthening the countries that are supposed to be its enemies/competitors.  Thus the ongoing need to speculate whether Trump is actually operating with some kind of plan to guide the US through a necessary contraction of power.

"World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel" (Weir).  Here, goyim, are your leaders.

"Chris Matthews Asks Gabbard: Why Are So Many Democrats War Hawks?" (Durden).

"State Department Shoots Itself in the Foot at Impeachment Hearings" (Van Buren).  What we've learned is that, even as they enthusiastically commit the worst atrocities in the world, based on ancient and out-dated poly-sci crap thinking from the 50s, they are completely certain of their righteousness, and even wallow in self-pity based on the fact they feel they are not properly understood.

'Swarming':  "Iran Social Unrest: Protests and Carefully Planned Provocations" (Sepahpour-Ulrich).

"Epstein’s Latest Victim: A British Royal in a Midlife Crisis Who Couldn’t Control His Urges" (Jay).  "British Tabloid Says Epstein’s Mossad Madam Preparing to Come Out of Hiding" (Anglin).

Using terrorist means to disrupt freedom of assembly and freedom of speech of the goyim is an old Khazar trick, going on still today, and, of course, always depicted as heroic:  "For These Jewish Vigilantes, the War Against Fascism Didn’t End in 1945" (Hennigan).

"Forget the Oval. The real Trump action is in the residence." (Cook). Trying to escape Swamp surveillance.

"State Department Releases Detailed Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption" (Durden).

"Anti-Russian sanctions based on fraudster’s tales? Spiegel finds Magnitsky narrative fed to West by Browder is riddled with lies".  Yes.

"Sacha Baron Cohen Demands Censorship of Hate, Doesn't Get His Own Joke" and "How Cossacks Culturally Appropriated Kazakhs" (Sailer).  Cohen used Eastern European Khazar hate speech caricatures of Russians to build his character, and when people started to notice, invented a fictional country from which the character is said to originate. Now, he's against 'hate'.  (((They))) really do think we're stupid.

"What's up with this mystery plane circling Stittsville?" (Mills)?  Pilatus PC-12.

Every.  Single.  Time!  "Was Robert Oppenheimer a Soviet Agent?" (Wear) (note the Khazar homeland in Crimea, in case you believe the spin he was just motivated by being of the 'left'):
"Pavel Sudoplatov was the wartime director of an elite unit of Soviet intelligence named the Administration for Special Tasks. Sudoplatov said that Gregory Kheifetz, an undercover NKVD operative in San Francisco, met Robert Oppenheimer alone for lunch in December 1941. Kheifetz was an experienced Soviet agent who knew better than to approach Oppenheimer with the usual money or threats. Instead, Kheifetz created a common ground of interest and idealism that the two men could discuss and compare.
Kheifetz reported in 1943 that Oppenheimer, whose father was a German-Jewish immigrant, was deeply moved by information that Stalin’s policies had crushed Soviet anti-Semitism. They discussed Stalin’s plans to secure a place for Jews in the Soviet Union by setting up an autonomous Jewish republic in the Crimea after the war against fascism was won.[2]
Sudoplatov stated that other Soviet agents were used in developing Oppenheimer as a source of information. Elizabeth Zarubina was a captain in the NKVD whom Kheifetz used to make friends with Oppenheimer’s wife Katherine. Through Katherine, Zarubina and Kheifetz convinced Oppenheimer to refrain from making statements sympathetic to Communist or left-wing groups in order not to call attention to himself. They also persuaded Oppenheimer to agree to hire, promote and share information concerning the atomic-bomb program with “anti-fascists of German origin.”[3]
One such anti-fascist of German origin was Klaus Fuchs, a German communist who was forced to seek refuge in England in 1933. Fuchs was instructed to use a code sentence when he met Oppenheimer and to identify himself as the only one on the British team who had escaped from a German prison camp. Fuchs thus gained Oppenheimer’s respect and confidence and, through Oppenheimer, was given access to material he had no right to look at. According to Sudoplatov, Fuchs reported secret information concerning the atomic-bomb project to the Soviets with Oppenheimer’s full knowledge and approval.[4]"

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