Saturday, November 30, 2019


"London Bridge Attack, November 2019, False Flag" (Aangirfan).  They just murdered him.  He was being subdued.  The people who had subdued him had to back off to give the police a clear shot, and in so doing had to release his hands, thus putting them at risk that he could have used a hand to detonate the vest (the people holding him down couldn't have known the suicide vest wasn't real).

And then there is narwhale tusk man, and this guy:  "London Bridge hero is murderer on day release who slit woman's throat in random attack" (O'Leary).

"London Bridge terror attack: Fake Corbyn tweet circulated on social media" (Sharman).  "A Fake Jeremy Corbyn Tweet Is Being Shared Following The London Bridge Attack" (Dahir).

"DISCUSS: London Bridge “Terror Attack”".
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