Saturday, November 23, 2019

Next war

Should you ever find yourself doubting that all the innumerable Wars For The Jews are actually wars for the Jews, a Khazar - often an actual war criminal - will pop up to confirm the point, and order you to get back to work:  "Iraq invasion ‘Godfather’ berates Trump for not thinking of NEXT WAR in Syria" (Buyniski).  See also.

"John Solomon responds to Lt. Col. Vindman about Ukraine columns … with the facts".  Mostly on what the Clintonistas keep asserting is just a wild and crazy 'conspiracy theory'.  There are few things in the world more documented and proven than Ukrainian interference in the last American election.

"Ukraine: 10 Talking Points For Rational People" (Leupp).

""It Was A Coup. Period": Tulsi Gabbard Slams US 'Interference' In Bolivia" (Durden).

Tweets (taseenb).  Note the one where Ivanka inexplicably goes to the middle of nowhere in northern Argentina to meet with what turned out to be a coup plotter.

"Making Sense of Bolivia’s Discontent" (Jenss):
"The violent crackdown on MAS supporters and any other mobilizations that condemn the coup is a sign that this heterogeneity is both strength and weakness: Those who marched against Morales in October may now well be subject to severe repression by an extremist right-wing government. Indigenous critique of Morales was never intended to result in a coup, but in democratic transition."
That's just the thing, though - when the American sharks are circling the water is no time to take a recreational swim. That luxury does not exist.  I hope other countries subject to Soros attack learn a lesson from this.  Making this kind of mistake is literally fatal.

Overly optimistic, as it appears the report will be a whitewash:  "Are the Coup Plotters Against Trump Facing a Reckoning? by Larry C Johnson".  Still, I'm sure a handful of mid-level FBI coup plotters will go down for what will be described as technical failings.  When they serve a week or two they'll get out to massive book deals with the big (((publishers))), (((stinktank))) posts, and pundit jobs with the (((media))).  No bad deed goes unrewarded.

Tweet (thebradfordfile) (see also the deference paid to Randy Andy):
"If a woman in Arkansas had to go to court to get Don Jr. to pay child support, the mother would be the most sought after interview in America. But it’s Hunter Biden, so the media is “respecting the privacy of all parties.”"
"CIA helped shape ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ series into bigoted Venezuela regime change fantasy" (Blumenthal).

"A Short Note On Epstein By Walrus."  I dunno - if the guards stick to the script they should be ok.

"JFK: What the CIA Hides" (Morley).

Tweet (TheLastRefuge):
"The question of our time...."
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