Saturday, November 02, 2019

On your own

"Russia Isn’t Getting the Recognition It Deserves on Syria" (Ritter).  Well, maybe not from the (((media))) - but what would you expect from those liars? - but all informed commentary seems very respectful of Russian diplomacy, which stands in stark contrast to the striking American inability/unwillingness to negotiate anything (a problem which is starting to seriously weaken the hegemon's power).  Ritter provides a nice short history for those who forget that the latest win-win-win in northern Syria was not the only Russian diplomatic success.  It is also worth remembering that the Russians have taken protecting Syria so seriously partly because of the massive betrayal of the War For The Jews in Libya (a moral outrage of staggering proportions that is entirely on Barry/Hillary).

"Robert McNamara’s Infamous “Project 100,000” and the Vietnam War. A Premeditated Crime against Humanity" (Romanoff).  Is it too much of a conspiracy to think that the current sad economic/mental state of The Deplorables, and the complete failure of the US government to do the slightest thing about it (even under Trump, who still needs that support), is because the Assholians need cannon fodder that has no economic prospects other than enlisting to fight Wars For The Jews?

"Canadian peacekeeping mission in Ukraine 'Plan B' for Kyiv, official says" (Brewster) (comments are almost all woke!).  "Freeland touts Alberta roots in post-election speech that calls for unity" (watch out for those proud 'roots', Chrystia!).

"Times runs fake Browder story by acolytes Ben Brandon & Alex Bailin" (Komisar).  A few of the commas might not have been outright lies.

The magic of Soleimani:  "Iran Foils Plot To Oust Iraqi PM In Latest Sign Of Tehran's Growing Influence" (Durden).

"The Lebanese ‘Canary in the Mine’ Is Signalling Mid-East Trouble Ahead" (Crooke):
"This shift has been signalled in so many ways: the US non-reaction to the Iranian downing of its drone; the US’ non-reaction to the 14 September Aramco strikes; the red-carpet laid down for President Putin in Riyadh – that the direction of US policy ‘travel’ is plain. Yet, nothing signals it more evidently than Secretary Pompeo’s recent message to Israel, during his last visit: i.e. you, O Israel, should feel free to respond to any threats to your security, from whatever source, and arising from wherever. (Translation: You (Israel) are on your own), but please don’t escalate tensions. (Translation: don’t place our American forces as ‘pig-in-the-middle’ of your disputes, as we want the withdrawal to proceed smoothly). Of course, Trump doesn’t want Congress snapping at his trouser legs, as he unfolds this controversial act."
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