Sunday, November 10, 2019

Pin drop

Watch the video!  "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself", plus a stylish dropping of the Trump pin!

Added:  "Fringe Conspiracy Theorist Believes Epstein Just Killed Himself". I think instead of hello and goodbye we should use the all-purpose salutation 'Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself'.

Google 'Lavon Affair'.

The attempt at regime change in Bolivia doesn't rise to the status of color revolution, but is just the old fashioned thug violence.  Added (it is not clear how the obviously compromised OAS has any credibility, but maybe Morales thinks a big win would permanently deal with the coup plotters):  "Bolivia's Morales calls for new elections after OAS audit".

"'Sickening hypocrisy': Critics slam Israeli army Twitter post".  "Israeli Army slammed for Hypocrisy over Cancer Tweet, as Gaza Patients Denied Care" (Cole).  Such a nice people!  Why do 'haters' throughout the millennia and throughout time want to harm them?  It's baffling.  One of the things that makes people really mad is this maudlin, but insistent, self-regard.

"Report: Israel has ‘Stolen 90% of Jordan Valley’".

Tweet (Jonathan Cook):
"Eager to smear Corbyn's Labour party yet again, the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland threw aside journalistic caution and wrongly accused a Muslim candidate of antisemitism. He relied on a 'Labour source', 'reliable' only in the sense of sharing Freedland's antipathy for Corbyn"

Tweet (David Graeber):
"One reason I felt I could write the pro-Corbyn piece I did despite being Jewish is because being from NYC I don't have any family in the UK. That's literally how bad it is. People warned me: they come after your family."
Yinon news: "US Claims it Has Authority to Shoot Any Syrian Official Who Tries to Retake Control of Syrian Oil" (Germanos).  Also:  "Three Deep State Confessions On Syria" (Hoff).

"US increases funding to White Helmets who are persecuting Syrian Christians in Idlib" (Beeley).

"John Hannah is IMO a shill for Israel" (Lang).  And the first comment by catherine.

"Trump Declared Anti-Ukrainian Racist by Clownish Mainstream Media" (Kirby).

The details of the extreme wrongdoing by the same group of Democrat FBI agents involved in the anti-Trump coup attempts:  "Understanding What Sidney Powell is Doing to Kill the Case Against Michael Flynn by Larry C Johnson".

"Lebanon: Hariri Positioning Himself for a Comeback to Remove ‘New’ Hezbollah President?" (Jay).

PR news.  "CNN enlists help of fraudster Browder & Integrity Initiative ‘experts’ to fan Russia meddling claims in UK". "Integrity Initiative: Psywar Institute Defanged, But British Spies' Disinfo War Still Rages" (Klarenberg).

Nobody in the rest of the world is quite so stupid as to buy into the 'IPO' of Aramco, so MbS is just going to shake down some more Saudi princes to avoid the embarrassment of the whole thing failing:  "Aramco Taps Saudi Billionaires for Major IPO Orders" (Nair/Martin).

"Douglas Macgregor: America’s De Gaulle, Unheeded Prophet of Houthi Victory and Saudi Fall " (Sieff):
". . . writing in his book “Transformation Under Fire” published back in 2003, Macgregor had said: “The idea is to link maneuver and strike assets through a flatter operational architecture empowered by new terrestrial and space-based communications throughout the formation… Long-range, joint precision fires and C4ISR [Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance] offer the possibility to reach over enemy armies to directly strike at what they hope to defend or preserve. Precision strategic strikes closely coordinated and timed with converging Army combat forces would present a defending enemy with an insoluble dilemma.”
In an article in “Joint Force Quarterly” in 2011, Macgregor concluded that such “precision effects (kinetic and non-kinetic) using a vast array of strike forces enabled by the rapid and timely dissemination of information through net­worked ISR capabilities point the way to a fundamental paradigm shift in the character of warfare.”
Thanks to the lowly Houthis, supposedly reduced to the status of cannon fodder for Saudi Arabia’s hot shot F-15 pilots and the most expensive munitions the United States could sell to its Riyadh ally, that paradigm shift foreseen by Macgregor has arrived. Its effects will soon be felt all across Asia and Europe as well as in the more obscure corners of Arabia. We are about to enter dangerously interesting times."
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