Thursday, November 14, 2019


"Epstein Story Killed by ABC in 2015: Was It Done to Protect the Clintons?" (Giraldi).  Probably, and also to protect the integrity of the ongoing Mega Group blackmail operation.  The (((media))) is a branch of the Mossad.

"Le Mesurier Gets Cross" (Murray). It's a PR spin emergency!

"Oppose the Military Coup in Bolivia. Spare Us Your “Critiques”" (Emersberger).  A big part of The Clarification is how quibbly the 'left' gets when it has a clear choice of which side to support.

"The phony Anti-Defamation League’s genocide legislation" (Boyajian).

"Joseph Mifsud May Have Finally Resurfaced" (Ross).  The man himself, or a very low effort fake.

Usefully read together - "Motivation to impeach Trump is about control of Democratic Party" (Salutin) and "Democratic pro-Israel group attacks Bernie Sanders" (Brown) and "The Jewish Progressive Agenda According to Bernie Sanders" (Atzmon).  As good as Bernie is - and he's clearly the second-best choice, after Tulsi - he's still, sadly, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Khazar supremacist, and it seems he felt he needed, at this time, to remind his fellow fangers of that fact.

Has anybody else noticed that Feedly for Android is broken - won't save to read later, won't mark as read as I scroll through.  The Windows version works, but I have tried multiple Android versions and all are broken.
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