Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Tweet (Ben Norton):
"While the corporate media obsessively spreads bogus smears of fake "anti-Semitism," Jeremy Corbyn has released leaked documents showing how Boris Johnson is considering exposing the National Health Service to exploitation by US Big Pharma corporations"
I'm not optimistic, but Corbyn is creeping up, running on a wonderful policy program - except, of course, for the gross insult to British voters of another referendum - and sticking to his guns in the face of an unprecedented attack from the Khazars, who really seem to want this election to be a referendum on whether the country can afford the luxury of hosting parasites.

"Everything you REALLY need to know about Labour’s “antisemitism”" (Knightly). You almost have to wonder whether Labour is a poor choice for voters as it is insufficiently 'skeptical'.

Tweet (Matt Kennard):
"Same propaganda technique. Take a principled stand on behalf of Palestinian human rights and you are anti-Semitic. Take a pricipled stand on behalf of Kashmiri human rights and you are anti-Hindu."
We should probably be thanking British Jews for the wonderful Clarification that 'anti-Semitism' consists entirely in taking any non-Khazar-maximalist position with respect to Palestinian eliminationism.

"Labour’s Achilles’ heel is its leader" (Heard).  Heard lists his main advantages as disadvantages, so into the permanent blacklist bucket she goes.

Tweet (Current Affairs):
"lol @nytimes has now stealth-edited "strongman" out of its headline about morales. no correction, no apology."
"Narrative Managers Faceplant In Hilarious OPCW Scandal Spin Job" (Johnstone) (fairly standard technique - the idea is to produce talking points to be regurgitated in the compliant (((media))), such as, shamefully, here):
"Bellingcat completely ignores all of these points, which are literally the only reason any of this is in the news at all, instead opting to make silly, pedantic arguments that the text of the email and the Interim and Final Reports indicate that some of the whistleblower’s concerns appear to have been partially addressed by OPCW leadership in its publications. To make this argument, Bellingcat highlights how some of the wording in the reports was changed to appear a bit less conclusive, such as changing “likely” to “possible” and changing “reactive chlorine containing chemical” to “chemical containing reactive chlorine”.
By highlighting these barely-significant changes Bellingcat attempts to spin the narrative that there was no internal OPCW coverup of its investigators’ findings at all, which is of course invalidated by the fact that its Final Report concluded that a chlorine gas attack had taken place despite the whistleblower clearly stating that there is no basis upon which to conclude this. It’s also obviously invalidated by the fact that not one but two whistleblowers have come forward, meaning they plainly do not feel as though their concerns were met."
"More Proof Emerges That Syrian Gas Hoax Didn’t Even Happen, Tucker Carlson is the Only One Reporting It" (Anglin).

"A Tale of Two Princes" (Cockburn).  The financial world doesn't think that MbS can be trusted to make sane political choices.  Where would they get a crazy idea like that?  Still, MbS has made so many stupid choices, over and over again, with apparently no serious concern from the King, so this can go on indefinitely until the King croaks.

"Obama Admits He Would Speak Up Only To Stop Bernie Sanders Nomination" (Durden).

"While Police Investigate Stabbing in Hasidic Enclave, Rumors Abound About ‘Inside Job’" (Feldman).
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