Monday, November 18, 2019

The jackboots have boot straps

"Gilets-Jaunes: The French Insurrection One Year On" (Myers).

"Washington Makes Endless War And Calls It Peace" (Larison).

"Despite a Jewish President, Ukraine keeps honoring Nazi collabos (with a bit of help from America)" (Levine). "Why Are We in Ukraine?" (Cohen).  ""...Tucker Carlson Criticized for Saying 'Russia Poses No Threat to the United States At All'"" (Lang).

"'The Real Ukraine Controversy': John Solomon Exposes How Rogue US Embassy Conducted Foreign Policy" (Solomon) (makes whatever Trump is alleged to have done look like standard American operating procedure):
"I learned that Ukrainian officials, particularly the country’s prosecutors, viewed Yovanovitch as the embodiment of an activist U.S. embassy in Kiev that ruffled feathers by meddling in internal law enforcement cases inside the country.
My sources told me specifically that the U.S. embassy had pressured the Ukraine prosecutors in 2016 to drop or avoid pursuing several cases, including one involving the Soros-backed AntiCorruption Action Centre and two cases involving Ukraine officials who criticized Donald Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort.
To back up their story, my sources provided me a letter then-embassy official George Kent wrote proving it happened. State officials authenticated the letter. And Kent recently acknowledged in this testimony he signed that letter. You can read the letter here.
With the help of a Ukrainian American intermediary and the Ukraine general prosecutor’s press office, I then secured an interview in mid-March 2016 with Ukraine’s then top prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko. In the interview that was videotaped and released for the whole world to see, Lutsenko alleged that in his first meeting in 2016 with Yovanovitch, the U.S. ambassador conveyed the names of several Ukrainians she did not want to see investigated and prosecuted. He called it, colloquially, a “do not prosecute list.”
The State Department denied such as list, calling it a fantasy, and I quoted that fair comment in my original stories. But before I published, I held the Lutsenko interview for a few days to do more reporting. State arranged for me to talk to a senior official about the Lutsenko-embassy relationship.
I provided the names that Lutsenko claimed had been cited by the embassy. That senior official said he couldn’t speak to what transpired in the specific meeting between Yovanovitch and Lutsenko. But that official then provided me this surprising confirmation: “I can confirm to you that at least some of those names are names that U.S. embassy Kiev raised with the General Prosecutor because we were concerned about retribution and unfair treatment of Ukrainians viewed as favorable to the United States.”
In other words, State was confirming its own embassy had engaged in pressure on Ukrainian prosecutors to drop certain law enforcement cases, just as Lutsenko and other Ukrainian officials had alleged.
When I asked that State official whether this was kosher with the Geneva Convention’s prohibition on internal interference, he answered: “Kiev in recent years has been a bit more activist and autonomous than other embassies.”"
"The Eighteenth Brumaire of Macho Camacho: Jeffery R. Webber and Forrest Hylton on the Coup in Bolivia" (Smith interview of Webber/Hylton, who I guess speak with one voice).

"Protestors Massacred in Post-Coup Bolivia" (Arigho-Stiles).

"Western Media Whitewash Bolivia’s Far-Right Coup" (Koerner/Vaz).

"Self-proclaimed Guaido Congratulates the New Self-proclaimed in Bolivia: Believe It or Not".  The jackboots have boot straps.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (part of the Khazar weaponization of 'human rights', thus wrecking the usefulness of concept for everyone):
"Neoliberal regime-change lobbyist Ken Roth, director of billionaire oligarch-funded HRW, is openly supporting the far-right military coup in Bolivia. He is spreading right-wing propaganda depicting elected president Evo as the aggressor The "Human Rights" industry in a nutshell"
"The Mapuche Resistance Is Central to Chile’s Political Change" (Wadi). "Race is Central to Both Revolution and Reaction in Latin American" (Ford).  The coup plotters don't even try to hide the racism.

"“Rising Tensions within OPCW”" (van de Beek).  "The OPCW and Douma: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors" (Steele).  "The Hugely Important OPCW Scandal Keeps Unfolding. Here’s Why No One’s Talking About It." (Johnstone).  The internal dissent at the deep and essential crookedness of the OPCW continues.  Like the International Criminal Court, which obviously exists only to attempt to jail perceived enemies of Zionist expansion, the OPCW exists solely to produce fraudulent evidence for more Wars For The Jews.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Jose Bustani, the founding director of the OPCW, also met w/ the organization's whistleblowers & concluded the report on Douma was not credible. Back in 2002, John Bolton personally threatened Bustani & unlawfully orchestrated his firing from the OPCW:"
"Cyprus: Police Seize an Israeli Spy Van" (Rogers). But did they dance when caught?

"The Role of Russia’s Military Police in Syria. The Deal between Russia and Turkey?" (Sahiounie).

"Iran: Economic Blockade and Crowd Protests were also How the US made the 1953 Coup" (Cole).  Colored revolutions predate even Soros.

Tweet (Craig Murray):
"You really are not going to believe this but I am not making it up. The Pizza Express Wikipedia entry was this morning being edited to remove all references to Prince Andrew by - Philip Cross. Honestly"
Given the ongoing enthusiasm for Pizzagate in some circles, the choice by Randy Andy of a pizza restaurant to serve as his alibi seems a bit bold.

"Anti-Semitism Bandwagon Resumes Against Corbyn" (Cook).  "Jeremy’s Jackboots: Even More Jewish Hysteria about Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party" (Langdon).  (((They))) are so self-centered and so evil that (((they))) will subject the entire British people to years of Boris rather than see somebody with a humane approach to the Palestinians be elected.

Disgraced swamp creature on the prowl:  "Saudi Arabia is ‘gradually running out of money’ and needs IPO to fund reforms, ex-CIA chief says" (Ellyatt).

"A Secret Summit" (Risen).  Crazy Pierre would like you to know that five years ago the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (minus Suleimani, who couldn't get a Turkish visa) met with the Muslim Brotherhood in what turned out to be a useless meeting.  Wow!  Also:  "A Spy Complex Revealed"  (Risen, etc), which makes the Iran-Iraq relationship look much more nuanced that the neocon position that Iran has full control over the government of Iraq.  Tweet (Occupy the democrats):
"Too bad the Intercept is now nothing more than a state propaganda outlet for regime change."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"So The Intercept (like the US/Israel) wants us to think Iran is the real imperialist power in Iraq, not the US which brutally bombed Iraq in '90, then imposed genocidal sanctions that killed 100,000s, then invaded in '03 and killed a million more while destroying state structures"
"No one in Israel knew they were committing a massacre, and they didn't care" (Levy):
"Reporter Yaniv Kubovich revealed the shocking truth on Friday on the Haaretz website : The target had not been re-examined for at least one year prior to the strike, the individual who was supposedly its target never existed and the intelligence was based on rumors. The bomb was dropped anyway. The result: eight bodies in colorful shrouds, some of them horrifically tiny, all in a row; members of a single extended family, the Asoarkas, five of them children — including two infants."
"Michael Lynk’s UN Report on Israeli Settlements Speaks the Truth, But the World Refuses to Listen" (Fisk).

"Israel has cracked down on Palestinian education, criminalising hundreds of students" (Giovannetti).

"Russia Says BRICS Seeking Common, Non-Dollar Payment System" (Durden).

"Fiona Hill Fails The Truth Test — Reveals Her Value As A Kremlin Asset" (Helmer).  These people believe their own Cold War bullshit so completely they come across as retarded.

"Permanence of Liberal Democracy 'Is an Illusion'" (Pfister interview with the Devil).  Note that the reason the US has to stay in Europe as otherwise the Germans will become Nazis again.

"Peter Handke Won the Nobel Prize After Two Jurors Fell for a Conspiracy Theory About the Bosnia War" (Maass).  Handke was a worthy winner - these days a very unusual thing - and it is fun to see another airing of 'conspiracy theory' in the post-Epstein-suicide world, especially as there were no saints in that conflict and the Serbs have been unfairly singled out as the only bad guys, for the usual imperialist reasons (too friendly with Russia).

"UN special rapporteur exposes Swedish sexual misconduct frame-up of Assange" (Grenfell).  The Swedish judicial/prosecutorial system is a joke, a branch office of the CIA.

So apparently there are judicial conflicts of interest so outrageous that the British establishment can be embarrassed into doing something about them (though it remains unclear if she has actually been removed or just shifted into a supervisory role, which doesn't fix the problem):  "Arbuthnot Out as Assange’s Judge, Says WikiLeaks Lawyer Jen Robinson".  If Assange's lawyers were interested in getting him freed - and I have to say I see no evidence that they want to do anything other than turn him over to the Americans asap - Arbuthnot's conflict would have been, and still is, an excellent grounds for appeal.
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