Friday, November 22, 2019


Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Fiona Hill is smart & has intelligence background so she knows she’s lying—and to what purpose she’s lying—when she says contrafactual that Ukraine did not meddle in 2016, and that anyone who says Ukraine meddled is a Kremlin asset (this would make Leshchenko a Putin asset ffs!)"
It's striking that the very thing which Trump is alleged to have done, using his office for partisan political meddling, was done by the Obama Administration in a much more successful manner (and the constant crazy Democrat insistence that Ukrainian involvement - which is certain and even boasted about by the Ukrainians! - is a 'conspiracy theory' is necessary as that involvement opens up a whole dangerous can of worms for Barry).  The 'unmaskings' scandal, where Obama officials used a bogus fear of terrorism to look at files of Trump campaign officials that should otherwise have been sealed, has been completely forgotten (and speaking of forgotten, remember the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting?).  Not to mention all the IC machinations to attempt to trap Trump campaign officials into looking at alleged Clinton emails sourced, supposedly, from Russia (a trick that didn't work as the Trump officials weren't experienced enough to take up the proffers).  To some extent you have to give Shifty credit - he managed to turn as massive Democrat scandal of the worst kind of political wrongdoing imaginable into a half-assed Republican scandal.

The Bolivian coup mongers aren't even attempting to hide what is going on:  "The Coup in Bolivia: Who is Responsible?" (Whitney) and  tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The figure that Evo identified in 2017 as an employee of the DEA, Daniel Humerez – who hounded him back when he led the coca growers' union – is now a deputy minister in the coup government of Áñez. More here:"
The dark side of 'Greta':  "Baby Shark Coup" (Steppling). A big globo-homo-Rothschildo globalist 'conspiracy theory' is slowing worming itself into the Consciousness.

Giving up on the 'West': "Lies Which the West Manufactures and Then Consumes" (Vltchek). A necessary part of The Clarification is that there is no real dissent from globo-homo-Rothschildo in either the mainstream left or right.

"Washington’s Consensus on Neofascist Coups in Latin America" (Street).

"Silencing the Beast of Bolivian Populism" (Hirthler).

"Colombia’s US Ambassador Advocates “Covert Actions” Against Venezuela in Leaked Audio" (Koerner).

"The Long Coup in Ecuador" (Resmini).

"U.S. Relations with China Were Just Destroyed, and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again" (Snyder).  The Chinese 'existential threat' bottom line is no more foreign interference in China, no more attacks like the Opium Wars or suppression of the Boxer Rebellion, and Hong Kong fits entirely into this category of threat.  The Assholian Congress is  playing with fire.

"Who stands to gain from unrest in Iran?" (Bhadrkumar).  Full conspiracy mode (and who can blame him?).

"White Helmets involved in organ trafficking in Syria: Study".  Well, you've got a bunch of dead bodies you need to stage an 'atrocity', it would be a shame to just let all those valuable organs go to waste.  I'm still waiting for the most important failed Justin political promise, human organ bbq restaurants.

Another influencing group of 'experts' to herd the farm animals:  tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"It looks like pro-Israel WINEP is behind this obscure group of anti-BDS characters. Dennis Ross is a board member of a front group that sponsored them. Yet they get more ink in the NY Times than BDS movement leaders & are portrayed  as erudite "thinkers.""
"Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein and the Crackup of America’s Leadership" ('46'/Patel):
"What’s interesting about the response to Stone’s case — both from federal prosecutors and the conventional media — is how much harsher it was than anything that greeted convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein. When Epstein was released from his first prison term, he hosted a dinner at his home with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos, former NBC host Katie Couric, Chelsea Handler, Woody Allen, CBS’s Charlie Rose, British Prince Andrew and many others. Do you think Stephanopoulos would consider having dinner at Stone’s house? Of course not. That would be immoral. FBI officials, apparently, agree.
You’ll remember what happened when Stone was arrested. Dozens of federal agents with automatic weapons, armored vehicles and a helicopter descended on his home in a middle-class part of Fort Lauderdale and rousted the 66-year-old and his wife from bed at rifle point. Just to make sure the event inflicted maximum humiliation, the feds tipped off CNN, which was there to capture the whole thing live. That’s how our government treated a man facing perjury charges.
“Apparently, Stone did something worse than molesting children.”
Epstein, by contrast, was accused of molesting at least 34 separate underage girls. How was he arrested? He wasn’t. According to The New York Times account, prosecutors called Epstein’s lawyers and asked him to turn himself in, which Epstein politely did. Nobody tipped off CNN. Just the opposite. Authorities tried to keep the whole thing secret, to preserve Epstein’s dignity. One prosecutor wrote to Epstein’s longtime attorney, former Bush administration senior official Jay Lefkowitz, assuring him that to “avoid the press,” she could, “file the charge in district court in Miami, which will hopefully cut the press coverage significantly.”
Pretty thoughtful treatment for a child molester. Ultimately, Epstein got a plea deal and all federal charges against him were dropped. The arrangement was kept secret even from Epstein’s victims, so they wouldn’t be able to complain or contest the agreement in court. Epstein received just 18 months. But instead of being sent to state prison, like most sex offenders in Florida, he served his term in a private wing of the Palm Beach County Stockade. But even that wasn’t lenient enough. After just three and a half months in custody, Epstein was freed on “work release,” meaning that he was able to leave the grounds for 12 hours a day, six days a week. Sex offenders aren’t supposed to be eligible for work release, but authorities gave it to Epstein anyway.
Apparently, Stone did something worse than molesting children. He mocked the people in charge and then helped Donald Trump get elected president. For that, he is likely to die in prison.
We have now heard credible allegations that NBC News covered for politically connected rapist Harvey Weinstein and ABC News covered for politically connected pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Roger Stone, meanwhile, is headed to prison for something nobody even understands."
"Why Democrats Won't Stop Saying Tulsi Gabbard Has 'Weird Kremlin-y' Views" (Gosztola).

"The Umbrella Man, the Sins of the Father, and the Kennedy Curse" (Guyénot).
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