Friday, November 15, 2019

Where's the gal?

"RAY McGOVERN: Ukraine For Dummies".  Remember all the hoopla about the last two impeachments?  This one, which started with ((('Shifty'))) outright lying about Putin's designs on a 'Russian empire', has already crash landed, and nobody outside of the Clintonista beltway gives a fuck.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Yovanovitch coming off far more of a doctrinaire Cold War hawk than I expected. Also, that family history she described...Ukrainian parents who fled Soviets to Nazi Germany, from Nazi Germany to Canada...has a very Chrystia Freeland/Grandpa Chomiak ring to it."
Remember when the Nazis used to pal around with Republicans like Reagan?  "The World Anti-Communist League: the Internationale of Crime" (Meyssan).  Now they tend to hang with, or be, 'liberals'!

"The CRA is going after the wealthy family behind the West Edmonton Mall. Here’s why" (McLean).  The (((Ghermezian family))).  You may remember the fall of the (((Reichmann family))).

"How Israeli spy tech reaches deep into our lives" (Cook).  The problem with letting the psychopathic Khazars have their way with the Palestinians is that we will all soon be Palestinians.

I first thought that this was some kind of parody account, or perhaps an art project, making fun of the protestors:  "Ted | Evolution of a protestor: resistance as an ‘occupation’ - "We must turn our grief into action."".  See.

(((Klein))) flamed out on Bolivia.  (((The Left))) seems, finally, to have met its Turing Test.

Added:  "The son of Julian Assange’s judge is linked to an anti-data leak company created by the UK intelligence establishment" (Kennard/Curtis).  The web of judicial criminality.

Tweet (Ben White):
"As Haaretz put it somewhat drily yesterday: "Palestinian authorities do not report psychological injuries.""
Tweet (Dan) ((((Lloyd Blankfein)))):
"Hey Lloyd, whos the gal?"
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