Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How did they get in?

"US embassy stormed in Baghdad amid anger at airstrikes" (Harding) (requisite Harding warning alarm).  How did they get in?  "U.S. Embassy Iraq: By The Numbers — Still The Post With the Mostest" (Spero).  So, overall, about a billion and a half based on Asshole numbers, which are probably massively understated.

My blood is boiling right now

"The Year of War Against Anti-Semitism" (Giraldi).

Tweet (Amal Saad):
"Apparently, if you qualify the word “Iraq” with “Iranian backed forces/militia”, then the US attack becomes an act of legitimate self defense, neither violating Iraqi sovereignty and international law, nor requiring the permission of the Iraqi govt"
"The Iraqi Backlash to U.S. Airstrikes Is Growing" (Larison).  Tweets by Elijah J. Magnier (note the attack was proposed by a 'peace' stinktank in mid-December, just as it occurred).  "Did Pompeo Go Off Reservation In Iraq Attack?" (Luongo).  Maybe Trump's 4D chess is that he is trying to get US troops kicked out of Iraq!  MAGA!

"Canada Wants to Be an ‘Asset of Israel’ at the UN Security Council" (Kawas).  Shekel poutine.

"Jews, Israel, Bret Stephens, And The Latest Outbreaks Of Anti-Semitism" (Judis) (ha ha ha!):
". . .  there was a left-wing version of anti-Semitism that combined opposition to Israel with historic nonsense about the Rothschilds and Jewish bankers."
Tweet (Claire Voltaire) (ha ha ha!):
"A rally against antisemitism and showing solidarity is taken over by BDS activists who want to talk about Islamophobia, Palestine, and ask zionists to leave. My blood is boiling right now."
Sailer on the JYT's disappearing of inconvenient parts of Stephens' article:  "Memoryholed: Bret Stephens's IQ Article".

"Jews are Doing Nothing to Prevent Crown Heights Pogrom 2.0" (Anglin).  Not entirely true, as they've pre-bought Al this time.  A shekel paid today is much wiser than waiting on a post-pogrom shekeling.  I'm wondering though if Al still has the influence he once had, or whether all black people in America are going to have to be preemptively arrested.

Note that the Khazars own every single western politician, through blackmail and bribery, but live in terror of any bottom-up political activity, which cannot be easily controlled.  The main problem with BDS is that it puts the idea of individual sovereignty in people's minds, that tomorrow everybody in the 99% could individually decide to boycott all Khazar-owned businesses.  To a very large extent, we get nowhere with income distribution proposals as such an act would weaken the nexus of control of the Khazars over the farm animals.

"Mythomania" (Taxi).

"Poway Shooting Victim's New Lawsuit Accuses Synagogue of Using Federal Security Grants Fraudulently" (Striker).

"The Syrian War: America's "War on Terror" Exposed" (Cartalucci).

"Bolivian Vassals Are Merely Aping Their Imperial Masters" (Karganovic).

"Dumping Radioactive Water into the Pacific Ocean — a Hypothetical Scenario for Tokyo?" (Asmolov). The handling of this whole disaster gives no confidence in the Japanese government.  We've entered a similar period regarding climate change, where we transitioned seamlessly from being told there's no problem, to being told the problem can no longer be fixed and we just have to learn to live with it:  "When will the Netherlands disappear?" (O'Leary).  Australia and California also have to get used to always being on fire.

"Israel, UAE and the hypocritical manipulation of religion" (El-Affendi).

"Putin Thanks Trump For A Very Real 'Christmas Gift'" (Durden).

"Twenty Years Later – How Did Putin Do?" (Armstrong).

Where's Ghislaine?:  "Blind Item #5" (CDaN).

Tweet (christmas cheer liz bruenig):
"someone stop Putin before we all get healthcare twitter.com/gregolear/stat"

Monday, December 30, 2019

Eat his lunch

Tweets by Jonathan M. Katz on the amazing NYT covert re-write of the Stephens supramacist article.  The nature of the  (((author))), and the delicacy of the issue of the boasting, required some exceptional lying, even by the exalted lying standards of the JYT.

"F****d Up Royal Marriages #46, An Introduction" (RoyalFoibles).  Princess Haya, daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, and Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai.

"Edward Gallagher, Donald Trump and America’s criminal wars" (Martin) (the only impeachable offense under American law is insufficient vigor in pursuing Wars For The Jews):
"These war crimes were carried out on a bipartisan basis, under Democratic and Republican presidents, supported and generally covered up by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. It is worth pointing out that the House Democrats have not impeached Trump for pardoning war criminals, let alone for ordering mass murder in Iraq and Syria, and in the ongoing drone warfare across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They have chosen, instead, to impeach Trump for not sufficiently backing war crimes in Ukraine and undermining the longstanding US operation to arm Ukraine and turn it into a military spearhead against Russia."
Part of the new Democrat pattern as it becomes a pure military/intelligence party:  "The spook’s choice: Coup plotters and CIA agents fill Mayor Pete’s list of national security endorsers" (Finkelstein).

Note that actually fighting terrorism is much less important than providing Bibi with some PR to get reelected and keep out of jail:  tweet (The War Nerd):
"This is an odd one, purposely blurred. Anbar and Kirkuk are whole different animals. Everything gets reduced to Iran, as always... militarytimes.com/news/your-mili"
"Top Iraq militia chief warns of tough response to U.S. air strikes" (Rothschilds).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The authors of this barely disguised call for Silicon Valley censorship complain that Bing does not adequately conceal critical articles about the White Helmets from users. And they don’t even bother to demonstrate how it’s “disinformation.”"
Tweet (Gareth Porter):
"So now it's explicit and on the record: US military presence in South Korea has nothing to do with any threat from North Korea. It's part of the U.S. military empire in the Pacific, so it must remain as it is, regardless of change in the #Korea conflict."
Tweet (Hannah Stanbra) (too drunk to give consent = 100% rape in any civilized, non-shekeled, jurisdiction; see here for what shekels do):
"There are videos of the rape, 4 different male DNA found inside of her and the police didn’t test her clothes for DNA after it happened. The police are trying to hide this to save the tourism industry at the price of a young girls life. Absolutely horrific. #ibelieveher"
More weird blurring: tweet (Joe Catron):
"Anarchists and Trots claiming to support Syrian Kurds stop waving the flag mostly used by Turkish-backed mercenaries ethnically cleansing Syrian Kurds in 2020 challenge."
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"The article also details how Israeli government claims about attacking “high value targets” are totally made up, and that politicians order bombing with the specific intent to start wars. All of this is obvious to any honest observer, and especially from the ground in Gaza."
The commie bros have having a hell of a time in squeezing the recent Black-on-Hasid crime into either the Khazar framework or the standard commie framework, but their ((('donor')))) problem will ensure they try:  "Hasidic Jews injured in machete attack in Rockland County, New York" (Guelpa).

"Poway Shooting Victim's New Lawsuit Accuses Synagogue of Using Federal Security Grants Fraudulently" (Striker).  (((They)))'ll whine and wail and get millions more taxpayer dollars for 'security', which they'll immediately send to the settlements to help kill people and steal their land.

"Evo Morales’ potential successor speaks out after far-right Bolivia coup: Interview with union leader Andrónico Rodríguez" (Reed).

It's true!:  "Citing Joe Biden's Troubling Voting Record, Bernie Sanders Warns 'My God... Trump Will Eat His Lunch'" (Johnson). All this Biden fumbling and bumbling will be just a side-show for when the going gets tough.

It's complicated

"More Holocaust Reparations for 2020: the Gift That Keeps on Giving" (Giraldi).  Read the whole thing.

"Will 2020 See the Emergence of a Nationalist Left?" (Joyce) (or here).  Read the whole thing, and see the comment by Frankie P on Soral, who has already had a profound effect on France, and is being (((suitably))) punished for it.  Nobody can say it, but the single most essential component of the new parties is Judenfrei (members and 'donors'), or else they will be immediately sabotaged from within.  It's tragically far past time to keep fooling around with the (((supremacist crazies))), especially the ((('lites'))) who will be sent in to the wreck everything.

Twitter is out of control.  Being the only major social media platform not obviously owned and controlled by Khazars - think about that for a minute - Jack seems to think he has to try harder (and the nature of Twitter means he has significantly more tricks up his sleeve in censoring).  "Twitter Scrubs Viral Trump Retweet Of Alleged Hoaxblower's Name; Blames Glitch Before Banning User" (Durden).  Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"Twitter‘s been steadily ramping up it’s censorship in all sorts of opaque ways. Everything about the process is murky. The only thing that’s clear is that it’s happening more and more."
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Even after hundreds of million$ poured into InfoWar groups like @SecureDemocracy, @AtlanticCouncil to "protect" us from online disinformation, not a single one of these Infowarrior experts spotted just 1 of Saudi Arabia's 29 million disinformation tweets"
One of the interesting things about social media is that, even though every single major platform is seriously flawed, the 'market' has completely failed in establishing any competition for the (((major players))).  Why do you think that is?

Tweet (Wyatt Reed):
"With traditional media immediately controlled by the "sellout press," Bolivians were forced to turn to social media for real news. 1 info/humor account–Suchel–quickly gained ~10k followers But now its owner has to close it to stop the rape/death threats against her & her family. "
"Desperate to stem protests, dozens of governments shut down internet access in 2019" (Damon). We're more sophisticated in the west, with the ability to shut down specific truthtellers.

The 'correction' to the (((Bret Stephen)))'s supremacist column, which basically says put a 'not' in all sentences which don't have one, and remove the 'not' from every sentence which does have one.  Problem fixed!

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"Here's @BarackObama plugging books authored by those who advanced his imperialistic and inhumane foreign policies, including Samantha Power and Susan Rice."
Tweet (Jeremy Brier) (my emphasis in red, in case it is unclear what is going on):
"Hampstead covered in antisemitic graffiti this morning and Jewish people stabbed in New York. We crushed them at the ballot box - but we must keep fighting antisemitism wherever we see or hear it."
I'm slightly infamous for rejecting claims that Israel did 9/11, but you have to love conspiracy woke graffiti. "Something is going to have to give."

'Monsey is complicated', a tweet that has wisely been disappeared. 'Complicated' is a way of making the undeniable assertion that the Hasidic Khazars are a royal pain in the ass, unbelievably cruel and abusive in their use of lawfare to push the goyim around - Monsey is one of the places they have basically stolen - with blacks forming the most seriously affected group of their victims.  Of course, the ultimate taboo is suggesting that there might be Jewish wrongdoing, even anti-gentilism, behind legitimate and understandable gentile anger.

Note also that reaching for the white supremacy angle didn't work very well this time for the Khazars.

People who realize that it is literally a living hell to live anywhere near these people might start to reflect on the plight of the Palestinians, or even what it must have been like to live in certain places in eastern Europe in the 1930s. A living hell!  You might wonder what you might have to do to escape.

"British Democracy on Death Row" (Tru Publica). I wonder if dumping the European Convention on Human Rights is specifically about Assange.

"After U.S. Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will (Again) Have To Leave" (Moon).  Ongoing attempts to turn everything into a casus belli for a WWIII involving Iran.

"Get Ready to Fight Israel’s Next War. Asking America to do the “Dirty Work”" (Nimmo).

"Syria: Putin and Assad are Just Bombing Hospitals Because They Think It’s Funny" (Anglin).

The four ghosts in Pacman . . .  Did You Know?

Sunday, December 29, 2019


Tweet (Mark Ames) (but see the reply):
"In which Snopes validates Julia Davis as a "Russian media expert". Davis made a documentary, promoted on Alex Jones' show, claiming DHS sent black helicopters to her home and poisoned Brittany Murphy to silence her support for Julia's "whistleblowing". snopes.com/fact-check/rus"
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"While Newsweek blocked @Tareq_Haddad's reporting on the OPCW, it ran propaganda like this from regime change hack @janinedigi, who functioned as James Le Mesurier's stenographer. This piece seems constructed from top to bottom by a pro-war influence op called The Syria Campaign"
Tweet (Rudy Havenstein, Smiling Politely) (the whole thread, from August-September is good; see):
""Epstein shares a special connection with one of the most prominent figures at Harvard—University President Lawrence H. Summers." thecrimson.com/article/2003/5 We all want someone to stare at us the way Jeff Epstein and Larry Summers stared at each other."
Tweet (Daniel Bessner) (see also; recent success at bribing and blackmailing Trump has led the Khazars to start taking victory laps, rubbing the faces of the goyim in the mud for not being as smart as their masters, a Khazar supremacist habit that hasn't worked out well for them in the past):
"Summer Bret Stephens: How dare you refer to me as a bedbug, sir, this recreates the worst tropes of the Third Reich and begins a slippery slope toward genocide. Winter Bret Stephens: To really understand the Jews you must understand the science of race."
"Jewish Brilliance: Synthetic Like Zirconia" (Striker). What we're seeing is e-x-t-r-e-m-e levels of tribal nepotism twisted by supremacists into superiority.  Ironically, the position of an idiot like Stephens is yet another example.

Here's the victory lap of Weiss, a well deserved ten years of using lite Zionism to fool the goyim. Just imagine how much worse off the Palestinians would be if it weren't for the lites!  "Netanyahu Thanks Trump for Massive Primary Win" (Anglin).  Note Bibi's immediate plans.

Max Blumenthal thread on  Josef Korbel, father of Madeleine Albright and big influence on Condi Rice.  Max probably isn't the best guy to comment on dads from hell.

Tweet (Tim Hayward) (about Sébastien Braha, who seems to have been injected into the OPCW as its political handler to ensure it doesn't accidentally do something honest) (also):
"Twitter is proactively censoring news about the OPCW scandal and central involvement in it of French diplomat."
"Media’s Deafening Silence On Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is Its Own Scandal" (Johnstone).  "Post-Truth World: An OPCW Cover-up, Shielded by MSM and Bellingcat" (Henningsen).  "WikiLeaks Publishes Documents Proving OPCW Investigation Into Alleged Syria Chemical Weapons Incident in Douma Was Rigged" (Rogers).

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Wong earns a spot on the FT top 50 people of the decade simply by virtue of being on a CIA cutout’s payroll and taking marching orders from Marco Rubio. In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious enough that these lists are tailored to advance US geopolitical imperatives."
"US demands extradition of AWOL soldier hiding in Ukraine" (Levine). Trump needs him back to give him a medal.

"Time to Cry for Bolivia" (Sieff).  "Bolivia’s Dictator Seeks to Annihilate Opposition From Exile" (Wadi).

"Nationalism Is Transforming the Politics of the British Isles" (Cockburn):
"The political left in most countries is bad at dealing with nationalism and the pursuit of self-determination. It sees these as a diversion from identifying and attacking the real perpetrators of social and economic injustice. It views nationalists as mistakenly or malignly aiming at the wrong target – usually foreigners – and letting the domestic ones off the hook.

The desire by people to see themselves as a national community – even if many of the bonds binding them together are fictional – is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It can only be ignored at great political cost, as the Labour Party has just found out to its cost for the fifth time (two referendums and three elections). What Labour should have done was early on take over the slogan “take back control” and seek to show that they were better able to deliver this than the Conservatives or the Brexit Party. There is no compelling reason why achieving such national demands should be a monopoly of the right. But in 2016, 2017 and 2019 Labour made the same mistake of trying to wriggle around Brexit as the prime issue facing the English nation without taking a firm position, an evasion that discredited it with both Remainers and Leavers.

Curiously, the political establishment made much the same mistake as Labour in underestimating and misunderstanding the nature of English nationalism. Up to the financial crisis of 2008 globalisation had been sold as a beneficial and inevitable historic process. Nationalism was old hat and national loyalties were supposedly on the wane. To the British political class, the EU obviously enhanced the political and economic strength of its national members. As beneficiaries of the status quo, they were blind to the fact that much of the country had failed to gain from these good things and felt marginalised and forgotten.

The advocates of supra-national organisations since the mediaeval papacy have been making such arguments and have usually been perplexed why they fail to stick. They fail to understand the strength of nationalism or religion in providing a sense of communal solidarity, even if it is based on dreams and illusions, that provides a vehicle for deeply felt needs and grievances. Arguments based on simple profit and loss usually lose out against such rivals."
Mass, unregulated immigration is a brilliant move, as it immediately decreases the price of labor while creating tensions that can be spun into people willingly voting against their own interests based on believing phony promises to make the influx stop. Nobody in the true left would support it, or the foul (((identity politics))) behind it.

"Trump's Russian Gas Sanction Strategy Blows Up Two Ways" (Mish).

"Trump Exposes Pelosi And Son's Ties To Ukraine-Linked Energy Group" (Durden).  "Biden Attempts To Defend Hypocritical Subpoena Refusal (That Trump Is Being Impeached For)" (Durden).

"The Criminalisation of Protest in America" (Romanoff):
"Congress recently passed a new law that effectively criminalises all public protests, and categorises civil society movements like Occupy Wall Street as “domestic terrorism”. The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act give the military and espionage agencies unlimited powers. The law is deliberately vague, so that almost anything could be included within the criminal definition, and so broad that almost every American today could be labeled a suspected terrorist. The intent is to intimidate all citizens and stifle any public criticism of US government acts or policies. Any of the following actions may get a US citizen labeled as a suspected terrorist today:
(1) Speaking out against government policies,
(2) Protesting against anything,
(3) Questioning the government’s many wars,
(4) Asking questions about Wall Street Banks and the FED,
(5) Taking pictures or video, especially of police.
According to US Department of Defense training manuals, any public protest is considered “low-level terrorism” today, and all anti-war protesters are now classified as terrorists.
The US government is using the Patriot Act and various other bits of new legislation not only to outlaw most of the basic civil freedoms in the country, but these laws are so vague as to permit virtually any domestic atrocity against civilians.
Anyone today who speaks out against any US government policies can be arbitrarily classified as either a terrorist or an “unlawful enemy combatant” and imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial. Few people seem aware that the US media are compelled by law to report to the FBI/CIA all communication (letters to the Editor, etc.) that is critical of the US government.
Another fact not widely known is that thousands of Americans are imprisoned each year for a single Tweet, a single Facebook post or a single Text message. A simple post on social media or pressing “like” on Facebook, can be deemed “terroristic threatening” in the US, and result in a sentence of three to five years in prison.
Many government agencies, including the military, now actively monitor all US social media like Facebook and Twitter to identify those who criticise the US government, then seek them out and interrogate them. This has a particularly chilling effect on American so-called “free speech” when citizens know that espionage agencies are now monitoring every online post and comment. It is not widely known, but US authorities constantly monitor the social media, bulletin boards and other Internet sites for potential political dissent, and often exercise their authority to order people to disperse from “unlawful online assembly”, which definition is as arbitrary as the authorities wish to make it.
Moreover, leaked documents revealed that any students who could be identified as having been involved in protests, or posted public but ‘sensitive’ information, or involved in various political activisms, would forever be prohibited from employment with any part of the US government. One university student who had taken part in the Occupy Wall Street protests later said, “The system in place sublimely manipulates our social reality in ways obvious only when we realize that there is nothing between us and the police but fear”. She added that if the protestors had held out and actually tried to make changes in the system, her participation would exist in a permanent record and she would never be able to get a job. And in any case, she held out no hope that the citizens could ever really change anything.
The DHS hired defense contractor General Dynamics for a $12 million program to monitor the Internet for “reports that reflect adversely on DHS, especially those that have a negative spin on DHS activities”. These agencies are not monitoring so-called “terrorist” activity, but normal social activity and political commentary. In its defense, DHS claimed the released documents were “outdated” – though they were new – and that social media were monitored for “situational awareness of man-made threats” and not to police disparaging opinions about the federal government. According to their spokesman, the manual’s instruction that analysts should identify media reports that reflect adversely on DHS activities was not at all meant to silence criticism, but simply “to identify areas where DHS wasn’t doing a good job, and to help it improve”. I can scarcely imagine a greater lie than that one. [5] [6]"
The anti-Slumlordism is getting out of hand:  "'Mass Stabbing' At Jewish Hannukah Celebration In New York, At Least 5 Injured" (Durden).  "officials don’t know why".

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Self-appointed advocate

"An American Oligarch's Dirty Tale Of Corruption" (Engdahl).  An important peek behind the curtain.  Note the similar conspiracy involving Liberia.  The trick is to use his NGO army to integrate hegemon institutional tools with Soros getting his grubby little hands on the wealth of the target country.

Reverse Benghazi

"Strikers call to step up class struggle against French President Macron" (Lantier).  Normally, the Khazars would infiltrate the protests, take over the leadership (by just announcing (((they))) are the new leaders and having the (((media))) immediately reflect this), and run it into the ground, so the 'leaderless' protesting is paying off.

Every once and a while we get a tiny window into the thinking of supremacists:  tweet (Eli Valley):
"Bret Stephens's racist boasts about his superior Ashkenazi IQ in the most important newspaper in America, written via a 9-year-old's historical grasp and writing ability, is an argument less about Jewish genius and more about the access + advantage wealth confers upon shitheads!!"
"Barrister Escalates ‘Conflict of Interest’ Complaint Against Top Judge in Julian Assange Case" (Elmaazi). Note how they shamelessly 'lost' the first complaint!

"Guardian, Atlantic contributor acts as a Syrian terrorist mouthpiece on Twitter, and if you don’t like it you’re a Russian stooge" (Bartlett).  Also, Trump's weird little tweet.  I assume that the economic model is that you still get the shekels even when your input is worthless.  There appears to be a Russian-Turkish deal in the works involving both Syria and Libya, the ol' Reverse Benghazi, whereby terrorist forces in Syria will be redeployed to Libya:  "Erdogan Recycles Idlib Terrorists from Syria to Libya, Trump Forces Relocated to Northern Iraq" (Souri).  "Istanbul’s ‘Syrian Government in Exile’, Now Demanding Military Action in Idlib" (South Front):
"On December 24, a Turkish delegation visited Moscow to discuss the situation in Syria and Libya, as well as the existing bilateral cooperation. Taking into account that Turkey’s soft reaction to the encirclement of its observation post in Surman and the lack of Turkish Army attempts to establish more observation posts to stop the Syrian Army advance, it seems that Ankara once again sold its Idlib proxies to Russia."
"Libya: Haftar’s Air Force Commander Drops Bombshell Confession: Jets from Egypt’s President Sisi, “French Specialists” Provide Support" (Safak).  Another war involving those always against the Muslim Brotherhood versus the consistent MB supporters (Qatar, Turkey).  I wonder if it is quite right to put Russia in the pro-Haftar, anti-MB camp, as those looking for a split between Turkey and Russia are doing.

""White Man's Burden": The US Has Been Fighting "Forever Wars" Against Muslims For 120 Years" (Shahtahmasebi).  "Flips: Duterte Fights Back Against US Meddling! Bans Two US Senators!" (Anglin):
". . . the whole thing is completely absurd – this claim that the US has some kind of moral authority over the entire earth. The US government arguably has less moral authority than any entity that has ever existed in all of human history.
But even if the US government was some kind of divine entity capable of determining right from wrong in a pure and angelic fashion, they still would not have any right to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries.
What they would have a right to do is stop sending billions of dollars to the Jews and the Saudis to use to murder random people. But we continue to send billions of dollars to these countries. While we harass, threaten and menace countries like Myanmar and the Philippines for the way they manage their internal affairs.
It is costing a lot less to stand up to the United States, the more countries do it.
The attempted revolution in Venezuela failed. The one in Iran failed. The one in Hong Kong is bound to fail. People around the world are just saying “no.”
The collapse of this entire rotten, evil system can’t come fast enough."
Bizarre paraphrase of an interview:  "How Impeachment Is Escalating the New US-Russian Cold War" (Cohen, sort of).  Russiagate was always mainly about restarting the Cold War (Trump was never regarded as enough of a threat to make all the work on him by the American IC worthwhile).

Hello, Newman!:  "Columbia University student first to file anti-Semitism complaint under Trump order" (Frazin).

"Hoax Confirmed: Honking on Hanukkah (2019)" (Semitic Controversies):
"We have also been informed that Weyand is the grandson of famous jewish physicist and creator of the Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller (born Ede Teller in Budapest) and is therefore jewish himself. (3)"
You can actually see the shekel deliveries in the shifts of Trump's day-to-day policies:  "Trump Stuck Between Ending Endless Wars and his Hawkish Megadonors" (Clifton).  He actually knows what the MAGA thing to do is, wants to do it, tries, and then Shlomo pops up with another big bag of shekels.

"Bannon: Trump Impeachment Will Be "Trial Of The Century"" (Durden).  You can't take anything Bannon says at face value - for one thing, the uncharacteristic conservative moves to help the Deplorables never actually happen (see Trump and, I'm sure, Johnson), and immigration levels usually go up - but he has one big idea which keeps winning - you can found a political movement based entirely on anti-immigrant sentiment (with some Islamophobia thrown in for good measure) and use it to disguise old-fashioned conservatism as 'populism'.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Change My Mind

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"RELEASE: OPCW-Douma Docs 4. Four leaked documents from the OPCW reveal that toxicologists ruled out deaths from chlorine exposure and a senior official ordered the deletion of the dissenting engineering report from OPCW’s internal repository of documents. wikileaks.org/opcw-douma/"
Although this will be well hidden by the (((media))), it should put a stake in the heart of the usefulness to the hegemon of the OPCW as a 'disinterested' 'scientific' arbiter of 'chemical weapon' PR campaigns against the enemies of the Khazars.

"Mysterious death of White Helmets co-founder spotlights toxic propaganda" (Brabant). It's Peak False-Flagotry to kill a guy and blame the death on your enemies.  Note the call for the firing of university professors who argue against the general Zionist line on Syria.

Alan MacLeod tweets on  the sexual fantasies in Foreign Affairs over the mass bombing of civilians in Venezuela.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"With @IntlCrimCourt investigating Israeli war crimes, the diplomatic correspondent of the (Adelson-owned) newspaper with the largest circulation in Israel suggests Netanyahu order the destruction of the ICC’s computer systems and the theft of its archives israelhayom.co.il/opinion/719039"
The Khazar billionaires are so powerful now that they flip out at even the merest suggestion of an insult to the Jewish state.  See also their scorched earth policy on BDS, which has been emasculated into a Zionist campaign for the two-state solution, itself rendered a sick joke after the blackmailed Trump 'gave' the West Bank to the Khazars.

"Epstein Didn't Kill Himself - Change My Mind".

Contrary to basic notions of fairness

"“OxySacklers” angry that Tufts removed family name from campus" (Mole).  After (((we))) mass murder you, goyim, it is "contrary to basic notions of fairness" for you to remove (((our))) names from your buildings.  You still need to worship your (((masters))), no matter what levels of anti-gentilism (((we))) engage in, up to and including your mass murder for shekels.

"Christopher Steele Used John McCain To Funnel Claims To James Comey: Report" (MacDonald).  Strange headline which makes the allegations seem iffy, yet this was in the Horowitz report!
"The controversial report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz into the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign revealed many concerning details. One was that Christopher Steele’s dossier was used in the case to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to secure a wiretap on former Donald Trump campaign official Carter Page after the DOJ found no probable cause to do so. The report also revealed that late Senator John McCain provided former FBI Director James Comey with reports from Steele after the FBI terminated the former British intelligence officer as a sourceBreitbart reports.
McCain reportedly gave Comey five new Steele reports that were not previously in possession of the FBI, although it’s not clear if McCain knew at the time that Steele was no longer an FBI source. Regardless, the new reports were allegedly obtained by McCain from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. Fusion GPS was notably hired for anti-Trump opposition research by the president’s opponents in the primary.
“Several weeks later, on December 9, 2016, Senator John McCain provided Corney with a collection of 16 Steele election reports, 5 of which Steele had not given the FBI,” the IG report reads. “McCain had obtained these reports from a staff member at the McCain Institute. The McCain Institute staff member had met with Steele and later acquired the reports from Simpson.”
According to Breitbart, the unnamed McCain staffer is David J. Kramer, who reportedly gave the Steele dossier to BuzzFeed News, which published the document in full on January 10, 2017.
On the myth that MbS, chastened by his mistakes, has turned over a new leaf. "UN condemns third attack on Yemen market in a month".  Tweet (Tamara Cofman Wittes) (for what it's worth, as she's got ((())) and is Deep State and is married to the stupidest of the stupidest, Benjamin Wittes!):
"“There has been little indication that Prince Mohammed has been chastened by the global outrage...Last month, 8 writers, bloggers & journalists were detained. The case of women’s rights activists arrested 18 months ago remains unresolved.”"
"German politician: “Ami go home!”" (Kamyshanova).  Sanctions for the Jews have taken over the US government (ZOG) to the extent where they are now piled on the best allies of Assholia.  "Washington’s Unmasked Imperialism Towards Europe and Russia".

"What’s Really Behind Estonia’s ‘Border Dispute’ with Russia?" (Korybko).   A reminder that NATO, its bases, and provisioning its troops, is largely a grift.

"The MEK in Albania" (Fantina).

"Turkey and Israel: Enemies or Allies?" (Odintsov).  The bottom line is that they intend to share in the loot from various stolen hydrocarbons, so much of the rhetoric is just for show.

"Are the Hindu Supremacists trying to Israelify India?" (Ahmed).  Yet another in the long list of reasons why the Khazars must be pushed into the sea immediately, if not sooner.

"From Colluding With Hitler Against The USSR To An Anti-Hitler Coalition" (Rubtsov).  It is funny how incompetent bad-faith diplomacy that led directly to disasters is still the order of the day today.  In many cases, the exact same mistakes are being made.

"De-Bunking the Myth of the Jewish Conspiracy" (Ehret).  Although LaRouchianism is supposed to be 'anti-Semitic', its central tenet of blaming all bad things, particularly the atrocities of the Assholes, on a handful of gentile London-based big-wigs means that both the Khazars and the Assholes come out as complete innocents, victims of British scheming.

Tweet (Kim Dotcom):
"I’ve said it time and time again in my interviews with crypto influencers, US Empire will crack down on crypto, hard. Crypto is the single biggest threat to its power. It is now absolutely essential that we can transact >privately< because the use of crypto will become unlawful."
"Schumer Revealed as Key Industry Ally in Defeat of Effort to Curb Surprise Billing" (Higgins).  "Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination" (Otterbein/Siders) (completely out of line with the usual).  "Trump's judges are great. He has Harry Reid to thank":
"In total, at all court levels together, Trump’s average number of confirmations per year exceeds every president in history except (barely) for Democrat Jimmy Carter, who enjoyed a large Senate majority and no concerted obstructive efforts by Senate Republicans.
Again, Trump and McConnell have achieved this despite the dilatory tactics of the Democrats, who have forced procedural “cloture” votes an astonishing 131 times on Trump’s judicial nominees, compared to only seven cloture votes in the first three years of all of the previous five presidencies combined.
How did Trump and McConnell manage this feat? It all goes back to Reid's greedy effort to stack the courts. In 2013, with Obama in the White House and Democrats controlling the Senate, Reid made the fateful decision to limit Senate debate on judges — something he had strongly opposed when Republicans had considered doing it during the Bush administration.
Unlike those earlier Republicans, Reid got Democrats to stick together on the so-called nuclear option, using a bare majority of the Senate to make a major rule change that the wiser voices in his party warned against. Thanks to Reid, it would no longer take 60 votes to confirm a judge.
It was a very short-sighted decision because Obama would only enjoy the advantage for a single year. After Republicans seized the Senate in the 2014 election, they hit the brakes on judicial appointments. McConnell made sure that Obama would end his presidency with only about the same number of judges confirmed (329) as Bush had before him (327).
As a result, Trump would take office not only with the opportunity to fill judicial vacancies with a simple majority, but also with the opportunity to replace dozens and dozens of Democratic appointees who chose to retire in 2013, 2014, or 2015 in the belief that Obama would replace them. This has given Trump a unique opportunity to influence the judiciary that even future presidents will not enjoy."
"A ‘Sad as Hell’ Christmas Suicide" (RoyalFoibles).  "Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies By Suicide, Day After Actor Tweets "Kill Them With Kindness"" (Phillips).  "Kevin Spacey Accuser Mysteriously Commits Suicide (This is the Third Accuser to Die)" (Batty).  "Today's Blind Items - Hired Help" (CDaN). Geffen appears to be systematically killing off Spacey's victims, at least those who inconveniently speak out, and Spacey is gloating.  This is a warning to any future victims of Geffen's Gay Mafia who might decide to speak out.

Thursday, December 26, 2019


"Hunter Biden is linked to multiple criminal probes involving fraud, money laundering and counterfeiting, and owns stunning Hollywood Hills home, paternity court case documents claim" (Edwards).  Hunter is a kind of white trash version of Randy Andy, the dynasty's failson.

"Obama talks up Warren behind closed doors to wealthy donors" (Parnes).  Faux' is the Wall Street candidate, no matter how much they try to fool you to the contrary.

"The Damning Revelations about George Papadopoulos in a DOJ IG Report Claiming Exculpatory Evidence" (emptywheel). Linked partly as a cautionary example of the Alzheimer-like effects of TDS (note how she slips in the whoppers, like referring to the stuff Seth Rich leaked as "material Russia stole", and how she refers to the American IC campaign of setting up Trump campaign staffers as a legitimate intelligence operation!), but also to show how, after multiple mysterious questions from Halper about WikiLeaks, Papadopoulos, a bit of a babe in the woods, finally tweaked to the fact he was being set up, and recorded, thus prompting the sudden interest in talking about how neither he nor the Trump campaign would dream of doing anything illegal!  Also note that the real crime of Papadopoulos, for which, of course, he was never charged or punished, was working for Israel.

"A News Chronology Of France In 2019: The Year Of Yellow Vest Rebellion" (Mazaheri).  Mass popular resistance against one of the clearest examples of a khazarocracy is not news, goyim:  tweet (Millionaires Shouldn't Exist):
"One MILLION people turned out to the French general strike 2 days ago. Story Count from: CNN - 0 FOX - 0 CBS - 0 MSNBC - 0 WaPo - 0 ABC - 0 Wall St Journal - 0 NPR - 0 PBS - 0 New York Times - ............1"
Tweet (Mark Ames) (champions of the passive voice):
 "Watch as @guardian airbrushes NATO's catastrophic intervention in Libya out of history. Never happened. There was just a "civil war" and "turmoil" and "mercenaries", and we decent civilized westerners are helpless to stop it. theguardian.com/world/2019/dec"
 "Canada Follows US Lead By Ignoring OPCW Scandal" (Engler).

"The Trudeau Government Joins the Global Majority on Israel-Palestinian Relations" (Hall):
"B’nai Brith Canada sometimes represents itself as a “human rights” organization engaged in benevolent philanthropy. It has exploited this image to gain federal recognition as a registered charity capable of granting tax deductions for donations. Perhaps the time has come for an objective federal assessment to see if B’nai Brith Canada has lived up to its side of the bargain. Has B’nai Brith Canada acted like a genuine charity devoted to the ideal of universal human rights or has it acted more as a partisan political lobby?"
Tweet (رضا محمد هاشم):
"#حقوق_الإنسان Three children may be executed and beheaded at the beginning of the New Year in Saudi Arabia due to their participation in peaceful demonstrations in the eastern region • Ali Al-Nimer • Abdullah Al-Zahir • Dawood Al-Marhoon #SaudiArabia #MerryChrismas"
Tweet (Michael Moran):
"Bit cheeky, bit topical."

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Pinned to the wall

"Epstein "Admitted To Me He Was A Spy", Ex-Biz Partner Warns "He's Got Prince Andrew Pinned To The Wall"" (Howard).

On Guardian 'journalists' retyping info from the 'security company' that was spying on Assange, and passing it off as 'news':  "The Guardian forced to clarify misleading article on Assange and Russia".  "Guardian corrects article about Julian Assange embassy ‘escape plot’ to Russia… a year later".  Plus it is a completely wild tale, obviously made up by those who like to see Assange as a Putin agent.

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"We're told that Trump "disregarded US foreign policy towards Ukraine" and "chose not to follow talking points" despite being "briefed on official policy." This impeachment is the ratification of the idea that security state bureaucrats are the keepers of "official policy." Insane"
"The TSA and Security Theater: Understanding American Airport Security Following 9/11" (ammodotcom).  Putting up with this crap like sheep is one of the strongest signs that the goyim really are farm animals.

The mechanics of the plan to remove citizenship from Indian Muslims:  "The three-step communal game plan" (Karat).  Everything about this lawfare plan has a huge Khazar stench, it's the same kind of 'innocent'-step-by-'innocent'-step Hello, Newman! plan we've just seen from Trump to criminalize any criticism of Israel on campuses.  All in the spirit of the legalese of Le Merchant of Venice.

"How Arabization Changed Islam in Asia" (Kingston).  Fucking Saudis!

"French Union Workers Agree to Halt Production at Key Oil Facility".

"Syrian Army Takes Key HTS Stronghold in Jarjanaz in Idlib, With Pressure Mounting on Turkey" (Iskef).

"Twitter rejects my censorship appeal" (Levine). The arbitrariness of deplatforming is preparing us for the idea that we can be deplatformed for any reason at all.

We fight them there (with proxies), so we don't have to fight them over here:  "Trump's Impeachment, Ukraine, and War With Russia" (Levine) (the Ukrainians have to realize, and quickly, that the Assholian policy establishment that 'supports' Ukraine is literally stark raving mad):
"It’s the idea that Ukraine is a forward operating base in America’s war with Russia — a strategic military barrier that’s keeping the Russian horde pinned down and preventing it from overrunning the western world. That’s why you constantly hear all this talk about Ukraine being such a “vital” and “strategic” partner and why it requires a constant infusion of weapons. If America doesn’t fight Russia and kill Russians in Ukraine, Russian tanks are going to roll through the Donbass, past Kiev, into Poland, then Germany and France…and then get on a boat and sail all the way to America. And before you know it, Putin is going to be personally at your doorstep, terrorizing you and your family and stealing your Amazon packages."
The only rational explanation is that Democrat ((('donors'))) have decided their supremacism will be rewarded with Trump more than with any possible Democrat.  "Nancy Pelosi’s Scripted Impeachment Failure" (Redmayne-Titley). "Democrats Cave in Secret Budget Deal with Trump" (Nader).  "The Fake Impeachment: Pelosi’s Botched Ploy Helps Trump Towards Victory" (Flores).

Superb:  "How the Pro-War “Left” Fell for the Kurds in Syria" (Parry):
"Why would the U.S. risk losing its geo-strategic alliance with Turkey? To put it simply, it’s ‘special relationship’ with Israel took greater precedent. Any way you slice it, Washington’s foray into the region has been as much about Zionism as imperialism and its backing of the Kurds is no exception. Despite the blowback, the invasion of Iraq and destruction of Libya took two enormous sources of support for the Palestinian resistance off the chessboard. It may have strengthened Iran in the process, but that is all the more reason for the U.S. to sell a regime change attempt in Tehran in the future. Regrettably for Washington, when it tried to do the same in Syria, Russia intervened and emerged as the new peace broker in the Middle East. It comes as no surprise that following the Turkish invasion of northern Syria amid the U.S. withdrawal, the Kurds have finally struck a deal with Damascus and Moscow, a welcome and inevitable development that should have occurred years ago.
One of the main reasons for the Kurds joining the SDF so willingly has the same explanation as to why Washington was prepared to put its relationship with Ankara in jeopardy by supporting them: Israel. The cozy relationship between the Zionist state and the various Kurdish groups centered at the intersection of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria goes back as far as the 1960s, as Jerusalem has consistently used them to undermine its enemies. It is not by chance that their respective interests overlap to a near tee, between the founding of a Kurdish protectorate and the Zionist plan for a ‘Greater Israel’ in the Middle East which includes a balkanization of Syria. Mossad has openly provided the Kurds with training and they have learned much in the ways of the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from the Jewish state in order to carve out a Syrian Kurdistan. One can certainly have sympathy for the Kurds as the largest ethnic group in the world at 40 million people without a state, but the Israel connection runs much deeper than geopolitical interests to the very ideological basis of their militancy which calls all of their stated ideals into question.
The ties between the YPG and the PKK are undeniable, as both groups follow jailed leader Abdullah Öcalan’s teachings which merge Kurdish nationalism with the theories of ‘democratic confederalism’ from the influential Jewish-American anarchist philosopher, Murray Bookchin. While the PKK may have been initially founded as a ‘Marxist-Leninist’ organization in the early 70s, a widespread misconception is that it still follows that aim when its ideology long-ago shifted to that of a self-professed and contradictory ‘libertarian socialism’ theorized by Bookchin who was actually a zealous anti-communist. Not coincidentally, the Western anarchist icon was also an avowed Zionist who often defended Israel’s war crimes and genocide of Palestinians while demonizing its Arab state opponents as the aggressors, including Syria. Scratch an anarchist and a neo-conservative will bleed, every time.
Many on the pseudo-left who have pledged solidarity with the Kurds have attempted to base their reasoning on a historically inaccurate analogy comparing the Syrian conflict with the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. You would think ISIS would be the obvious first choice for the fascists in the Syrian war, but journalist Robert Mackey of popular “progressive” news site The Intercept even tried to cast the Syrian government as Francisco Franco’s Nationalists in an article comparing the 1937 bombing of Guernica by the Condor Legion to the 2018 chemical attack in Douma which remains in dispute regarding its perpetrator. One wonders if Mackey will retract his absurd comparison now that dozens of inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have dissented in emails published by WikiLeaks showing that the OPCW engaged in a cover-up with the Trump administration to pin blame for the attacks on the Syrian government instead of the opposition, but don’t hold your breath.
In this retelling of the Spanish Civil War, the Kurds are generally seen in the role of the Trotskyite Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification (POUM) and the anarchist trade union National Confederation of Labour (CNT). In the midst of the conflict between the Nazi-supported Nationalists and Soviet-backed Republicans that was a prelude to World War II, the mobilization effort of all anti-fascist forces into a unified Popular Front was obstructed by the ultra-left and intransigent POUM and CNT who were then expelled from the coalition for their sectarianism. While the government was still fighting the Francoists, the POUM and CNT then attacked the Republicans but were put down in a failed insurrection. Although this revolt did not directly cause the loyalist defeat, it nevertheless sapped the strength from the Popular Front and smoothed the path for the generalissimo’s victory.
In the years since, Trotskyists have attempted to rewrite history by alleging that a primary historical text documenting the POUM’s sabotage of the Republicans — a 1938 pamphlet by journalist Georges Soria, the Spanish correspondent for the French Communist Party newspaper L’Humanite — is a forgery. On the Marxists Internet Archive website, an ‘editor’s note’ is provided as a preface to the text citing a single quote from Soria with the claim he admitted the work in its entirety was “no more than a fabrication”, but his words are selectively cropped to give that impression. While the author did admit accusations that the POUM‘s leadership were literal agents of Franco were a sensationalized exaggeration, the source of the full quote states the following:
“On the one hand, the charge that the leaders of POUM, among them Andrés Nin, ‘were agents of the Gestapo and Franco’, was no more than a fabrication because it was impossible to adduce the slightest evidence. On the other hand, although the leaders of POUM were neither agents of Franco or agents of the Gestapo, it is true that their relentless struggle against the Popular Front played the game nolens volens (like it or not/willingly or unwillingly) of the Caudillo (General Franco).”
In other words, Soria did not say the whole work was counterfeit like the editor’s note misleadingly suggests and reiterated that the POUM’s subversion helped Franco. (The Marxists Internet Archive does not hide its pro-Trotsky bias in its FAQ section.)

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm summarized the inherent contradictions of the Spanish Civil War and the role ultra-leftism played in the demise of the Republic in one of his later essays:
“Of course, the posthumous polemics about the Spanish war are legitimate, and indeed essential — but only if we separate out debate on real issues from the parti pris of political sectarianism, cold-war propaganda and pure ignorance of a forgotten past. The major question at issue in the Spanish civil war was, and remains, how social revolution and war were related on the republican side. The Spanish civil war was, or began as, both. It was a war born of the resistance of a legitimate government, with the help of a popular mobilisation, against a partially successful military coup; and, in important parts of Spain, the spontaneous transformation of the mobilisation into a social revolution. A serious war conducted by a government requires structure, discipline and a degree of centralisation. What characterises social revolutions like that of 1936 is local initiative, spontaneity, independence of, or even resistance to, higher authority — this was especially so given the unique strength of anarchism in Spain.”
Murray Bookchin also wrote at length about the Spanish Civil War but celebrated the decentralized anarchist tactics which incapacitated the Popular Front. The anarcho-syndicalist theorist championed the ‘civil war within the civil war’ as a successful example of his antithetical vision of ‘libertarian socialism’, while his emphasis on the individualist aspects of the former half of his oxymoronic and anti-statist theory often bears a striking resemblance to neoliberal talking points about self-regulating free markets. This would explain why he actually regarded right-wing libertarians to be his natural allies over the the socialist left, whom he considered ‘totalitarian’ as he told the libertarian publication Reason magazine in an interview in 1979. His reactionary demonization of the Soviet Union and dismissal of the accomplishments of all other socialist revolutions was recalled by Michael Parenti in Blackshirts and Reds:

“Left anticommunists remained studiously unimpressed by the dramatic gains won by masses of previously impoverished people under communism. Some were even scornful of such accomplishments. I recall how in Burlington Vermont, in 1971, the noted anticommunist anarchist, Murray Bookchin, derisively referred to my concern for “the poor little children who got fed under communism” (his words).”

Like the International Brigades consisting of foreign volunteers to assist the Spanish Republic in the 1930s, there is an ‘International Freedom Battalion’ currently fighting with the Kurds in Syria. Unfortunately, its live-action role playing ‘leftist’ mercenaries missed the part about the original International Brigades having been backed by the Comintern, not the U.S. military. Meanwhile, Western media usually hostile to any semblance of radical politics have heavily promoted the Rojava federation as a feminist ‘direct democracy’ utopia, particularly giving excessive attention to the all-female Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) militia while ignoring the female regiments fighting for the secular Syrian government. As a result of the media’s exoticized portrayal of the Kurds and their endorsement by prominent misleaders on the left, from Slavoj Žižek to Noam Chomsky, many have been fooled into supporting them."
More 'leftist' hijinks:  "Chronicle of a Coup Foretold" (Mier).  See also the possibility that the Bolivian coup was about a fear from the 'managers' of climate change under capitalism - the forces behind Greta - that Bolivian indigenous climate change activists threatened the big-capital-friendly (((model))) - see Morningstar here, here and here, which may also explain (((Klein)))'s infamous prevaricating over the use of the 'coup' word.

(((Bookchin))) and (((Klein))), makes you think!  See also the new 'Radicals for Fauxcahontas' Movement:  "Radical Academics for the Status Quo" (Featherstone).  Btw, that's (((Butler))) to you, goyim.

"The Mysterious Frank Taylor Report: The 9/11 Document that Launched US-NATO’s “War on Terrorism” in the Middle East" (Harrit) (it's funny how Bush got the black guys, Powell and Taylor, to do the heavy lifting/lying):
"Is there any forensic evidence provided in this document to serve as a legal basis for the invocation of Article 5?
Nothing. There is absolutely no forensic evidence in support of the claim that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated from Afghanistan.
Only a small part of the introductory text deals with 9/11, in the form of summary claims like the citation in Lord Robertson’s press release. The main body of the text deals with the alleged actions of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the nineties.
On 4 October, NATO officially went to war based on a document that provided only ‘talking points’ and no evidence to support the key claim."
Tweet (John-Paul Pagano) (another 'conspiracy theory' that is 100% true, and grounded in exactly the same kind of supremacist racism from both the Khazars and the Assholes):
"Right after a mass-murder of Jews by African-Americans believing the conspiracy theory that Jews use US police to murder people of color, @jvplive spreads the conspiracy theory that Israel trains US police to murder people of color."
Ha ha ha ha! Tweet (David Sheen):
"Tel Aviv University to shut down Center For Peace Research"
 Tweet (Chris Megerian):
"It’s strange that the president’s personal lawyer lists a job he never had on his Facebook page"
Tweet (Festive Jean Paul Marat):
"six beers deep, can't stop thinking about epstein's portrait of bush jr with two paper airplanes and two collapsed jenga towers, by the same artist that painted bill clinton in a dress"
Tweet (Alex Rubinstein):
"What the hell do they put in the water at Buckingham Palace?"
Merry Christmas!