Friday, January 31, 2020

Torture and the National-Security State

"Chinese Resilience and Silent, Simple and Steady Resistance:  a Model for Mankind" (Koenig).  After praising the impressive Chinese reaction to the crisis:
". . . it should also be noted that this case of 2019-nCoV is curiously similar to other CoronoVirus diseases, like the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – MERS,  first found in Saudi Arabia (2012) and then it spread to other Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan African countries; and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), first discovered in China in 2002, spread around the world but was quickly contained and caused no known infections after 2004. Both are coronaviruses, suspected having been laboratory-made, with animal trials, and the viruses’ transfer to humans was only possible with human assistance. Then the viruses mutated to make human-to-human infection possible. Both SARS and the new 2019-nCoV virus also have the particularity of affecting primarily people of the Chinese race.
There are some 100-plus CIA / Pentagon sponsored clandestine and semi-known laboratories spread throughout the world – laboratories to fabricate and test agents for biological warfare. A few years ago, one such laboratory was discovered and reported on in Ukraine. They were working on a virus affecting the “Russian Race”. Since there is no homogenous Russian Race – their initial trials supposedly failed. Since the empire never gives up in its evil attempts to dominate the world, we can assume that research on race directed bio-agents continues.
This western, especially American (CIA, Pentagon, NATO) project to develop bio-chemical weapons to kill people by disease rather than bullets and bombs – it is much cheaper and less obvious – does exist. You may draw your own conclusion on whether SARS and the new 2019-nCoV fits that pattern. The timing of the appearance was especially curious. It was first reported on 31 December 2019 in Wuhan (the center of China) – and then expanded rapidly, so that it interfered with China’s most important Holiday, the Lunar New Year. It could, of course, be just coincidence.
One of Washington’s “low-grade” warfare models is destabilizing China (and Russia for that matter) with any means. With the objective of destabilization, China is constantly being harassed and aggressed – see Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Tibet, the tariff wars – and why not with a contagious virus, a trial for a potential pandemic?"
"Coronavirus: the Dark Side" (Roberts). From The Peg!

Using the secret service to block process servers (it is easier to get a bullet past the bullet-dodgers than a writ), exactly what you would expect from her, but not a nice look for a lawmaker:  "No One Is Above The Law? Hillary Clinton Refuses To Be Served Tulsi Gabbard Lawsuit" (Durden).

Tweet (Shaun King) (Biden is hilariously shameless in his lying):
"For nearly 50 years, @JoeBiden
 has publicly pretended to have been a part of the Civil Rights Movement.

He's not "exaggerating" or "embellishing," he is creating entire fictional storylines to impress white liberals & connect w/ Black voters.

It must be confronted

A thread..."
"Jared Kushner taunts Palestinians because he wants them to reject his ‘peace plan’" (North).  "Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ won’t bring peace – that was the plan" (Cook).  It's not as stupid as it looks - the (((lawfare experts))) carefully concocted the legalese so Israel could steal the settlements while not facing any risk of having to give up anything.

"The Torturers and the ‘Ticking Bomb’: How Torture Became Routine in the Global War on Terror" (Giraldi).  Torture fits very nicely into the National-Security State, which requires constant threats for its very existence.  Indeed, given the extreme unlikelihood that any of the conceptual basis of the National-Security State bears any connection to reality, torture is probably essential.  There are always magic words which the torture victim is expected to come up with, words describing the kind of threat that would justify the continuation and expansion of the National-Security State.  It is a kind of game - the torturer can give hints about what the words are, but can't provide the full key as that would be cheating.  If the victim comes up with the magic words, the torture is over, and the victim is either executed or sent to a dungeon forever.  If he is not clever enough to provide the magic words, the torture continues until he dies.  The torturer is judged on how many sets of magic words he or she manages to come up with in order to justify his or her own job and the entire National-Security State itself.

Areas of common ground

We're in a short period of truthfulness in the post-'deal' gloating, amongst both Khazars and the shabbos goyim they employ:  tweet (Ben Norton):
"This senior advisor and economist at the neoconservative pro-war DC think tank FDD (which works closely with the Trump administration) just tweeted "death to Palestine" and praised Iranian anti-government extremists who chant it in the streets"
Tweet (Linda McQuaig) (shekels, though (((they))) might also have blackmail material on him):
"As Toronto Star editorial notes, Trump-Netanyahu deal creates "mock Palestinian state under thumb of Israel" & is "death of 2-state solution" long supported by most Western nations, incl Canada. Why is Trudeau gov not denouncing this "peace" plan? #cdnpoli"
Tweet (LOLGOP):
"Spent all night wishing I'd been elected to the Senate so I could have have asked Dershowitz if Trump would be allowed to have Jeffery Epstein killed and the murder covered up by William Barr if Trump thought it was in the national interest."
Tweet (Michael Arria):
""This is not a peace plan. It is theft."-Ilhan Omar

"There are some areas of common ground here."-Nancy Pelosi"
"Buried in Trump-Netanyahu Deal Is Effort to Torpedo Int’l Criminal Court War Crimes Probe of Israel" (Germanos). In return for (((our))) stealing all your land, you have to stop complaining about it.

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"Key factors in achieving excellent child health in Cuba as identified by the British Medical Journal:"
The world is lucky the corona virus outbreak occurred in China, one of the rare places in the world with a competent and functioning government with the interests of its people in mind.

""Tits-and-Bums Items" from The Alan Dershowitz Collection" (Barford).

Thursday, January 30, 2020


The tributes to Soleimani keep adding up:  "Moscow pips Pompeo at the Syrian post" (Bhadrakumar):
"recent report in the National Interest magazine based on briefing by highly-placed State Department officials openly bragged that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “played a lead role in pushing for a military confrontation against Iran. He reportedly made it his personal message to kill Suleimani, and his State Department is inching towards an endorsement of regime change [in Iran].”  
The report added that the Trump administration is “resurrecting the push against [Bashar al] Assad as part of its quiet war on Iran.” Simply put, Pompeo who is wired to Tel Aviv, hopes to bring the US policies in Syria back on the track that Israel always wanted. 
However, Moscow has punctured Pompeo’s triumphalist balloon even before it really took off in Idlib. The US has suffered a major blow to its prestige as it watched helplessly the Russian airpower brutally taking apart its proxies in Idlib. 
Pompeo’s bitterness shows in his statement on Tuesday condemning “the combined forces of Russia, the Iranian regime, Hizballah, and the Assad regime” for conducting a “large-scale assault upon the people of Idlib and western Aleppo provinces.” 
The fall of Maarat al-Numan (after some 9 years) to Syrian government forces cannot be underestimated. The town is situated on the M-4 highway connecting the western province of Latakia (where Russian bases are located) with Syria’s northeastern regions, as it runs all along the Turkish border up to Mosul in Iraq.
Without control of M-4, an autonomous Syrian Kurdistan cannot have access to the Eastern Mediterranean coast. The security and safety of the Russian bases demands that Idlib is cleansed of the extremist al-Qaeda affiliates, which the US might use as proxies. Again, M-4 provides a land route from Iran via Iraq and Syria to Lebanon."
and (more Russian diplomacy, a skill set the Americans have absolutely no answer to):
"Paradoxically, the greater the territorial control over northern Syria bordering Turkey, the brighter are the prospects for a rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus. 
Put differently, the Russian strategic calculus is working on resuscitating the moribund Adana Accord of 1998, the reciprocal deal that encourages Ankara to work with Damascus on issues of border security. 
On Friday, in a desperate roll of the dice, the US President Donald Trump telephoned his Turkish President Recep Erdogan by playing on Ankara’s concerns over refugee flow from Idlib. But Erdogan didn’t take the bait. 
Interestingly, Turkey has since taken the stance that it will intervene in Idlib only if its 12 observation posts in the province came under attack. Meanwhile, Moscow too is taking care that there is no collateral damage to the Russian-Turkish entente, which of course is of high strategic importance to both sides. 
Evidently, both Moscow and Ankara are finessing the emergent situation so that Turkey can live with the new facts on the ground in Idlib. The contradictions can be fully resolved only if the nascent Moscow-brokered reconciliation between Ankara and Damascus gains traction and eventually leads to the vacation of Turkish occupation of Syrian territory."
Having such a stupid, stupid ass as Pompeo in such a position, completely unaware of what a moron he is, with Trump stuck with him, is a huge benefit to the resistance, and a powerful accelerant to the decline of the hegemon.

Blueberry Hill

Creative tweet (Stephen Miles):
"Last year the United States dropped 7,423 bombs on #Afghanistan. That's a fairly incomprehensible number. So to help you understand, here's 7,423 bombs. Then imagine how the US would respond if another country dropped one single bomb on us."
Tweet (Ollie Vargas):
"Important: Interpol has rejected the Bolivian regime's request for a red alert on Evo Morales. They know that the case against him is pure persecution."
Tweet (Ryan Grim):
"Bolivia's "interim" leader, who promised not to run in the next election, is running. Meanwhile the government is working to disqualify the candidate from Morales' party. Everyone who claimed any pretense of concern for Bolivian election integrity should be furious." 
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Why didn't the renowned "open source" @bellingcat sleuths perform a quick search for this image? Seems like an obvious angle anyone seeking the truth about Douma would have wanted to explore. Unless, that is, you were only seeking to confirm your own bias."
"White Helmets Plotting False Flag Attacks in Syria, Captured Jihadist Militant Confirms".

Tweet (Patrick Henningsen):
"More desperate defamation attacks by Huffington Post UK against #OPCW whistleblowers & truth-telling academics. Increasingly arrogant now..."
No Florida as it is under water due to global warming (also needs a bantustan around (((Hollywood))): tweet (Shehab Agency) (reply in the style to which we are accustomed, which will itself need to be updated):
"How about that Donald J.Trump?"

This is a unilateral shekeled and blackmailed illegal decision by the US government - what the fuck does Korybko, riding his usual obsession about Putin, think Russia can do about it, unless Putin controls the US government in the way the Clintonistas tell us he does?:  "Don’t be Surprised if Russia Tacitly Supports the Trump-Netanyahu “Deal of the Century”".

Niqnaq supplies the Colonel, counting dead and injured Assholes:  "you’ve got to hand it to the colonel … he’s a hard-core guy … a survivor …".

With all the incompetent lying 'journalists' they employ, Jeff suspends the one who was doing her job:  "WaPo Reinstates Reporter Suspended for Tweeting About Kobe Rape Case".  "Kobe Bryant's Colorado prosecutor recalls the case that linked them" (Wickersham).

"Prince Andrew Claims That The FBI Hasn’t Requested To Talk Him About Jeffrey Epstein" (C.J.).

Torturers all around the world share the remarkable quality of feeling deeply, deeply sorry for themselves (though the $81 million probably helps with the pain):  "Psychologist responsible for devising torture methods testifies at Guantanamo Bay hearing" (McLean).

"The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich" (Murray).

Excellent description of Hasid anti-gentile tactics (needless to say, you won't see that anywhere in the (((media)))), though Giraldi could have gone on to discuss the slumlord tactics of people like President Jared:  "‘Wave of Anti-Semitism’ Exaggerated" (Giraldi).

One day we'll wake up to hear Macron delivering his resignation speech, and the (((media))), having studiously avoided any mention of the massive protests across France against Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o (not to mention the extremely violent repression used by the Khazars against the French people for daring to complain), will say it came out of the blue:  "France: Firefighters Fighting Cops in the Streets While Wearing Joker Makeup! They’re Setting Themselves on Fire!" (Sol).  Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (also):
"Clashes today in Paris between French police & firefighters. You'd have to wonder at the stability of France seeing stuff like this. I've seen plenty of Russian protests but never witnessed different branches of the state fight each other."
Everybody's got 'principles' until the blackmail pedo tapes and the bags of shekels arrive:  "Dutch court grants immunity for Israeli war crimes" (Nieuwhof). Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"What’s remarkable about Dutch court giving @gantzbe immunity is that it overrides even the Dutch government’s position that state actors don’t have any immunity for war crimes. The court is more pro-war criminal than even the Dutch government!"
Meticulous summary:  "Danish Press Board says report on Browder lies & tax evasion is true" (Komisar).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"As the UK proved (and the US would have proved in 2016 if Sanders had won), the Sacred Duty of Party Loyalty only applies to coerce leftists to support centrist candidates they loathe.

It never applies to force centrists to support leftists when they are chosen as the candidate:"
Ha!:  "Why has Human Rights Watch teamed up with Israeli warmongers?" (Cronin).  Why, (((indeed)))?

The obscured colonial history of Oman:  tweet (Mark Ames):
"Dhofar rebels wanted egalitarianism & end to colonial feudalism. Britain wanted Oman’s oil & strategic airbases. So the Brits exterminated leftist Dhofar rebels & propped up medieval dictatorships under Sultan Taimur, then his son Qaboos, who recently died."
 Blueberry Hill (he should probably stick to something he is good at, like running American elections, and installing Presidents!).

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Reasonably comparable in size

The annexation:  tweet (Nahal Toosi):
"Mini-SCOOP: I obtained the talking points the @StateDept is telling US diplomats to use when talking about the Mideast peace plan. There are some interesting bits, including on the US agreeing to recognize Israel law in West Bank settlements:"
So much lawfare here you can small the Merchant of Venice slinking around in the background:
". . .  the United States has committed to recognizing any Israeli actions to extend Israeli sovereignty into areas of the West Bank that the Vision foresees as being part of Israel in a two-state solution. The United States would recognize the application of Israeli law only in those areas."
Note also this whopper about the tiny statelet and bantustans:
"This Vision ensures the future State of Palestine is viable, connected, and reasonably comparable in size to the territory of the West Bank and Gaza pre-1967."
JYT:  "Today’s ‘NY Times’ report on the new annexation plan is a disgusting example of pro-Israel bias" (North).

Who is the troll in the background?:  "Donald Trump Unveils Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan" ('Hunter Wallace').

The plan from the beginning is to have the Palestinians reject it, so that Israel can steal the land and not have to give any of the pittance required by the deal, and thus keep Bibi out of jail (now that the Bibb legal problems are no longer required, it would not shock me if they just disappeared).

On the (((media))) blaming it all on Christian Zionism:  "Ultra-Jew Overload: Trump Unveils Kushner’s Brutal Peace Plan for Israel-Palestine Conflict" (Anglin).

Tweet (David Beard) (Trump had lots of excuses for escalation if he wanted to):
"For the fourth time, the Pentagon has raised the number of American military personnel injured in Iran's missile attack three weeks ago.

Now it's 50."
Tweet (Mike Prysner) (she just can't stop lying):
"Yikes. After her own brother publicly refuted her claim on campaign trail that their dad was a janitor—then press confirmed he was never a janitor—Warren is running a new campaign ad calling her father a janitor. And get this, using a photo of him with a garbage can as “proof”"
Tweets by Alexander Clarkson on UAE's role in Libya.

"Practice Fusion pushed opioids" (Metafilter).  Pharma Co. X is Purdue.

System leader

"Iran Becomes the Prize to America’s Warring Parties’ Rites of War" (Crooke):
"Professor Mike Vlahos however, articulates another perspective that the Europeans seem to have overlooked. In his book, Fighting Identity, Vlahos goes beyond the usual trite parallels to argue that the U.S. is not an ordinary nation-state but a “system leader”, a civilizational power like Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire. The system leader is “a universalistic identity framework tied to a state. This vantage is helpful because the United States clearly owns this identity framework today”.”
Vlahos’ second point is that the U.S. success versus the USSR gave rise to hubris: leading to American leaders “inhabiting a worldview of iron conservatism”. After all, (as they saw it), they are defending not ‘the nation’ per se, but rather its global vision, and rules-based global order. Concomitantly, as the civil public eased themselves into the comfort of the New American Century, and the military ethos waned amongst the public, the military-security complex reacted by becoming correspondingly certain that it must assume the security burden of defending the U.S. vision that had prevailed in the Cold War. Hence ‘the state’ effectively grew and separated to become its own subculture, or rather, a constellation of state subcultures, military and bureaucratic (i.e. the Deep State) that sees its mission to act as the ‘iron’ guardian to this universalist vision – even (though Vlahos does not make the connection explicit) to guard the state against ‘populist’ leaders such as Trump, who would betray the guardianship or covenant for some mercantilist vision that actually damages it (in their view).
The point here is that as the old order is contested and broken apart, both by Trump and ‘the Resistance’ (i.e. those who see themselves as guardians of the old order), “the warring sides have hardened their hearts so that they will do almost anything in order to prevail. The great irony is that [in] their mutual drive to win … [the warring sides] refuse to work together in the rusting carapace of old constitutional order. Yet nonetheless, they work shoulder-to-shoulder, together, to overthrow it. For both sides, the old order is the major obstacle to victory. Hence victory is through overthrow”.
What may be missing from the Euro3 assessment of the situation then, is how hugely symbolically important it is to both these warring U.S. factions, that Islamic Iran be brought kneeling in contrition and repentance for its Revolution. For the U.S. military-security establishment, it would represent another signal victory for American hegemony – in symbolic terms, as important a civilisational victory as that against ‘Marxism’. For Trump, nothing can better demonstrate to Americans that his high-stakes negotiating ploys are strategic, the risks are measured, and the payoff will be a neutralized Iran (without nuclear capability).
The Euro3 may think that all they did, in effect, was to put additional pressure on Iran to strike an agreement with Trump. This sounds oh-so rational, and common-sensical. But the U.S. is not engaged in the kind of think-tank strategic analysis outlined above. It is playing to win its internal, dirty civil war – by any means. The military-security establishment wants Mid-East energy dominance; it will not tolerate any threat to its dollarised financial weaponry advantage that a Russian-led mini Belt and Road might imply – and it will not allow Israel to fold.
And the Euro3, in sending the JCPOA framework to the scrapheap , inevitably return us to that binary narrative of ‘Iran can never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon: Either Iranians must renounce enrichment entirely, or face the consequences’. Trump may have asked for this action from the Euro3 (or, he may have had demanded it of him by Republican neo-cons in return for their vote against his impeachment), but it may not in fact help him. The JCPOA was – somehow – a possible ‘off-ramp’ to conflict (Iran has stressed repeatedly, that it was the only architecture for de-escalation). But now, after the killing of Soleimani, Iran is unlikely to want to talk with Trump. There is simply no trust. And the Europeans have just disqualified themselves as locuteurs valables.
The binary ‘either/or’ ultimatum being set up by the Euro3 is a gift to the U.S. neo-cons and their evangelical allies, more than it represents an aid for Trump. Furthermore, it could even trigger a common interest between Evangelical and military-security complex linked Senators with Democrats to vote for Trump’s impeachment – and thereby bring the Evangelical Pence into office.
The trend lines thus do not augur well. U.S. pressures will escalate – in line with the binary ‘either/or’ ultimatum, and Iran will then push back through increasing enrichment and acts of deterrence. The present lull in tensions may be short-lived."
One of the good things to come out of the assassination is the obvious panic in the Gulf and even Israel that Iran and its allies, even under American attack, were and are perfectly capable of laying a whooping on them, taking out all the oil infrastructure of the Gulf States, and scaring the knowledge workers out of Israel.  We've seen some indications already that the Gulf States are starting to realize that putting all their eggs in the basket of obtaining security from Americans, who are obviously stark raving mad, might not be the best plan.  It remains to be seen if sanity comes to the Gulf in the nick of time (Israel is now completely fucked with the kleptomania taking over everything).

Seth squashed

For a simple mugging gone bad, and an organization that supposedly had nothing to do with the investigation, that's a lot of lying, almost as if they have something to hide:  "FBI Lied to a Federal Court Regarding Seth Rich by Larry C Johnson".   Jonathan Moffat, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were made aware of the FOIA request being 'squashed'.

To a large extent, the FBI seems to have become the Federal Bureau of Clinton Crime Cover-ups.

Screw ups

Tweet (William Lafi Youmans):
Tweet (Borzou Daragahi):
Everyone knows that the best way to start off constructive negotiations is to start off by trashing the other party and calling them "screw ups"
One good thing about this is that a lot of eyes are going to be opened to how bad Chabad really is, Pure Unadulterated Evil, and President Jared can't hide his disdain for the farm animals.  'You are a screw up, goyim, unless you give us everything'. Another good thing? The leaders of the Gulf States are just as bad, and have proven it.

"Bennett to Netanyahu: 'Annex settlements now, and we’ll support you'" (Lazaroff). The obvious plan is to steal it all now, then never give the Palestinians even the pittance in the 'deal' (it is an odd deal that only involves one party!), on the basis that 'they didn't live up to their side'.  It has been set up to work like this (the Zionist ratchet - use each theft as the basis for the next one).  That strange four year delay takes us just past the end of Trump's second term.  Then they can start squeezing the borders, just like Gaza, to make life impossible, and steal the rest.

Bipartisan, goyim:  "Trump unveils farcical Mideast “peace plan” as Netanyahu is indicted" (Van Auken):
"In what amounted to self-parody, Trump proclaimed a “historic breakthrough” for the plan on the grounds that he had succeeded in winning approval from both Netanyahu and his rival in the Israeli elections set for March 2, Benny Gantz, the Blue and White Party candidate, who is a former chief of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)."
"Trump’s “win-win” plan hands everything to Israel" (Karmi).  The final 'deal' is actually much worse than the ideas that we floated over the last year, and rejected by the Palestinians.

It's basically a deal made possible by the intellectual framework of lite Zionism (if Khazars were capable of shame, guys like Weiss should be hanging their heads right now):  tweet ((((YousefMunayyer)))):
"Trump's plan is an extension of Liberal Zionism; if the axis on which everything turns is fitting any Palestinian existence to the contours of Zionism, it doesn't matter how small or disconnected the Palestinian entity is, as long as the fantasy can be kept alive."
"Samidoun: Colonial “Deal of the Century” sure to fail; time to fight back and defend Palestine":
"Of course, the show in the White House today – attended by a slew of notorious, right-wing Zionists, including billionaire political donor Sheldon Adelson, sitting in the front row after bankrolling Trump’s campaign, and genocide promoter Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project, responsible for repeated frivolous lawsuits targeting professors, students and people of conscience who speak about Palestine – was also a campaign moment for its ultra-right hosts, Trump and Netanyahu. The fact that this colonial celebration was also backed by fellow Israeli politician Benjamin Gantz highlights the fact that Zionist political competition is only over how to manage the theft of Palestinian land and the taking of Palestinian lives, rather than over the nature of the state itself. Netanyahu was indicted for corruption today, while Trump is under impeachment and facing growing popular demands for real change, like Medicare for All, free public education and ending endless wars, that imperil his re-election campaign."
Another good thing - the Palestinians have no excuse now to continue the crooked charade that is the PA, they can stop policing themselves for the Khazars (the self-abasement known as 'security cooperation'), and they can start the violent resistance that is required.

Tweet (Michael Bueckert):
"As Netanyahu promises to annex all West Bank settlements within days, Canadian MPs are sipping on Apartheid wines"
The whole Bolton thing seems odd, as Bolton has built his whole career on working for Republicans and spreading Wars For The Jews.  Betraying Trump seems like a career-threatening move unless it was part of a bigger deal to put pressure on Trump to do this 'deal' now.  Will the Republican senators musing about allowing witnesses now change their minds?  Tweet (Gregg Carlstrom):
"If you want today in a tweet: The American president, now facing an impeachment trial, unveiled a proposal from his unqualified son-in-law to let Israel's caretaker government, led by an indicted prime minister, start annexing large tracts of occupied land."
This is the ultimate Clarification about what the completely Khazar-run impeachment is really about (also note how they used the legal pressure on Bibi to have Adelson speed up the process, which seemed to be wilting under its general ridiculousness).

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Devil in the details

The kind of dirty detail we'll find slipped into the fine print, in purest Khazar grifting style!:  tweet (A. C. Deger):
"A little line item with a big implication. The Trump proposal calls to strip thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel of their citizenship and designate them as part of the proposed Palestinian state."


Tweet (Inez Carole Shooter):
"Has it occurred to anyone that Harry & The Meg have scarpered because of #PrinceAndrew?"
"New pressure on Prince Andrew to help Epstein investigation" (Katz).  He's just going to drag it out until everybody gives up.  As we've seen, he is not talented at being interviewed.

It would be no more crazy if Trudeau hosted a clown in a Ronald McDonald suit and claimed he was the 'interim' President of the United States:  tweet (Anya Parampil):
"The bottom of this picture is blurred so that you can’t see Trump’s arms reaching through both chairs"
"An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau on Venezuela" (Pagliccia).

In terms of deterioration, Harper would have met with him, but I'm sure Chrétien wouldn't have.

"A US Air Force battlefield-communications plane crashed in Taliban-held territory in Afghanistan" (Woody).  The US has just finished lying about having no casualties from the strike by Iran in Iraq, so we'll see. "Iranian state media cited a nonexistent Associated Press report to claim 'nearly 100 corpses' were found after a US military plane crash in Afghanistan" (Ma).  It is funny that Iranian delay in releasing details until it investigated the Ukrainian plane incident was a terrible 'lie'/'cover-up', but Americans aren't under similar rules and can take as much time as they want.  The problem with analyzing all these incidents, in the complete absence of journalism, and all state actors lying constantly, is that we have absolutely no unmediated access to any facts.  Of course, if a senior government official goes missing, eventually somebody will have to notice.

"Trump’s Middle East peace plan calls for two states, with Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem" (Higgins).  Although the 'deal' has got the land theft you would expect by and for kleptomaniacs, this is very anticlimactic.  Bibi will have to take the newly stolen land, and use it, as always, as the starting point for the next thefts.  Zionism is a progressive (well, regressive), ratcheting process.

Ayatollah Mike, rest in pieces

Wonderful, if true:  "Murderer of Soleimani Killed in US Plane Downing in Afghanistan: Sources":
"Russian intelligence sources have confirmed that Michael D’ Andrea, the head of US intelligence operations against Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, has been killed in Taliban’s shoot-down of a US military plane in Ghazni.

The downed plane was the mobile CIA command for Michael D’ Andrea, and now, America’s most advanced spy platform and mobile command centre with all equipment and documents are in Taliban’s hands.

De Andrea, who was responsible for the assassination of Iran’s top commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, was apparently among the officers on board the plane, the Veterans Today website reports, quoting Russian intelligence sources."
The only tragedy is that the plane seems to have been largely destroyed, limiting the information that can be obtained from it.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Illegitimate usurper

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
continues to treat #JuanGuaido, an illegitimate usurper of Venezuela's constitution who was never elected as President and who exercises no real presidential powers, as #Venezuela's "Interim President."

How long will Trudeau's government continue this charade?"
This is even more hilarious when you consider Guido is more popular with Trudeau and The Nazi than he is with the deranged right-wingers in Venezuela he is supposed to represent, who have already decided he hasn't got what it takes.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Facebook and Instagram have suspended the accounts of the major Iranian scholar Mohammad Marandi, who is a prominent political analyst who regularly appears in the media as a rare voice of reason

Social media corporations continue acting as thought police for the US government"
This is interesting as it evidences a directing, informed mind behind the deplatforming. In other words, somebody who knows the politics is directing the Twitter drones to censor specific threats who reveal too much truth.

Lie down with snakes, you get, um, snake fleas:  "The Burgerim Disaster" (Maze).  The failure to collect royalty fees seems to be an attempt to keep the house of cards standing for as long as possible, to improve the chances of fleecing more suckers in the Ponzi scheme.  Note the inevitable fleeing to Israel, and the fact that the liquidator appears to be as shady as the promoter.

"Teenager in Cyprus rape case 'drugged and suffered nightmares' in prison" (Walker).  Women are going to have to seriously question whether it is prudent to vacation in a place where rape, at least by Jews, is legal, and where in fact rape victims are imprisoned and brutalized for daring to complain.

Picnics:  "Prince Andrew 'had visits from Ghislaine Maxwell 4 times a day' says ex-protection officer" (Hill). "Ghislaine Hacked: Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Madam Claims Email Server 'Breached'" (Durden).

Tweet thread from Kevin Gosztola on various Democrat goons in official party policy positions:
"National Convention committees.

Let's examine some of the individuals. I'll initially focus on the nominees for the DNC Platform Committee.

"'The Only One I Didn't Want Her to Pick': In Secret Recording, Trump Admits Fear of Clinton Picking Sanders as VP in 2016" (Queally).

It never ends:  "Response to Chomsky et al." (Hoenig).

Tweet (John Clarke):
A shameful meeting with a discredited lackey who serves the interests of corrupt elites and brutal exploiters. Then again, #JuanGuaidó really isn't any better. #JustinTrudeau"

(((Coup))), (((Assassination))) and the (((Nut House)))

"The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites?" (MacDonald) (read the whole thing):
"The only surprise: that the Jewish role has been so public. In times past, Jews in many walks of life used WASP-sounding names to lessen public perceptions of their Jewishness, and non-Jews were often recruited to serve as window dressing in what were in fact Jewish-dominated movements, most notably the radical Left in pre-1960s America.
I believe this new blatant approach is a marker of Jewish power in 2020 America: Jews now feel confident enough that they can safely participate in such displays, knowing that their role will never be noted in public debate.
Indeed, it’s quite possible that the average white American watching the hearings genuinely sees the Jewish principals as nothing more than garden-variety white folks—they often seem to have no “Jewdar” at all.
This is no accident, since the percentage of Americans who think “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” in 2008 was 22%, compared to ~50% in 1964—despite Jewish dominance remaining obvious to anyone who bothers to seriously inquire. Being afraid to notice ethnic realities, or having been brainwashed into not noticing them, are major factors in the power of what has to be described as America’s new, Jewish-dominated, elite."
"So, given Trump’s lack of success in effecting fundamental change, why Schiff et al. expending so much energy in an impeachment scenario that has, by all accounts, no chance of actually removing Trump?

Because they can’t help themselves
. I suggest that that the “visceral animosity” that I noted above is motivated by the parallels between Trump’s white working-class base and working-class support for National Socialism in 1930s Germany. This phenomenon was traumatic for Jewish intellectuals, who at the time were deeply immersed in classical class-struggle Marxism. It was of critical importance in motivating the shift pioneered by Frankfurt School toward conceptualizing Jewish interests in terms of race—that the real problem Jews faced was white ethnocentrism, the latter solvable only by propaganda efforts aimed at vilifying white racial identity (which soon became mainstream in the educational efforts of the Jewish activist community) and by importing non-whites in order to diminish white political power.

And, as always, this Jewish effort to nip Trump-style populism in the bud has been carried out with the great psychological intensity that is a general trait of Jewish activism. My observation is that among Jews there is a critical mass that is intensely committed to Jewish causes—a sort of 24/7, “pull out all the stops” commitment that produces instant, massive responses on Jewish issues. Jewish activism has a relentless, never-say-die quality. This intensity goes hand in hand with the “slippery slope” style of arguing: even the most trivial manifestation of anti-Jewish attitudes or behavior is seen as inevitably leading to mass murder of Jews if allowed to continue. (I discuss this at greater length in Understanding Jewish Influence I: Background Traits For Jewish Activism, The Occidental Quarterly, Summer 2003, pp 24-26.)".
"Fifteen Years Before Kennedy, Zionists Murdered Forrestal" (Guyénot).  This is extremely important, and there is a direct line from the assassinations of Northcliffe, Lord Moyne, Bernadotte and Forrestal up to the Khazar-ordered assassination of Soleimani.  Assassination of key opponents to Zionism is so common it is almost a joke.  Actually - and we've been so brainwashed to the contrary that it is quite sad - the Khazars have always been an extremely primitive and violent people, and violence is their predominant characteristic as a supremacist group.  See, for example, "How one hilltop became an incubator for Israeli settler violence" (Roth-Rowland).  'Muscular' Zionism, i.e., the application of psychopathic levels of violence to any goyim who are in their way, is the norm, not the exception, but the farm animals have been trained by the (((entertainment industry))) and (((media))) to believe all Jews are nice schmendricks like Woody Allen portrayed (of course, we now know a lot more about Woody).

"American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations" (Unz) (my emphasis in red; Unz notes a number of times that the entire book under review appears to be a limited hangout, with a lot that should be there missing):

"Although I had seen some discussions of the book when it appeared, I only got around to reading it a few months ago. And while I was deeply impressed by the thorough and meticulous journalism, I found the pages rather grim and depressing reading, with their endless accounts of Israeli agents killing their real or perceived enemies, with the operations sometimes involving kidnappings and brutal torture, or resulting in considerable loss of life to innocent bystanders. Although the overwhelming majority of the attacks described took place in the various countries of the Middle East or the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, others ranged across the world, including Europe. The narrative history began in the 1920s, decades before the actual creation of the Jewish Israel or its Mossad organization, and ranged up to the present day.

The sheer quantity of such foreign assassinations was really quite remarkable, with the knowledgeable reviewer in the New York Times suggesting that the Israeli total over the last half-century or so seemed far greater than that of any other country. I might even go farther, if we excluded domestic killings, I wouldn’t be surprised if the body-count exceeded the combined total for that of all other major countries in the world.
I think all the lurid revelations of lethal CIA or KGB Cold War assassination plots that I have seen discussed in newspaper stories might fit comfortably into just a chapter or two of Bergman’s extremely long book."
"Although much of Ostrovsky’s information was impossible to independently confirm, for more than a quarter-century his international bestseller and its 1994 sequel The Other Side of Deception have heavily shaped our understanding of Mossad and its activities, so I naturally expected to see a very detailed discussion, whether supportive or critical, in Bergman’s exhaustive parallel work. Instead, there was only a single reference to Ostrovsky buried in a footnote on p. 684. There we are told of Mossad’s utter horror at the numerous deep secrets that Ostrovsky was preparing to reveal, which led its top leadership to formulate a plan to assassinate him. Ostrovsky only survived because Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who had formerly spent decades as the Mossad assassination chief, vetoed the proposal on the grounds that “We don’t kill Jews.” Although this reference is brief and almost hidden, I regard it as providing considerable support for Ostrovsky’s general credibility."
"As far as I know, the early Zionists had a record of political terrorism almost unmatched in world history, and in 1974 Prime Minister Menachem Begin once even boasted to a television interviewer of having been the founding father of terrorism across the world."
"In the aftermath of World War II, Zionists were bitterly hostile towards all Germans, and Bergman describes the campaign of kidnappings and murders they soon unleashed, both in parts of Europe and in Palestine, which claimed as many as two hundred lives. A small ethnic German community had lived peacefully in the Holy Land for many generations, but after some of its leading figures were killed, the rest permanently fled the country, and their abandoned property was seized by Zionist organizations, a pattern which would soon be replicated on a vastly larger scale with regard to the Palestinian Arabs.

 These facts were new to me, and Bergman seemingly treats this wave of vengeance-killings with considerable sympathy, noting that many of the victims had actively supported the German war effort. But oddly enough, he fails to mention that throughout the 1930s, the main Zionist movement had itself maintained a strong economic partnership with Hitler’s Germany, whose financial support was crucial to the establishment of the Jewish state. Moreover, after the war began a small right-wing Zionist faction led by a future prime minister of Israel attempted to enlist in the Axis military alliance, offering to undertake a campaign of espionage and terrorism against the British military in support of the Nazi war effort. These undeniable historical facts have obviously been a source of immense embarrassment to Zionist partisans, and over the last few decades they have done their utmost to expunge them from public awareness, so as a native-born Israeli now in his mid-40s, Bergman may simply be unaware of this reality."
"About seven months ago, my morning New York Times carried a glowing 1,500 word tribute to former U.S. ambassador John Gunther Dean, dead at age 93, giving that eminent diplomat the sort of lengthy obituary usually reserved these days for a rap-star slain in a gun-battle with his drug-dealer. Dean’s father had been a leader of his local Jewish community in Germany, and after the family left for America on the eve of World War II, Dean became a naturalized citizen in 1944. He went on to have a very distinguished diplomatic career, notably serving during the Fall of Cambodia, and under normal circumstances, the piece would have meant no more to me than it did to nearly all its other readers. But I had spent much of the first decade of the 2000s digitizing the complete archives of hundreds of our leading publications, and every now and a particularly intriguing title led me to read the article in question. Such was the case with “Who Killed Zia?” which appeared in 2005.

Throughout the 1980s, Pakistan had been the lynchpin of America’s opposition to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, with its military dictator Zia ul-Haq being one of our most important regional allies. Then in 1988, he and most of his top leadership died in a mysterious plane crash, which also claimed the lives of the U.S. ambassador and an American general.

Although the deaths might have been accidental, Zia’s wide assortment of bitter enemies led most observers to assume foul play, and there was some evidence that a nerve gas agent, possibly released from a crate of mangos, had been used to incapacitate the crew and thereby cause the crash.

At the time, Dean had reached the pinnacle of his career, serving as our ambassador in neighboring India, while the ambassador killed in the crash, Arnold Raphel, had been his closest personal friend, also Jewish. By 2005, Dean was elderly and long-retired, and he finally decided to break his seventeen years of silence and reveal the strange circumstances surrounding the events, saying that he was convinced that the Israeli Mossad had been responsible.

A few years before his death, Zia had boldly declared the production of an “Islamic atomic bomb” as a top Pakistani priority. Although his primary motive was the need to balance India’s small nuclear arsenal, he promised to share such powerful weapons with other Muslim countries, including those in the Middle East. Dean describes the tremendous alarm Israel expressed at this possibility, and how pro-Israel members of Congress began a fierce lobbying campaign to stop Zia’s efforts. According to longtime journalist Eric Margolis, a leading expert on South Asia, Israel repeatedly tried to enlist India in launching a joint all-out attack against Pakistan’s nuclear facilities, but after carefully considering the possibility, the Indian government declined.

This left Israel in a quandary. Zia was a proud and powerful military dictator and his very close ties with the U.S. greatly strengthened his diplomatic leverage. Moreover, Pakistan was 2,000 miles from Israel and possessed a strong military, so any sort of long-distance bombing raid similar to the one used against the Iraqi nuclear program was impossible. That left assassination as the remaining option.

Given Dean’s awareness of the diplomatic atmosphere prior to Zia’s death, he immediately suspected an Israeli hand, and his past personal experiences supported that possibility. Eight years earlier, while posted in Lebanon, the Israelis had sought to enlist his personal support in their local projects, drawing upon his sympathy as a fellow Jew. But when he rejected those overtures and declared that his primary loyalty was to America, an attempt was made to assassinate him, with the munitions used eventually traced back to Israel.

Although Dean was tempted to immediately disclose his strong suspicions regarding the annihilation of the Pakistani government to the international media, he decided instead to pursue proper diplomatic channels, and immediately departed for Washington to share his views with his State Department superiors and other top Administration officials. But upon reaching DC, he was quickly declared mentally incompetent, prevented from returning to his India posting, and soon forced to resign.
His four decade long career in government service ended summarily at that point. Meanwhile, the US government refused to assist Pakistan’s efforts to properly investigate the fatal crash and instead tried to convince a skeptical world that Pakistan’s entire top leadership had died due to a simple mechanical failure in their American aircraft."
"One of the leading Mossad figures in Bergman’s narrative is Mike Harari, who spent some fifteen years holding senior positions in its assassination division, and according to the index his name appears on more than 50 different pages. The author generally portrays Harari in a gauzy light, while admitting his central role in the infamous Lillehammer Affair, in which his agents killed a totally innocent Moroccan waiter living in a Norwegian town through a case of mistaken identity, a murder that resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of several Mossad agents and severe damage to Israel’s international reputation. By contrast, Ostrovsky portrays Harari as a deeply corrupt individual, who after his retirement became heavily involved in international drug-dealing and served as a top henchman of notorious Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. After Noriega fell, the new American-backed government gleefully announced Harari’s arrest, but the ex-Mossad officer somehow managed to escape back to Israel, while his former boss received a thirty year sentence in American federal prison."
and (on the 'canard' of 'dual' loyalty!):
""Ostrovsky emphasized the remarkable nature of Mossad as an organization, especially when compared to its late Cold War peers that served the two superpowers. The KGB had 250,000 worldwide employees and the CIA tens of thousands, but Mossad’s entire staff barely numbered 1,200, including secretaries and cleaning personnel. While the KGB deployed an army of 15,000 case officers, Mossad operated with merely 30 to 35.

This astonishing efficiency was made possible by Mossad’s heavy reliance on a huge network of loyal Jewish volunteer “helpers” or sayanim scattered all across the world, who could be called upon at a moment’s notice to assist in an espionage or assassination operation, immediately lend large sums of money, or provide safe houses, offices, or equipment. London alone contained some 7,000 of these individuals, with the worldwide total surely numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Only full-blooded Jews were considered eligible for this role, and Ostrovsky expresses considerable misgivings about a system that seemed so strongly to confirm every traditional accusation that Jews functioned as a “state within a state,” with many of them being disloyal to the country in which they held their citizenship.
Meanwhile, the term sayanim appears nowhere in Bergman’s 27 page index, and there is almost no mention of their use in his text, although Ostrovsky plausibly argues that the system was absolutely central to Mossad’s operational efficiency."
"Ostrovsky also starkly portrays the utter contempt that many Mossad officers expressed toward their purported allies in the other Western intelligence services, trying to cheat their supposed partners at every turn and taking as much as they could get while giving as little as possible. He describes what seems a remarkable degree of hatred, almost xenophobia, towards all non-Jews and their leaders, however friendly. For example, Margaret Thatcher was widely regarded as one of the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel prime ministers in British history, filling her cabinet with members of that tiny 0.5% minority and regularly praising plucky little Israel as a rare Middle Eastern democracy. Yet the Mossad members deeply hated her, usually referred to her as “the bitch,” and were convinced that she was an anti-Semite."
". . . an extreme faction in Mossad settled upon a much more direct means of solving Israel’s political problems, planning to assassinate President Bush at his international peace conference in Madrid while throwing the blame upon three Palestinian militants. On October 1, 1991, Ostrovsky received a frantic call from his leading Mossad collaborator informing him of the plot and desperately seeking his assistance in thwarting it. At first he was disbelieving, finding it difficult to accept that even Mossad hard-liners would consider such a reckless act, but he soon agreed to do whatever he could to publicize the plot and somehow bring it to the attention of the Bush Administration without being dismissed as a mere “conspiracy theorist.”

Since Ostrovsky was now a prominent author, he was frequently invited to speak on Middle East issues to elite groups, and at his next opportunity, he emphasized the intense hostility of Israeli right-wingers to Bush’s plans, and strongly suggested that the president’s life was in danger. As it happened, a member of the small audience brought those concerns to the attention of former Congressman Pete McCloskey, an old friend of the president, who soon discussed the situation with Ostrovsky by phone, then flew to Ottawa for a lengthy personal meeting to assess the credibility of the threat. Concluding that the danger was serious and real, McCloskey immediately began using his DC connections to approach members of the Secret Service, finally persuading them to contact Ostrovsky, who explained his inside sources of information. The story was soon leaked to the media, generating extensive coverage by influential columnist Jack Anderson and others, and the resulting publicity caused the assassination plot to be abandoned.

Once again I was quite skeptical after reading this account, so I decided to contacted a few people I knew, and they informed that the Bush Administration had indeed taken Ostrovsky’s warnings about the alleged Mossad assassination plot very seriously at the time, which seemingly confirmed most of the author’s story."
"Sirhan himself seemed dazed and confused, later claiming to have no memory of events, and Talbot mentions that various assassination researchers have long argued that he was merely a convenient patsy in the plot, perhaps acting under some form of hypnosis or conditioning. Nearly all these writers are usually reluctant to note that the selection of a Palestinian as scapegoat in the killing seems to point in a certain obvious direction, but Bergman’s recent book also includes a major new revelation. At exactly the same moment that Sirhan was being wrestled to the floor of the Ambassador Hotel ballroom in Los Angeles, another young Palestinian was undergoing intensive rounds of hypnotic conditioning at the hands of Mossad in Israel, being programmed to assassinate PLO leader Yasir Arafat; and although that effort ultimately failed, such a coincidence seems to stretch the bounds of plausibility."
"Former CIA Director William Colby had apparently long been regarded as highly skeptical of the nature of America’s relationship with Israel, and therefore was characterized by pro-Israel members of the media as a notorious “Arabist.” Indeed, while serving as director in 1974, he had finally ended the career of longtime CIA counter-intelligence chief James Angleton, whose extreme affinity with Israel and Mossad had sometimes raised doubts about his true loyalties. Piper says that by 1996 Colby had grown sufficiently concerned about Israel’s infiltration and manipulation of the US government and its intelligence community that he arranged a meeting with high-level Arab officials in DC, suggesting that they all work together to counter this disturbing situation. A few weeks later, Colby disappeared and his drowned body was eventually found, with the official conclusion being that he supposedly perished near his home in a canoeing accident, although his Arab interlocutors alleged foul play.

Piper goes on to also describe the earlier death of John Paisley, the former longtime deputy director of the CIA’s Office of Strategic Research, and also a strong critic of the influence of Israel and its close Neocon allies in American national security policy. In late 1978, Paisley’s body was found floating in the Chesapeake Bay with a bullet in the head, and although the death was officially ruled a suicide, Piper claims that few believed the story. According to him, Richard Clement, who had headed the Interagency Committee on Counterterrorism during the Reagan Administration, explained in 1996: 
The Israelis had no compunction about “terminating” key American intelligence officials who threatened to blow the whistle on them. Those of us familiar with the case of Paisley know that he was killed by Mossad. But no one, not even in Congress, wants to stand up and say so publicly."
Unz goes on and on and on, with examples, and I haven't even excerpted the material on JFK and 9/11!  He concludes with considering the fact that (((they))) have managed to get away with all this, so much so that it doesn't even make the official history books, leading (((them))), filled with a sense of impunity, to do worse and worse acts, and the fact that American military intelligence back in the day used to be very woke, now described as 'anti-Semitism'.

Commenter Alfred mentions the case of Palme, another obvious example.

Besides the massive number of assassinations, also note the strategy of having perceived enemies declared mentally ill, a particularly Khazar weapon given that the pseudoscience of psychology is entirely their own fabrication.