Thursday, February 13, 2020

A thorn to the smug

State-backed media manipulator accuses non-state-backed journalism outlet of the unpardonable sin of being a state-backed media manipulator:  "State-backed Alliance for Securing Democracy disinfo shop falsely smears The Grayzone as ‘state-backed’" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Carlos Latuff) (another example of the new openness in Khazar boasting, in this case about the complete Khazar control of American politics):
"When someone tells you that it's "anti-Semitic" to say #Israel controls U.S. politics, show this tweet."
The AIPAC blood libel against Democrats: "Sanders campaign must not sugarcoat Israeli racism" (Brown).

The background on Bibi's protection of the Odeh murderers:  "Netanyahu has long run cover for Israel's biggest racists" (Sheen). When the Khazars are pushed into the sea, they will be able to blame it all on the promotion by Bibi of the worst settler policies for his short-term political gains.  To be fair, there's not a smidgen of real difference between the worst of the Kahanists and your average lite Zionist (that's why Bibi kept getting those short term political gains!).  Murdering and land theft is a universal Khazar characteristic, and the only difference is one of tone.

"Exclusive: Mysterious professor at heart of Trump-Russia scandal heard for the first time" (Riley-Smith).  If this is real Mifsud is still alive, and he directly contradicts the Papadopoulos account of the meeting with regard to whether he told Papadopoulos that saying Russia had dirt on Killary, which is, after all, the whole underlying basis of #Russiagate.

Gosztola thread on the latest attack on Sanders from John Ralston, the guy who fabricated the Nevada chair-throwing incident in 2016.

Really good news from Canada!  "Dead at 68: Christie Blatchford was a tenacious voice for victims, a thorn to the smug" (Humphreys) (from the world's worst newspaper).  "A thorn to the smug" - ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tweet (William Owen):
"CBC is so dead"
"Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Believer in Biological Sex?" (Lesnick).  Clown World sneaks in because normal well-meaning people can't imagine that anything as nuts as Clown World could possibly be taken seriously.  Btw, this is almost entirely a Khazar construct, and the same inability to recognize Pure Evil has allowed (((them))) to get away with, literally, murder.  We just can't comprehend how bad (((they))) are.

""Trump Gives Conditional Go Ahead on Peace Deal With Taliban" NY Times" (Lang).  The Taliban has to prove itself capable of peace.  To the Americans!
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