Sunday, February 23, 2020

A vote for Bernie is a vote for democracy

Tweet (Rania Khalek);
"Greatest democracy in the world. This is why we invaded Iraq, to bring them this..."
Tweet (Matt Stoller):
"First Putin installed @TomPerez as DNC Chair. Then he hired ACRONYM to build an app for the Iowa caucuses ominously named Shadow. Then he got Bloomberg to spend $400 million on ads. Then he made sure Democrats had no agenda..."
Tweet (Ryan Grim):
"James Carville says the big winner in Nevada is Putin"
It has reached the point where people who might not vote Bernie have seen enough of the derangement of the Clintonistas, and enough of the open crookedness and bias of the DNC, and are starting to assert themselves, and reclaim the franchise which Clinton wants to steal, by voting for Sanders.  This has become a trend, with voting making a particular statement - besides wanting their vote back, it is also a statement against the War For The Jews known as WWIII (ironically, perhaps, as the Khazar Bernie may not be able to help himself) - which will need to be made through all the remaining states.
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