Thursday, February 27, 2020


"Acting DNI chief Grenell ‘was taking orders’ from Trump when he sought to secure Assange’s arrest, leaked call suggests",  "Trump’s Jew Told Cassandra Fairbanks That Trump Personally Ordered Persecution of Julian Assange" (Anglin).  The extradition is abuse of the British legal system in order to fulfill some revenge fantasy of Trump, which includes steps up to and including murder (bizarre, as Trump knows Assange revelations about how crooked Hillary is were a big part of Trump's win).  If the British courts weren't so corrupt, this should immediately sink the extradition, and, if American politics weren't so corrupt, immediately end the political career of Trump's thug, the guy/gay now in charge of all American intelligence operations, Grenell.

"Live Updates From London: Assange Extradition Hearing—Wednesday" (Consortium News).

"Prosecution: Us-Uk Treaty Does Not Apply to Assange Extradition" (Gosztola). The pay-off of the ongoing brave resistance of Manning:  "Assange Extradition Hearing: Chelsea Manning’s Grand Jury Resistance a Major Hurdle for Prosecutors" (Gosztola).

This is a rather striking example of how we have to rely on the alt-media, and not traditional 'journalism', to find out what the hell is going on.

What an incredible shitshow!  I should note that Day 3 featured the bizarre notion of the thick - she appears to be borderline retarded! - judge that Assange would require bail, and thus a bail hearing, if he would be allowed to confer privately with his lawyers!  You have to wonder if this judge had ever run a trial before, or even been in a courtroom.  Also, the Americans are growing concerned that the judge and judicial system are being so harsh on Assange - showing off for CIA approval (the entire show trial seems to be set up to scare any future leakers or publishers or real journalists) - that they may lead to a mistrial!:  tweet (Matt Kennard):
"District Judge Vanessa Baraitser is being so punitive towards Assange that the US prosecution is clearly worried that the irregular and harsh conditions of the proceeding could force a mistrial.

What is going on?"
"While demanding Assange, US refuses to extradite CIA agent who killed British teen" (Rubinstein).
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