Wednesday, February 19, 2020


"Trump’s Vanished ‘Liberal Middles’" (Crooke).  AIPAC is the victim of its own success.  President Kushner, Bibi, and the lite Zionists - take a bow lite Zionists, for keeping the farm animals at bay long enough so the Khazars could steal all they wanted to steal! - have accomplished everything that AIPAC was set up to achieve (at least in the short term - they now start on the rest of Greater Israel).  The key point is that MEGA Group blackmail means that there is no opposition to the very worst that the Zionists could do, and the idea that there were atrocities that would not be tolerated was a bluff that the Zionists have now called.

"Escobar: It's Time To Reclaim Syria's Road To Recovery" (Escobar). "Erdoğan says Syria talks with Russia unsatisfactory, operation 'matter of time'". Once you've figured out, as the Russians have, that Erdoğan is all bluff, you just keep calling bluffs until he leaves.
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