Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bread and butter

"The Oligarch Stage of the American Disease: Bloomberg Edition" (Welsh).  For the combo "birth and gun control".  Trump would rip Bloomberg to pieces.  Bloomberg would have the Hillary disease - no Democrat turn-out where it counts, as he is obviously too much of a Republican to garner any enthusiasm (and blacks have particular reasons to hate him), and can't hide his distaste for the 'deplorables'.  He's basically a richer, shorter, less interesting, less articulate, much less entertaining, Trump.  Unlike Bernie, he won't be able to shrug off the level of taunting that Trump will apply.  As I've said, though, he's not in it to win, just to block Bernie.

"'Mossad Helped Boris Johnson'" (Aangirfan).  The best tweets are deleted tweets.

"Bernard Kerik, Police Response to 9 11" (Aangirfan), and its comments, linking to Reddit.  The technical term from conspiracy theory is cohencidence.

"Judge takes rare step to help serve elusive Ghislaine Maxwell with lawsuit" (Fonrouge).  It has been six months now and if Barr is doing any investigating of what happened, it is not apparent.

"Prosecutors Claim That Prince Andrew Openly Groped Girls On Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island" (Michael K). The only faith I have is in the Virgin Islands' investigation.

Trudeau is getting dangerously close to an emperor's new clothes situation, or, better, accepting the claims of one of those insane people who declare themselves as king, and even receive some recognition as such, like Emperor Norton (who surely had more claim to his title than Guido has to his!):  "Open Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Lima Group Meeting" (Pagliccia). "Canada, Get Out of the Lima Group, Core Group and OAS" (Engler).  This is the PM of Canada behaving like a clown.

The OPCW is an international, intergovernmental organization set up to implement an international arms control treaty, acting like a petulant rock star who doesn't fancy complaints about the new hairdo:  "Scandal-Ridden OPCW Now Using Twitter’s “Hide Replies” Function" (Johnstone).
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